One decade to make your future, ladies.

I argue with my daughter. A lot. Love her, but — she goes to university in Canada and has drunk their koolaid — argue with her. But she did one thing right. She found a decent man, married him, and has stuck with him.

The quote is from Dalrock. Emphasis is mine

An observation: as men age, they become increasingly comfortable with being alone. Women, when alone, remain lonely.

Women lose the Dating Game because, ultimately, they want a companion. Anybody. She has one single decade in her life to prepare for all of her remaining years. Presently, she’s been taught to waste that decade. We know the stories of female desperation in her 30’s. The problem for her is exacerbated by the fact that men of her own age do not feel that same desperation. Maybe he wants kids. Maybe he doesn’t. Either way, he doesn’t need to get married.

So, leaving sex outside of the conversation, simple companionship becomes an increasingly important goal as a woman ages. For a man, it’s significantly less so. A 40 year old man probably has a few good friends he’s known for decades. A 40 year old woman may find it increasingly difficult to meet her newest best friend.

And to paraphrase Al Bundy, women know women and they hate each other. That companion she seeks is a man, because men are kinder and less prone to petty backstabbing.

So why do women lose the Dating Game? Because the Dating Game itself is a failed social experiment. Getting married while young and having children together is a proven method to bring success to a long life. Men and women are fundamentally different. So long as women choose Option 2: NOT getting married while young and having children together, they’ll continue to lose.

It’s that simple. Get married while young and have children together or she’s a loser. The experiment has been tried, the data is in, and the proof is now available. Believe it or be lonely.

One consolation: the woman who learns to live alone may find that an older man will be prepared to be her companion and then lover, husband and soulmate. Because she does not reek of the desperation those who failed to love the first time do.

4 thoughts on “One decade to make your future, ladies.

  1. I am glad that your daughter found someone. I have the feeling that may of these women are going to follow the feminist narrative and end up lost.

  2. The Irish say that fighting is better than loneliness, the Scots that solitude is better than bad company. They’re both right [and in my observation, so is Al Bundy!] But the first negative in scripture is where God says it is not good that man should be alone. So don’t let the sun go down on your anger, stay up and fight all night – rejoice that you have an opponent, it’s better than barking at the moon.

    Oh, it is far better not to be alone. But we teach too many young people to be such.

  3. Alas I have stopped arguing about anything with my early twenty something step daughter and am no longer a patient and benevolent step father. She is angry and full of hate for most things noble, irrational fears and behaviours abound, she expects everything to be given to her, takes without thanks and gives nothing to those who care most except insults and slogans. She has little in the way of qualifications, thinks no independent thought, has no social skills outside her group and cannot be apart from her friends who validate her emotional insecurities. Her mum and I wonder where she became filled with such destructive nonsense. Wife paid for a life skills coach but that has had no apparent effect on these deep seated problems. It feels like she has been captured by a cult and needs deprogramming. How on earth do you deal with this without simply cutting them off and making them face consequences of their world view?

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