Streaks matter.

A streak is doing the same thing consistently until it becomes a habit. Adam Piggot has this correct: consistency matters. I am sure that my learned readers are familiar with Aesop’s fable of The Tortoise and the Hare. The hare is spectacularly advantaged over his opponent but it is the tortoise’s consistency which gets him … Continue reading Streaks matter.

Destroy the Constution, Aussie edition.

New Zealand does not have a constitution. Parliament is sovereign (technically the King-in-parliament) and there is but only one house. So that the issues the Australians have about their deputy PM being disqualified because he did not renounce the NZ citizenship he did not know he had -- for his grandfather was from NZ --is … Continue reading Destroy the Constution, Aussie edition.

What is important?

One of the things that hit me this morning is how the business and agendas we have can drive God functionally out of our lives, and we end up doing the agenda of this world and not the gospel. It is not that our ground is rocky, but there are weeds there. The news cycle … Continue reading What is important?

Ragnarok or the Return of the King.

Ragnarök, or the Twilight of the Gods, was the end of the Northern mythic cycle. The home of the Gods and all heroes, Asgard, was to be destroyed by the outlander lead by that trickster, Loki. Revenge would be taken, The tribe would be destroyed. This myth drives much literature, but it is tribal. And … Continue reading Ragnarok or the Return of the King.

Two Sunday Sonnets.

The print of Songs and Sonnets has bad numbering. I think these are sonnets nineteen and twenty. But I will not cite them as such. We will not whisper, we have found the place Of silence and the endless halls of sleep. And that which breathes alone throughout the deep The end and the beginning … Continue reading Two Sunday Sonnets.

White Knights ruin everything.

There are problems when any group are allowed to let their feelings rule, and there is no restriction and restraint. This includes women: women are not exempt from the fall nor are they without moral agency. But they have a track record of corrupting their husbands and those who would want to be their lovers, … Continue reading White Knights ruin everything.

Some comments for Will.

Will asked me yesterday what I thought of our new female communist prime minister [1]. The current facts on the ground are that the second, third and fourth party in parliament made a coalition against the party that got the most votes. This is a consequence of having a proportional electoral system: Something I did … Continue reading Some comments for Will.

Notes on the meme wars.

Today we are told we will give account for every careless world. In the next life. For we have to watch out for those who are liars, who will not produce anything good. I generally find that those who talk about justice and inclusion and fairness ensure that they and their children live in a … Continue reading Notes on the meme wars.

Folly Poem.

A Girl The tree has entered my hands, The sap has ascended my arms, The tree has grown in my breast - Downward, The branches grow out of me, like arms. Tree you are, Moss you are, You are violets with wind above them. A child - so high - you are, And all this … Continue reading Folly Poem.

Ignore the (left) offended.

The good Captain sets up his pulpit and lets fly. He has no illusions about human nature. The leftists do. In one corner you have the unstoppable force of leftist politics. 31 flavors of gender. Gender and race are social constructs. You don't need fathers. Womendon'tneednomanfishbicycle ™. Follow your heart and the money will follow. … Continue reading Ignore the (left) offended.