Pravda is not the gospel.

There is truth, and then there is Pravda: the official truth, usually a lie. Those in power find lies useful. Moldbug said this when Obama was in his first flush of power, and it is correct: having some thoughts which are repugnant and disgusting that are defined as good thoughts, Pravda has utility if you … Continue reading Pravda is not the gospel.

Bayes theorem and the Borg.

This is facebook using suicide as a wedge issue. I find facebook difficult enough. We spent an evening last week blocking people, switching off apps that had accumulated like dust bunnies, and disconnecting personalization. AI has been tested in suicidal ideation. Let us be charitable and say that this is 95% specific and 99% sensitive. … Continue reading Bayes theorem and the Borg.

Stumbling blocks and war.

On a day when I am using the first letter of St Peter as the text, let us begin with my favourite feral Papist[1]. He is talking about warrior ants exposing the lies that exist in the Curia, For they have gutted Catholicism, and wear the body as a skin suit, demanding fealty. There will … Continue reading Stumbling blocks and war.

Ukulele, cure

If vox day can post babymetal i can post cure covers. And the geek in me loves this

On true ethics.

There is a post modern non-ethics. It is a not ethics because it rejects natural law. By rejecting natural law, it removes any standard or pretense of objectivity. It becomes, overtly, an exercise in power: the old sins are boring and must become virtues, and the old virtues must become sins. One cannot talk of … Continue reading On true ethics.

Mosley was wrong. #Memesoftheday

Not about commercialisation. He despised it. Nor about equality. He held it in contempt. He was wrong that we should hold cultures as equal. Well, perhaps not all cultures. But not all religions are equal.

Suicide in my email

Correlation A new report projects more than 1.6 million deaths due to drugs, alcohol, and suicide among people living in the United States during next decade (2016 to 2025). That would represent a 60% increase compared to the previous decade (2006 to 2015), which saw 1 million people die from drugs, alcohol, and suicide in … Continue reading Suicide in my email

Destroy the white knight among you.

We are all sinners. We have all done damage to each other. Repentance is good, but there is a lie embedded in this. It is that our actions have no consequences: from Social Matter's best post combox. Ahh…”damaged goods”……Whatever you are, that is precisely what you’re not. The best part of Christianity is that it … Continue reading Destroy the white knight among you.

More precious than you nation is Christ.

Peter is writing to the people of the dispersion. I would argue that these people were Jews, who had scattered around the Roman Empire to the point where at times they were expelled from Rome. I am less sure where it was written, or if Jerusalem was still standing. For Jerusalem fell soon after the … Continue reading More precious than you nation is Christ.

Sunday Sonnet

XXIV Hoah Time about the House betakes him slow Seeking an entry for his weariness. And in that dreadful company distress And the sad night with silent footsteps go. On my poor fire the brands are scarce aglow And in the woods without what memories press Where, waning in the trees from less to less … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet