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Quotage Thursday.

Social Pathologist reaffirms the importance of Christianity in the reactionary right: Rules of the Club. This is one of those rare instances where we think he doesn’t go far enough: Any Restoration of the West cannot occur without the institution of an Official State Church. What church that happens to be is a matter for […]

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ANZAC day poems.

Three poems, not in the usual order, for the service, and not from the service. Anzac Dawn service is tomorrow: I ndo not attend what has become a pagan day of remembrance. For the Fallen published in The Times newspaper on 21st September 1914. With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children, England mourns for […]

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Rejoice. Our enemies are stupid.

Shot: This is why I am switching Television Three off and avoiding their radio stations: MediaWords runs both. This is their political correspondent, Tova O’Brien, going at Israel Folau because he was hurtful and does not accept what she calls loving. She also misses the point. Israel Folau is Australian. He was born there, he […]

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Social Media is the warning.

It is Saturday, so time for a little exegesis with our lectionary and the second coffee. This has been the week of the Starbucks implosion, and my sympathy is for the poor staff in rancid mermaid, for when the left stop fighting over who has the most oppression points they will be truly propagandised. It […]

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