Three quotes and a poem

The postmodern academy has decided everything is power. More fool them.

My remarks boiled down to the observation that theoretical anarchism (as opposed to the practical, bomb-throwing sort) is a gnostic sect. Its essential gnosis is that Thomas Hobbes was correct to say that the Will to Power springs from fear, and that fear causes men to create the Leviathan State, but that Hobbes was wrong when he said this fear was justified because the state of nature is a “war of all against all.”

Stated even more succinctly, the anarchist gnosis is that humans are naturally cuddly as bunnies, but have been rendered scaly as snakes by they lie that they are not.

I’m not here to develop or defend this argument, but mention it only to point up the irony of a couple of incidents connected to this Anarchism panel.

One of the other panelists was a feminist whose hair may or may not have been blue, but whose feet were most certainly shod in army boots like unto those worn by Loweezy Smith (consort of Snuffy, and no relation to the author). The gist of her comments was that the “anarchist community” was, in fact, a “manarchist” tyranny. Whether due to their brutish insensitivity, or simple brutish brutality, anarchist men apparently daily inflict countless “microagressions” (yes, she used the word) against feminists.

Clearly, this lady in the boots saw herself as She Who Must Be Obeyed, although her resemblance to H. Rider Haggard’s Ayesha was not otherwise pronounced.

The other incident occurred as I left the panel in the company of my middle son, who is fourteen and had sat through the gabfest, at the back of the room. Strolling down the busy hotel corridor, he put this rather trenchant question:

“Dad, what did that have to do with geography?”

“Not much,” said I.

“I mean, doesn’t geography have something to do with the land?”

“Sometimes,” said I.

“Those people were only talking about politics.”

“You’re right.”

“Why is that?” he ingenuously asked.

“Beats me,” I disingenuously answered.

Looking back, I see that I should have taken this opportunity to draw him aside and explain that anarchists only pretend to oppose the Will to Power, and that their pretense of gelassenheit is, in fact, just another sly expression of the Will to Power.

Politics is the practice of harnessing power. Power is not the goal, it is a tool. But the final end for the alt left is not that of those who worshipped the sun as a hummingbird or Molech: it is not the preservation of the tribe, but their destruction. One of the reasons /pol/ and 4chan are useful is that the lads there have enough time to identify the players and we can then take steps to stop them.

The Organized Left wants us all—Left, Right, Center, No Preference–to learn this the hard way. It funds anger and feeds resentment for the Hard Way. And what will the Hard Way achieve? The Organized Left’s Big Goal; the thing which every bit of advocacy it propagates has as the target. Are you ready? Here it is.

The Organized Left wants fewer human beings on earth.

Anything the OL advocates–from the destruction of the black family, which is directly related to the mindless, rampant violence of today’s blacks; to the promotion of abortion like unto a sacrament–and everything else in between, has death of most humanity as its final solution. Pun intended.

And it isn’t as if it’s a new thing, nor has the OL been hiding it. The ramping up of any type of new Civil War–Right against Left, white against black; the “sides” don’t really matter to them–would be just another successful tactic in the Long Strategic March.

What do we do? Shun them. Avoid them. Cut them out of the real system. Let their departments lose funding as fast as they lose students. You do not need a PhD to have a good life: I know plenty of PhDs who look down at the knuckle dragging clinician with his fellowship and master’s who have miserable lives.

And in business, they drag companies under.

By which I mean get rid of these middlemen and gatekeepers who have this mentality. You don’t need them. You don’t need the contract they offer you to be legitimate in the world today. Amazon, evil corporate monopoly that it is, has leveled the playing field and gotten rid of all barriers to entry. A “real” publisher won’t market you anyway — they don’t spend resources on new writers, only established brands. You’ll be left in the wind there as much as you are on your own, but without control of your own product, and receiving a lower percentage on every sale for your work. There is literally no benefit to these middlemen’s existence. They are only there to tell you what you’re allowed to write and what readers are allowed to read. Their opinions might not even match up with readers at all.

You are a real writer. If you’re getting good feedback on your work, don’t hesitate. Put it out there. That’s the only way to get ahead: especially if you’re white, male, Christian, conservative, any or all of those things. They gatekeepers hate you for who you are, and it doesn’t matter how good your work is. Stop giving those Christaphobic racist, sexist bigots validation by seeking yours through them.

Be what you are. White, Black, Asian, Male or Female. Married or Single. But be of Christ. Take your attention and dollars elsewhere.

For a War Memorial


The hucksters haggle in the mart
The cars and carts go by;
Senates and schools go droning on;
For dead things cannot die.

A storm stooped on the place of tombs
With bolts to blast and rive;
But these be names of many men
The lightning found alive.

If usurers rule and rights decay
And visions view once more
Great Carthage like a golden shell
Gape hollow on the shore,

Still to the last of crumbling time
Upon this stone be read
How many men of England died
To prove they were not dead.


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  1. The sole issue Liberals will not compromise on is the urgent need to replace the White population of all nations with the Third World

    (((Liberal))) Tolerance (and motives) in a picture:

    Gotta elect a new, amenable people

    White Genocide Defined:

    “There can be no all-white countries anywhere, and there can be no all-white areas within the confines of those formerly all-white countries. There can be no all White communities, no all White, cities, no all White organizations.

    Do you see that this evil proposition is Genocide?”
    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

    Here’s a non-white who’s actually opposed to White Genocide!!!

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