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A defense of Empire.

I like the imperial system. It kept the peace in Europe for about 100 years, from the end of the Napoleonic era to World War I — the Franco-Prussian and Crimean wars were regional.

A imperial system involves multiple states. it can be a frank empire or a hegemoney. The loss of the German Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empire destabilized Europe after the first war. When the melded states made after that war — from Yugoslavia to Iraq — devolved there has been blood.

The remaining empires are the USA, Russia, India and China.

And it appears that some want to dissolve the American Empire.

Let’s be as clear about this as we possibly can: not since South Carolina fired on Fort Sumter, thus precipitating Southern secession and the Civil War, has any state of the Union so brazenly thumbed its nose at the federal government. (And not just on immigration; California also just became the largest state to legalize marijuana, setting up a separate but no less serious conflict with federal drug laws.) And, once again, it’s Democrats who are doing the thumbing.
The situation is rich in irony. Southern Democrats insisted they were acting constitutionally under the 10th Amendment by defying anti-slavery sentiment; Southern Democrats, after Lincoln was assassinated by one of their number, continued to wage a rear-guard action at the state level in the defeated South throughout the Andrew Johnson and Grant administrations; Southern Democrats continued to use the same argument during the Civil Rights movement to justify Jim Crow laws and the poll tax. It took not only acts of Congress to certify the plain outcome of the Civil War, but also a series of federal court decisions, backed up at times by troops.
Had Lincoln, and the country, dodged Booth’s bullet, there is a strong case to be made that he would have declared the Democratic Party a seditious organization and outlawed it—especially as Democrats demonstrated, through their postwar actions, that they had every intention of returning Lincoln’s “charity for all” of the second inaugural address, with malice toward him, the GOP, and the country at large.
Now California Democrats—as radical a group of anti-Americans as you will find in this country, whether legal or “undocumented”—have again fired on Fort Sumter. And once again (don’t kid yourselves), the goal is de facto and, later, de jure, secession from the United States of America, as part of the Aztlan-inspired Reconquista of what Hispanic radicals consider lost territory.

This is a race war, and they never end well. The Americans are not unique: their cities would become like Sarajevo. The question is why is this happening. My suggestion is that when the imperial system loses confidence, does not preach fealty to the crown (or constitution) and does not unify then people consider that the mantle of heaven has left.

And nationalist or secessionist movements start.

The elite of the USA are, in this, more blind than the Romanovs or Hapsburgs.

As Vox Day has noted, the United States is no longer a nation. Since the first Civil War it has been a multi-ethnic empire increasingly obsessed with micromanaging at home and meddling abroad. If that scenario sounds familiar, it should.
Despite its inherent flaws, this arrangement remained relatively stable until early in the last century, when the coastal elite who’d come to dominate American politics, media, and academia abandoned the mainline Protestantism that was their nominal faith and fully embraced the heretical death cult of globalist, socialist utopianism.
America’s conquest by Massachusetts trundled along rather smoothly until the ruling class turned openly apostate. Now the majority of Americans who identify as Christians labor under the yoke of a managerial class who hate them–and who waste no opening to mock and deride their subjects.
Consider the scale of this apostasy. Then look at the murder rates–especially the glut of infanticide–in the original post. Better peoples have faced more severe divine chastisements for far less.
The enemy, as always, is Satan and sin. Pause from the incessant chatter of Weimerica, and take a long moment for introspection. If you don’t like what you see inside yourself; repent, resolve to do better, and beg the Christ to mitigate His just judgment against us.
Divine punishments are also divine gifts. Pray the lesson takes quickly and sticks this time.

The sane imperial systems acknowledged nations, and customs. The rights of subjects, towns, and tribes were respected.

The unity was the cross, and the secular authority flowed from God-given rights: the logic of kingship and the unalienable rights in the US constitution came from a shared faith.

The diversity was local, and celebrated.

The modern state disavows its religious and moral foundation, and microregulates the people, considering diversity the importation of a more amenable population. This has always failed.

It is far better to have an Empire than a civil war. For the division into nations has always required a considerable death count. But the current narrative is driving us to such. May it not be.

And may we not be aligned with those who would remove the family, faith and friends, and leave us naked in the coming storm.

2 thoughts on "A defense of Empire."

  • John Q Public says:

    In #NRx, people seem to like elites. But ours are terrible. They are vain, foolish, hysterical, mean, vindictive, arrogant, selfish, blind, stupid, ignorant, uncultured, predatory, perverse, and cowardly, among other faults. No solution can prosper that does not address how our current elites are made to go away.

    By the ballot. The Trump train is, perhaps, the last best hope for the USA. The alternative will be a revolution.

  • With respect to “empire” we already have one. Though some on the right deny this truth.

    The problem is how to formalize in such a way to isolate it from democracy and to protect the lives and liberty of productive people within it.

    Following on from John Q’s entirely correct claim, the institutions that produce this elite are Ivy League universities such as Harvard. This caste is the “priest” caste.

    The alternative caste is the (literal) soldier caste. Their institution is West Point.

    West Point converged with the Ivy League when I was a kid, if not before. What is happening to the USA is what happened to the British Empire: the rot started at the top.

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