A vegan SJW fisks PETA.

We went vegan for a couple of weeks and though the inflammation decreased the grain load led to increased weight and decreased energy. I find a primal diet better. My family can relax: I’m back to being a carnivore.

But when a vegan activists calls PETA for horror tactics on marginal science… she deserves praise.

Well, there have been tests on diet changes in Autism, and the most recent meta analysis is pretty scathing.

On the basis of this review, we conclude that the evidence to support gluten-free, casein-free diets is limited and weak, such dietary restrictions being associated with social rejection, stigmatization, deficits in socialization and integration, and a misuse of resources, as well as potential adverse biomedical effects. Hence, we advise against resorting to elimination diets in an attempt to treat autism spectrum disorders. Specifically, until there is conclusive evidence of the benefits of gluten-free, casein-free diets in autism spectrum disorders, they should only be introduced after the diagnosis of an intolerance or allergy to allergens in the foods that would be eliminated in such a diet. Similarly, the results retrieved do not support the opioid theory.

As a final recommendation, we underline that, when used, elimination diets must be at least as closely monitored as other types of intervention, to allow doctors, parents, and other caregivers to optimize treatments and hence health outcomes for these children. On the other hand, a diet-related specific end phenotype can be a target for future research and even a marker for the gluten-free, casein-free dietary intervention.

Based on the results of this review, future research should be focussed on blinded randomized controlled trials, and include larger samples sizes.

We are talking about PETA. They don’t care about science. They care about photo ops. So the vegan kept on going, finding examples of the kind of provocative things they have done, and went full social justice on these social justice warriors.

Some of the PETA pictures were very NSFW. This is marginal.

Then a parent with a kid who has autism chimed in. Reflecting my friends who have it: it is not a disease, it is a talent to be cherished.

And then the twitter got the kids with Aspergers going.

Pretty standard for PETA. They work from emotional blackmail, and many people who choose to be vegan or care for animals don’t like them.

This is almost as bad as their “take selfies not shots” overlay that was then used by hunters.

Massive fail, and full credit to the vegan. Let the kids eat what they can eat. Do not make the parents guilty. And do not join PETA at the stupid end of the virtue spiral.

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