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Month: January 2018

And shun the moaners.

Today I see that NZ Post has decided to make a series of stamps about RocketLab launching some satellites into Orbit. Which is a form of marketing: NZ Post makes money out of having stamps for collectors rather than the mail (or in is courier service, which is very good). However, the naysayers start out […]

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Shun the mass media.

Last night I found out that Brooke Fraser (as part of Hillsong) had won a Grammy, and she was telephoned by the more hip television show, who, instead of celebrating the fact a Kiwi and her Aussie husband had written a wonderful gospel song, decided to make Jesus and Gospel jokes. Then I looked at […]

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Lawyers as Stasi

My Brain was warped young: by Alexandr Solzynitsyn, Francis Schaeffer and J.R.R. Tolkien. Then, in my adult life, the Penguin came along just after word 97 borked a 5000 word thesis. So I added to my fairly bleak Calvinism and mistrust of the zampolits — whom I met in real life while doing summer jobs […]

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Lot’s daughters.

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I have a suggestion. Lot was quite prepared to let his virgin daughters out among the mob who wanted to rape his male house guests. Because he knew the Sodomites preferred men, and despised women.  He had taken the role of a host: placing the Angels (who had the appearance of men) under his protection, […]

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Sunday Sonnet.

Glass Botanical Garden in Germany.#Abandoned? XXXIVThey that have been beside us all the day Rise up ; for they are summoned to the gate. Nor turn the head but take a downward way; Depart, and leave their households desolate. But you shall not depart, although you leave My house for conversation with your peers. Your […]

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