Victorian love was better.

I have a hypothesis guaranteed to make the current infernal denizens of social media nauseous. The Victorians had more fun. Because they had restrictions, standards, and were taught virtue, modesty, chivalry and honour. They were allowed to have tragedy and disaster. But they were also allowed to have redemption and joy. The moderns see the … Continue reading Victorian love was better.

Yes, Virginia, medications may work.

Child Psychiatry is not adult psychiatry: children are not adults: what works for adults may not work for kids, and when kids are involved the problem is often affecting the family, the school or the wider society. So, let us start with the latest press problems: the number of prescriptions in Scotland in going up. … Continue reading Yes, Virginia, medications may work.

We now divide the baby.

One of the evangelical theological groups has put together a theological statement of fourteen points. It is worth reading, for it does three important things. It redeclares that we are a sexually dimorphic species, and this is good. That we are male and female, and this is from the beginning, both loved by God, and … Continue reading We now divide the baby.

Two sonnets.

The pagan Gods will make you mad. It is better to remain human. And the Stars Perhaps you did not know how bright last night, Especially above your seaside door, Was all the marvelous starlit sky, and wore White harmonies of very shining light. Perhaps you did not want to seek the sight Of that … Continue reading Two sonnets.

I like raw html and markdown.

I have taken the defensive step of installing tinyMCE Advanced. This is because WordPress is moving on. They no longer allow links by default, and now are trying to move to a more block like editor called Gutenberg. It is in beta at present. The alternative worth considering is markdown, which is part of Jetpack, … Continue reading I like raw html and markdown.

Nard, Arson and Houston

I have friends in Houston, and when I get to the work email there will be a quick note to them. If they can get it: I have visited them and this is normally a street. Houston is flooding. No city expects the kind of rain that it has now: usual hurricanes they can handle. … Continue reading Nard, Arson and Houston

For whom is the time ripe?

One of the reasons to read systematically is that you end up in parts of scripture you don't particularly like. I don't like end times teaching. Part of this is emotional: There was a fashion for this when I was a youth and it made us ineffective. We prayed for revival and we asked that … Continue reading For whom is the time ripe?

Sunday Sonnet on Monday.

Late for a good reason. Nine That which is one they shear and make it twain Who would Love's light and dark discriminate : His pleasure is one essence with his pain, Even his desire twin brother to his hate. With him the foiled attempt is half achieving ; And being mastered, to be armed … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet on Monday.

The true king will come.

I think I broke a three-year streak yesterday. I have posted something, generally on the lectionary. But I have an excuse. Yesterday was The celebration of my parent's wedding anniversary. They got married August 24, and it was their Diamond Jubilee. Complete with letters from the Prime Minister, the governor-general and the Queen (My sister … Continue reading The true king will come.

Join not the corporate nation of the damned.

The BBC is in righteous indignation, because /pol is producing memes under the hashtag #PunchaNazi that subvert their tactic of violence. They are using images from domestic violence campaigns: get a very pretty actress, make her up with bruises, and photograph her looking sad. Probably true. Rhetorically clever. But the other three images are from … Continue reading Join not the corporate nation of the damned.