Fashion is not a Theology.

This is writing itself, with some help from a certain Arian Polymath. Shot: The poll, which was conducted in late June, revealed that the number of Russian atheists, or those who consider themselves “absolutely irreligious,” fell sharply from 26 percent in 2014 to just 13 percent in 2017. Religious believers now make up 86 percent … Continue reading Fashion is not a Theology.

Sunday Sonnet

I am continuing with Hilaire Belloc. This one is aimed at any one who loves, who knows that to love is to love but one person: he who says he loves must discriminate, for the beloved wants to know they are yours alone. Six Youth gave you to me, but I'll not believe That Youth … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet

Assurance [Rom 8]

This morning we have to make a judgement call. It has been clear and sunny, which means that we will have icy roads: they may not be gritted as the council is still recovering from floods and frost last weekend. So we will make call in about 30 minutes about if we can get to … Continue reading Assurance [Rom 8]


There are four blogs under this site. This one, a photography one, one for long essays and one for fitness. It is the last two where there are problems. The old installations are generally rock solid, backed up, connected to Jetpack and work. The fitness one has not worked since the start. I can't post. … Continue reading Hassles.

Christ, not virtue: Life, not death. [Acts 15]

The issues we have within our church are that we spend too much time thinking about behaviour that will not save us and not enough time thinking about those things that will preserve us. We spend too much time thinking that life needs to be deserving. We now know that we should fear this Nanny … Continue reading Christ, not virtue: Life, not death. [Acts 15]

Jove, Sestina, Pound.

Nick B Steves is correct Pound works best in "the brilliance that springs from disciplined constraint." Here is another one. The Golden Sestina In the bright season when He, most high Jove, From welkin reaching down his glorying hand, Decks the Great Mother and her changing face, Clothing her not with scarlet skeins and gold … Continue reading Jove, Sestina, Pound.

This is what defeat looks like.

Defeat is ugly and hateful. We are wise to study it. Saul lost an army: half died on the Mount of Gilboa and the others ran away. His sons died: he was facing capture and he took his life. He was defeated utterly. He had a divided country, he did not have any strength but … Continue reading This is what defeat looks like.

Quote of the week.

Wrath of Gnon is quoting Scrunton. He is wiser than me. I'm quoting Dry Bones from Dalrock's blog. We in the west have been openly trained in rebellion, love of self, and advancing our personal passions over the good of our families, Churches & communities for some time. From Rousseau (at least) we have made … Continue reading Quote of the week.

There is no virtue but Christ.

The virtue spirals of this life are but a delusion. You cannot earn your way into the favour of God. Our salvation is costly, for it took the death of a the one perfect man, God incarnate, to atone for my transgressions, let alone yours. The idea that we can somehow show that we are … Continue reading There is no virtue but Christ.

Dig, dig, dig

The situation with a leader of one of the political parties vying for ministerial portfolios confessing to cheating continues to cause issues. Green co-leader Metiria Turei has spoken to a fraud investigator from the Ministry of Social Development, and said she will meet with them to discuss her case next week. The conversation came after … Continue reading Dig, dig, dig