Our witness is with suffering [Heb 2]

The relevant section today is in the last verse. Our sufferings are the things that make our salvation perfect, and give perfect witness. I would add a gloss: we will all be taken from this life, and most of the time there will be suffering then: we will all grieve for parents or our beloved … Continue reading Our witness is with suffering [Heb 2]

Pine 64 OS

A couple of notes on using the Pine 64 Remix OS does not manage to work, at least for me. It is very slow: it is quite pretty. But when I type... the delay Debian Jessie does work. But, again, it is slow. Not everything works. Ambian, DietPi, and OpenSuse are still not really there … Continue reading Pine 64 OS

Off label prescribing remains common

The older antidepressants have lost the market for treatment of depression. Worldwide. SSRIs are now off patent, and available for depression, and anxiety. But there are other uses. This paper in the BMJ will not shock a single physician. Overall, 29.3% (95% confidence interval 26.6% to 32.3%) of all antidepressant prescriptions were written for an … Continue reading Off label prescribing remains common

The modern legalists. [Deut 6]

We are all legalists. We all keep the law, and the traditions that we think lead us to be righteous. The reason why Christ warned so much about the Pharisees is that we are like them. Including the damage that our virtue signalling does. LA Voice in Los Angeles, an interfaith organization that is also … Continue reading The modern legalists. [Deut 6]

Feminism is not the narrative.

Feminism, as in the equal rights for women, is not the agenda. It is not the narrative. Because certain women are not to be listend to: the successful, the sane, the happy. Instead we must foment the revolution. We must double down. We must embrace the destruction of the West for our corporate masters. And … Continue reading Feminism is not the narrative.

Sunday Holy Sonnet

Two As due by many titles I resign My self to Thee, O God; first I was made By Thee, and for Thee, and when I was decayed Thy blood bought that, the which before was Thine; I am Thy son, made with Thy Self to shine, Thy servant, whose pains Thou hast still repaid, … Continue reading Sunday Holy Sonnet

Christ alone [John 12]

We are heading off the church in about five minutes. I am saying, again, that church is there to proclaim the gospel. Christ alone. The speculation of this generation is as worthless as the speculation of the generations before us. For Christ came to die for our sins. He did not want to. He did … Continue reading Christ alone [John 12]

Press epigram

You cannot hope to bribe or twist (thank God!) the British journalist. But, seeing what the man will do unbribed, there's no occasion to. Humbert Wolfe

The evil of the modern pharisee.

There is nothing holy about virtue signalling. In their quest to destroy that which is structured, protective, righteous, holy and good, the modern pharisee praises the degenerate and troglodyte, calling any criticism of the Orc hate speech. They are bringing in new blasphemy laws, and calling it a phobia. This is specious. There are such … Continue reading The evil of the modern pharisee.

Your cellphone as a ‘therapist’.

I have been aware of the use of internet based CBT, including the development of cellphone apps, for about a decade. We are now at the meta analysis stage of evaluating this technology. I would suggest any interested people read the paper, as it is freely available. As a clinician, the attractive thing about iCBT … Continue reading Your cellphone as a ‘therapist’.