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Fearsome Pirate on Leftist illogic.

Regarding your most recent comment, one thing red-pill male and female takers often fail to grasp is just how deeply the left does not understand how their own system works. Single women, for example, do not begin to grasp the fact that on a fundamental level, the way the system works is to transfer the surplus of productive men to them. They believe that the government, through the magic of Obama’s caring, just sort of makes “taking care of women’s health needs” happen. The idea that men because it is predominantly men have to work and strive to create a surplus to be redistributed to them in the first place is just not even in the orbit of their thought.Until recently, I interacted regularly with a lot of leftists. The truly scary part is they don’t even realize they’re collapsing their own system. Through the right combination of taxes, printing money, manipulation of interest rates, price controls, and trade restrictions, they imagine they can have it all. History began yesterday, and past prosperity and, more importantly, myths of past prosperity can be extrapolated into infinity.

Sunshine Mary on the consequences of this

People do not realize how dependent they are on the system

Yes indeed, and single women, especially single mothers, are the most dependent. If I were a single woman right now, I would be really concerned. The downward spiral of our country’s fiscal well-being has increased its pace dramatically; here is the outstanding public debt as of this morning:


This is an inconceivable number; I can’t even understand what nearly 17 trillion of something even is. It’s an unpayable sum of money. And when the correction comes, what will happen to all the agencies that women depend upon?

Talking about this feels a little bit like talking to the wild-eyed anarchist I dated briefly in college, you know? He was always going on and on about “When the revolution comes!” And I would get caught up in it and think, “Yes! When then the revolution comes! Then all will be well.” But I’m not 19 years old anymore. I know there is no glorious revolution coming that’s going to “fix everything.” There just appears to be a rapidly escalating decent into chaos and misery.

Me at Captain Capitalism on the endgame

Poverty and bankruptcy makes you think. When NZ went bloody close to Bankruptcy (1984 — you were probably in nappies) then we discovered TINA

TINA means There Is NO Alternative.

* To selling all state owned enterprises.
* To killing all agricultural subsidies. (This caused a lot of distress and farmer suicide. Still happened)
* To simplifying the tax regimen (Like a NO exceptions system. We have the most efficient tax system in the OECD because the govt was forced to do cost benefit analysis on all its regulations

It can happen. In fact, it was a leftist govt that did all this.

Because the alternative was defaulting.

You know that your govt is serious if TINA enters the room. At the moment, they are just playing around.

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  1. The thing is, Chris, that the USG doesn’t think it is looking at a TINA situation because of the situation of the USD as still the global reserve currency of choice. The key tipping point will be if/when the USD is ditched as the global reserve currency. I know people who expected that to happen already by now, but it hasn’t happened — I think the main reason is that there are quite a few other big global players who don’t want to the US to collapse economically (China is a main one, there are many others) for their own selfish reasons, so they avoid doing something that is logical in other ways. To me that is the key. Frankly, the big economic players globally are much more concerned with an economic collapse in the US due to a US default than they were with respect to a NZ default, and the USG knows this, so it doesn’t get serious. The whole ballgame is the USD as the global reserve currency.

  2. Well, the USA is losing it’s reserve status, at least in the Pacific. Most Pacific nations trade primarily with China — China has free trade agreements with Australia and NZ — and we do that in Rembi. So do the Russians.

    The US buck. like the Euro, is seen as too risky.

  3. They just don’t see it. Money comes from the sky and the gods of karma or something.

    Few months back in a post I did some calculations of some project that could lead to big things for me, and the calculations pissed me off so much that I almost lost all motivation. The reason I did go through was the possibility of success, sell all crap and say F U to the tax thieves.

    Here are the calculations:

    “This fucking capitalist system” says one facebook friends comment.

    Anyway, so in this free market capitalistic system, if I employ someone to help me realize this idea, here is the breakdown of the budget given to investors.

    Lets say the salary of my employee is 40.000
    50% tax paid by me : 20.000
    80% overhead on top of the sum, bit of it cubicle rent, the rest various costs due to taxation: 48.000

    The employee will be taxed, 35%: 14.000

    Then not counting the tax I pay to other taxes not related to the employee, or the employee paying vat, environment, etc etc etc taxes.

    In the end, without these end calculations, the employee gets


    Out of

    108.000 of the money allocated to his service.

    That’s a taxation of over 75 %….. Before he even sees the money.


    End of calculations.

    And considering VAT is 24% (WTF??) in Finland, forgetting indirect costs that are reflected on the base price of the product/service, the taxation on this one employee rises to 82%. Fuel tax, car tax, environmental tax, city tax, housing tax, water tax, electricity tax, air tax, shit tax, hearbeat tax, all are either 24% or higher.

    Now, why should any man work?

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