Sunday Sonnet

Twelve Beauty that Parent is to deathless Rhyme ' Was Manhood's maker : you shall bear a Son, Till Daughters linked adown admiring time Fulfil the mother, handing Beauty on. You shall by breeding make Life answer yet, In Time's despite, Time's jeer that men go void ; Your stamp of heaven shall be more … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet

Eliot, and redeeming time from rebellion.

Before we go to the scripture this morning, a notice. Tomorrow (Sunday) the Ilk and faithful should descend on Christ Church St Lawrence, to commemorate the acceptance of Eliot into the church. Time present and time past Are both perhaps present in time future And time future contained in time past. If all time is … Continue reading Eliot, and redeeming time from rebellion.

Donne is a Pimp.

The quote is from a wonderful essay around teaching poetry at high school. I have never read Herbert. And I have never, before thought that Donne was a pimp. Perhaps he would have challenged any who said so to him. I was less encouraged when only a couple of kids liked George Herbert. After our … Continue reading Donne is a Pimp.

Beauty is inflexible.

Beauty does not change. Though the person who is beautiful fades, and the light changes, beauty does not. It reflects higher: to the forms by which all things are truly known. Though many call that which is ugly beautiful this is a lie. It is modern propaganda. It is something mandated by sheer force of … Continue reading Beauty is inflexible.

Sunday Sonnet

Started this on Sunday, but life took over. Posting it Monday morning. Ten Shall any man for whose strong love another ' Has thrown away his wealth and name in one, Shall he turn mocker of a more than brother To slight his need when his adventure's done ? Or shall a breedless boy whose … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet

Two sonnets.

The pagan Gods will make you mad. It is better to remain human. And the Stars Perhaps you did not know how bright last night, Especially above your seaside door, Was all the marvelous starlit sky, and wore White harmonies of very shining light. Perhaps you did not want to seek the sight Of that … Continue reading Two sonnets.

Sunday Sonnet on Monday.

Late for a good reason. Nine That which is one they shear and make it twain Who would Love's light and dark discriminate : His pleasure is one essence with his pain, Even his desire twin brother to his hate. With him the foiled attempt is half achieving ; And being mastered, to be armed … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet on Monday.

Friday poems

Two poems: one from a local, and one from a fascist. That Baxter was not: his father, who was a conscientious objector during the first war, is now fashionable. Baxter was too brutal, too honest, too drunk and Catholic to remain in the politically correct pantheon. And Pound chose the wrong side in the war, … Continue reading Friday poems

Two modern poets, two modern poems.

I find that the unfashionable produce the best art. The politiccally correct are too careful. Hat tip to Theodore Beale for finding the short version of this quote, but the language is telling. N. K. Jemisin has won two Hugos. I blog more considered sentences sleep deprived. What’s your next project? What are you working … Continue reading Two modern poets, two modern poems.

Sunday Sonnet

For those who have not been infused with the symbology of the Papists, the rose is for the virgin, the virgin is for Mary, and the sonnet is for the Assumption of Mary. The contrast is because Belloc is orthodox. He does not see himself as perfect, but diseased, cankered, barely able to look up … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet