The death spiral starts.

It is a good time to switch to DuckDuckGo. Or Bing. Or any other search. It is a hetter time to not pay Google for searches. Because they ahve decided to ban legal products within the USA. For political points. I'm aware that some firearms available in the USA are not legal in NZ, and … Continue reading The death spiral starts.

A defense of sexism.

This world is evil, and the vulnerable are exploited by those in power. This can take many forms: if you want to see evil consider how the UN preaches women's rights to the West so that we censor ourselves, while allowing gangs to rape those women who are starving. Because women, particularly unarmed women, are … Continue reading A defense of sexism.

Pound poem about Pounds.

Pound was a fascist. There is much fascists got right in their analysis of the society they were in. Including the fact that political parties look after the interests of those who pay them. Besides, they could write satire. Song Of The Six Hundred M.P.'s ‘We are 'ere met together in this momentous hower, Ter … Continue reading Pound poem about Pounds.

Hell and Incest.

Paul was educated. He knew his plays, and his mythology. So he knew of Jocasta and Oedipus. But since this time is fallen, and the children are no longer taught fairy tales, we have to revise. Tolkien said (I paraphrase) that the myths we have are broken shards of truth. And here is the truth: … Continue reading Hell and Incest.

Yes, I have students.

And one of my students has just managed to get the review that led to her RCT published. This paper aims to review the research evidence from existing communication skills training programmes that are exclusively or partly focused on the reduction of aggression perpetrated by patients. This review included one randomized controlled trial protocol, one … Continue reading Yes, I have students.

Against herstory

This comes from a comment yesterday, that linked to Roger Devlin's review, and then, today, a paper about DSM 5 depression. In DSM 5, complicated grief is coded as depression. Interestingly, the rates have not increased. Far more interestingly, the odds ratio for separation and divorce are not mentioned -- because the married are far … Continue reading Against herstory

Harvard is sinful thus stupid.

A bit of history. Harvard was founded by a bunch a Puritans who had just gone beyond the starvation point in Boston. Like most universities at the time, its primary aim was to produce preachers: doctors were trained by apprenticeship and lawyering was no profession for a gentleman. But now Harvard appears to worship coitus. … Continue reading Harvard is sinful thus stupid.

The dying divorce industrial complex, again

Disclaimer: I am married, as is Brother S. Both of us are trying to run marriage by God's rules. Both of us aware that this breaks all the rules that the coven of Duluth have managed to make law in many places. Both of us are married to very competent women who agree with us. … Continue reading The dying divorce industrial complex, again

We to God will belong.

It is very important, whenever possible, to meet with the Saints. I did not say it was convenient. This morning I woke, somewhat under the weather, late. We managed to get up, get out, and get to church. Where one of the monomaniacal women was prayed over because she is part of Presbyterian Women delegation … Continue reading We to God will belong.

Sunday Sonnet

With poems this early I am having to do some transliteration. I am no poet: Locke is one. But this dates to a time of religious ferment, and great piety. Two My many sinnes in nomber are encreast, With weight wherof in sea of depe despeire My sinking soule is now so sore opprest, That … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet