Poem, Day

Conversion Lighthearted I walked into the valley wood In the time of hyacinths, Till beauty like a scented cloth Cast over, stifled me. I was bound Motionless and faint of breath By loveliness that is her own eunuch. Now pass I to the final river Ignominiously, in a sack, without sound, As any peeping Turk … Continue reading Poem, Day

Do not retcon.

Disney now owns Marvel, and is starting to retcon everything. Including the old issues that they are relying on for their profit: the reason that Marvel makes money is that they have thirty to fifty years of cultural momentum. Disney will, as usual kill it, gut it, wear the skinsuit and demand copyright. Chairman and … Continue reading Do not retcon.

Hefner and the Thots of Hell.

Why am I now following the collapse of the house of Ahaz and the destruction of the kingdom of Judah? Why am I quoting my Papist brother about Hugh Hefner, who has just been buried, and is facing the throne of God to make account? For these are warnings, particularly to women. Do not be … Continue reading Hefner and the Thots of Hell.

The corpse of the narrative.

No one considers that Jezebel has any power left. But alive, she had a narrative: Israel was to join the other states of the Levant in glory, and worship as they did. All the prophets of God were to be destroyed, idols placed in all cities, and the memory of the law was to be … Continue reading The corpse of the narrative.

Let the salt flow.

To protect any children who have strayed onto this blog, most of this will be below the fold. Last night I watched Star Trek, Discoveryso you do not have to. It was an example of what has gone wrong with pop culture. The captain had no courage. The XO was insubordinate, and relied on feelings, … Continue reading Let the salt flow.

Quote of the week.

Let us say it again: women are not men. Men see work as a job. Their hearts lie elsewhere, unless they have gelded become. It’s not if, but to whom, women will devote their hearts. And it’s better if they devote it to the presumptive father of their children instead of the Corporatocracy, an anti-human … Continue reading Quote of the week.

Formulation is not personality disorder.

Shot. But one group of conditions does not align itself with these domains – one very important to clinicians in the field – borderline personality disorder. Despite the evidence that these domains are robust, the research findings of people with borderline personality disorder do not pay any respect to this organised system but flagrantly misbehave, … Continue reading Formulation is not personality disorder.

The church will survive.

The liberal project almost destroyed Protestantism. Almost. But the church recovered. Because the liberals found themselves isolated among the Episcopalians, Presbyterians and methodists: the believers moved to the Anglicans, Orthodox Presbyterians and reformed, and the Pentecostals. Our Roman Friends held off until Vatican II, but then the rot entered fully. They are now doing what … Continue reading The church will survive.

Veterans of the meme wars need to serve truth and do good.

The sign of convergence, of ineffectiveness, is that you signal virtue. You give publicly. You demand the praise of others. You make it part of promoting your brand. Disclosure: I used to bank with ASB. I need to now close all my business with them. Because while they are auditing their employers for that modern … Continue reading Veterans of the meme wars need to serve truth and do good.

Against tolerating evil

We have to associate with the world. And the world wants to regulate us. One of the issues we face is that social welfare want us to raise children by their standards -- which do not include immoral behaviour, but go far further, and that they will intrude and destroy to make this ideological point. … Continue reading Against tolerating evil