The narrative endgame has always been despair.

This is one woman. It is not all women, but it is a type. Connected. Aligned with the spirit of her times. Sponsoring the artists: not accepting a conventional life with one dull man. Now faded, rich, lonely and without a single thought of her own. But forgetting that not accepting that conventional life is … Continue reading The narrative endgame has always been despair.

Canadian euthanasia.

The Canadians are not prepared to call euthanasia that. They now have legalized medical assistance in dying: that is providing and administrating sufficient poison to kill someone. This is seen as a progressive thing, part of the narrative, and part of practice in teaching hospitals. It has become normalized. The rapidity of this is shocking. … Continue reading Canadian euthanasia.

Protect, defend, preserve [Lk 10]

Being part of the church is wonderful. Though it is fallen (and it is fallen). Though we have to deal with error and politics and gossip. Though there are many in it who would bring in pagan ideas. Though at times we have to walk out, for there is too much error in the teaching. … Continue reading Protect, defend, preserve [Lk 10]

Ezra Pound was correct.

Ezra Pound was correct. The left are despicable, and the Fascists at least promote some form of civilization. It is a sad time when you have to choose between them. The left is shocked that the right has now stopped caring about the old rules, since for so long the left relied on the right … Continue reading Ezra Pound was correct.

Trust God and ignore Ramadan.

Apparently it is Ramadan. So eat some more bacon, preach the gospel, and expect the hate. Any criticism of the Religion of blood will lead to threats. The Orc posts are about those who threaten, and who will not repent. How does an Orc act? You merely have to look at the news. He is … Continue reading Trust God and ignore Ramadan.

Placebo, population or better care?

The first antipsychotic, chlorpromazine was invented in 1950. Although it was still being used when I started my psychiatric training in the early 1990s, I don't think I have prescribed it in a decade. Things have moved on, as they ought. But since it is over 60 years since the first antipsychotic was marketed, one … Continue reading Placebo, population or better care?

A Soviet always dies.

In an earlier part of my career, I spent time working as a psychiatric trainee within the prisons. It taught me much: how 15 minutes with a person could hold them, how to document in front of someone who does not like you, and that the inmates do not care about their environment. They care … Continue reading A Soviet always dies.

Don’t be Apostate. Don’t be an Orc.

Overnight there has been a spate of #OrcPosting on the burnt out remains of Twitter. There are two definitions of an Orc. The first is a goblin, made for destruction by either Sauron (a servant of Evil) or, lately by Saruman (A wizard corrupted by evil). They are subcreations, designed for destruction, and a blight … Continue reading Don’t be Apostate. Don’t be an Orc.

We had liftoff Thursday.

I am a few days late with getting this update on. But NZ has now sent a rocket into space. About as far as a V2 (as Infogalactic Tech noted) but the German Rocket Scientists had the resources of a state. And a shorter range. Rocket Lab broke new ground today when its Electron rocket … Continue reading We had liftoff Thursday.

Sunday Holy Sonnett

Mick does not send me many emails, but when he does it is worth following them up. He recommended this site, and in doing so says something about all of us who blog about faith. We are struggling with the journey. Part of this “bog” is my autobiography. Joshua Liebman in his “Peace of mind,” … Continue reading Sunday Holy Sonnett