Sunday Holy Sonnet

Twelve Why are we by all creatures waited on? Why do the prodigal elements supply Life and food to me, being more pure than I, Simple, and further from corruption? Why brook'st thou, ignorant horse, subjection? Why dost thou, bull, and bore so seelily, Dissemble weakness, and by one man's stroke die, Whose whole kind … Continue reading Sunday Holy Sonnet

We are all in exile. [I Peter 1]

One of the issues in my work is that I have to retrain and recertify. This has led to me going to my College congress, and waking well before dawn as I am 2.5 hours behind my home and body clock. (Yes, there is a state in Australia with an odd time zone. Australia is … Continue reading We are all in exile. [I Peter 1]

The vectors of hatred. [I John 3]

Yesterday I attended Grand Round. It was given by one of the registrars, who is a the Daughter of two Medicin sans Frontiers doctors, who left their home country when she was one, and who cannot return to their homeland, because the Islamists have reduced the Jewish quarter of that city to rubble. She discussed … Continue reading The vectors of hatred. [I John 3]

Another lesson on basic (suicide) statistics.

Self harm is a risk factor for suicide. A recent paper using Medicaid records notes that such people are at an almost forty fold risk of suicide, and this is worse for adults. The more idiotic journalists will talk about a 3700% increase. to a risk of 0.4 percent. During the first year following the … Continue reading Another lesson on basic (suicide) statistics.

Do not worship the idols of this age.

A couple of days ago there was an internal memorandum at work. The Hospital board, which has continually been over budget, is going to restructure its management. The fundamental problems in delivering modern (that is, expensive) medical care to the bottom half of the South Island remain: the board is too decentralised, the population scattered, … Continue reading Do not worship the idols of this age.

Precaffeinated Poem.

Moldbug has spent too many years in the software trenches. Moderation The "Magic Johnson," or triple-double, invented by my officemate Mark Fox, is the monster-edged edge of the map. Crabs with wings, aneurysms, strokes. But for the last phase of a deliverable! Blood-brothers branded in our black ulcers, we will ship this bitch. Then, we'll … Continue reading Precaffeinated Poem.

Tweets in contradiction.

This is the Antifa. This is Berkeley. They hate fascists. This is the antifa going all hatey on the Jews and White people. It appears the antifacists are fascist. This is the new meaning of convergence: to invade, subvert the institutions so they promote the exact opposite of what they were set up to do, … Continue reading Tweets in contradiction.

Against the Antichrists [I John 2]

The problem with the political class is that they are antichrists. To a man, woman and unicorn. The poor bloody gays are their wedge issue, and since that no longer provokes disgust they will attempt to get not merely nonbelievers in the pulpit but members of the cult of Cybele. The one thing that the … Continue reading Against the Antichrists [I John 2]

gstreamer 0.10 depreciated in Arch.

Over the last few days you have not been able to update arch (and antergos)due to an error in a libsoup dependency. IT points to gstreamer 0.10, which was depreciated in Arch. From the Arch developers mail archive Balló György via arch-dev-public wrote: > Beside to WebkitGTK+, GStreamer 0.10 is unmaintained too. [1] The last … Continue reading gstreamer 0.10 depreciated in Arch.

Dust and ash follows convergence

The future of medical education worries new graduates. Locally, there are just enough places for house surgeons, and there are still gaps in registrar (advanced training). But the funding for this is central: the state (who fund the health system) know they need doctors. A similar system works in the USA and Canada. But not … Continue reading Dust and ash follows convergence