The problems with borderline meta analysis.

I am guilty of writing (and I am revising) a meta analysis of poor quality papers. The reason the editors don't like or peer reviewers, for that matter, is that the data is old and there is no guidance. That is the point. And no, the paper is not out… Read More

What antidepressant matters.

When you do acute, crisis, community or inpatient psychiatry, you are using medications that in overdose can be risky. Moreover, you are working with people who have a tendency to overdose. So what you prescribe and how you prescribe matters. This… Read More

Your cellphone as a ‘therapist’.

I have been aware of the use of internet based CBT, including the development of cellphone apps, for about a decade. We are now at the meta analysis stage of evaluating this technology. I would suggest any interested people read the paper, as it is… Read More

The vexed issue of research consent.

This week's JAMA psychiatry summarises the changes in the federal US rules for consent. The US changes its rules slowly. In NZ we have an independent set of ethical review boards, who continually issue guidelines. One vexed issue is that in… Read More

Specific therapy is better than generic?

Getting positive results in a properly don trial of two active psychotherapies is hard, as the generic therapeutic effect is quite significant. There are ways of cheating, such as using wait list comparisons (who get nothing but a place for therapy) but such studies are needed. Read More

Risk of bias, immigration, and mood.

Do immigrants into a new nation have a greater risk of mood disorders. The standard approach has been to say that this is due to bias of measurement, or institutionalised racism. But minorities do have an increased risk of mood disorders: this may… Read More

Statistical Breakdown.

The preface to Matt Brigg's book is worth the price of the book alone: for these two quotes.
Bayes is not what you think. Hypothesis testing should immediately and forever be tossed into the scrapheap of intellectual history and certainly never tauht the vulnerable. The love of theory is the root of all evil
An… Read More