It is what you do, not what you say.

I am sitting here with a hangover of schandenfreude. Last night the centre right party, run by a banker (of Jewish extraction) John Key, won an increased share of the vote to the point where it can govern alone: the internet mana party (funded by Kim Dot Com, of hacking and Nazi memorabilia fame) lost […]

The degradation of the piety has consequences.

Over at Cam’s site there is a tragedy reported; a priest has been charged with having coercive sex with a man over the age of 16 (the local age of consent) and the Roman Church has, quite correctly, removed him from the parish ministry and are cooperating with the police in sorting this out. Cue […]

Why the socail justice warriors will lose.

Before we go into why they will lose, this comment, in an excellant article about gamergate (well worth reading) is apropos, becuase it ties together the argument in SF with that in gaming. #notyourshield I'm not a gamer, but what I saw at #gamergate I have seen MANY times before e.g. in education, law, govt, […]

Against the Social Justice Warriors, Greens included.

We have an election on right now, so I went out after Church and took some photos of wildlife. Unlike the Greens, I enjoy the outdoors, but do not worship it. There is much beauty in this world, but we should not worship the created, but the creator. And the Greens, as Jamie Whyte of […]


Notes on Father’s Day.

It is Father’s Day in NZ, and I wonder if this will be the text preached upon this day. I doubt it: I can here the feminists grinding their teeth for this is not sex positive: it is ‘misogynist’, and heresy of heresies, it does not see women as the glory of this world. My […]

The world will choose your tribe.

This morning we all slept in and therefore went to the reformed (ie Grace) Presbyterian: a group who are relentlessly Evangelical (read Calvinist) in their theology and practice. The sermon was on Philippians 3: that all the good things that we have done are but dung in God’s sight. The preacher was trying to explain […]

Rotherham brings out the rage.

The conversation in the car was about social media. The son pointed out that facebook is only useful to remind him of things, and I suggested that twitter was useful for writing haikus and trolling. He replied that trolling is what 4chan was made for. But in NZ an election is being trolled, and the […]

Ferguson and the 4th turning.

Yesterday I was waiting for my music lesson (the son goes first) and the news was on. I normally do not watch the Mainstream News: my blood pressure can only handle so much. Yesterday they were showing the funeral of the young man who died when shot by the police in Ferguson, a suburb of […]

Blinded by their arrogance.

I first met leftists — real ones — when I finished the fifth form (grade 10, year 11) and got a job for the summer shoving sheep carcasses. A fair number of the students at the factory were members of the fourth (or fifth? internationale). They were almost arrogantly confident in their confidence of the […]

Scriptural suicidality.

Before I am going to going to talk about Job I need to do a little bit of defining. Suicidality is now a technical term: it means in effect, that you have contemplated suicide. Questions about suicide are routine at work, and part of outcome scales for depression, and this is taken as a proxy […]