/pol is always right.

Vox Day says that /pol is always right. They are doing sterling work, and the number of things that appeared to be consipiracy theories and have ended up true is too many to note.

Of course, this is ignored on campus. You have to be progressive. If you are not flexible enough with truth, sex, race and morals, you will be shunned. Stacey McCain reads the US campuses all too well.

So if you’re a socialist, a Muslim, a QTPOC (queer or trans person of color) or a Democrat, there are lots of activities for you at UMass.
On the other hand . . . well, not so much.
To be white, Christian or heterosexual on any college campus nowadays is to be a demonized minority, under suspicion as a source of hate, and if you happen also to be Republican, you probably don’t want to mention this to anyone, especially in Massachusetts, where only 11% of voters are registered as Republicans. Massachusetts is so liberal wicked that taxpayer funding for abortion is protected by the state constitution.
Or at least, that was what the Massachusetts supreme court ruled in 1981, so that pro-life activists hoping to defund Planned Parenthood must first get an amendment to the state constitution passed, and are circulating a petition to get the issue on the ballot. Killing babies is government work in this state, where every member of Congress is a Democrat, and transgender Brianna Wu is running a primary challenge to Democrat incumbent Rep. Stephen Lynch who, somehow, isn’t liberal enough to suit the deranged SJW formerly known as John Flynt.
Everywhere on the Amherst campus of the University of Massachusetts, we saw gigantic banners proclaiming: “Hate Has No Home at UMass.”

In case you don’t understand, “hate” is a synonym for Republican in the minds of the UMass administration and faculty. Any child in Massachusetts who somehow avoids being aborted at taxpayer expense will nevertheless be politically indoctrinated at taxpayer expense, so that the very existence of College Republicans at UMass is rather miraculous.

The atheists do not know they are losing, for they don’t read /pol and they never, ever, go to the poor parts of town. Pol is correct. But this is from /b

Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the number of atheists falling from 4.5% of the world’s population in 1970 to 2.0% in 2010 and projected to drop to 1.8% by 2020,

Real surveys and statistics say atheism is on the decline worldwide. Sorry atheists but atheism is not on the rise nor is it winning. It’s still the minority and a declining one at that.

The Pew Research Center’s statistics show that atheism is expected to continue to decline all the way into 2050 with a continued growth of religion. Other research also shows a huge surge in growth for Christianity in China which is currently the world’s most “atheist” nation because of the atheist communist government suppressing religion, the research suggests that China will soon become the world’s most Christian nation within 15 years.

This is simply history repeating itself: Christianity prospered in Rome back in the ancient era when it was suppressed and it still grew in the militant atheist soviet Russia when it was suppressed there only a century ago with the majority of Russians today now also identifying as Christian. Just goes to show that atheist suppression of religion still doesn’t stop religion.

Sources for the legion of whiny /Redditor/ fedoras that will no doubt show up in this post:

Atheism is as dead as the Unitarians and shakers. Leave it.

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