For natural law…

There are two things about this time which speak to the degeneration of our times. I am not talking about the overt sin, but among those who are within the church, and think that they have salvation if not righteousness. The first is that we are fearful. We worry. We are afraid to speak plainly, … Continue reading For natural law…

More Charitable Scandals.

It's not merely Oxfam. Medicins sans Frontieres has disclosed that they have sacked workers for sexual impropriety. Medical aid group Doctors without Borders, also known as Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), reported on Wednesday it had received 146 complaints or alerts in 2017. Of these, 40 concerned harassment or abuse. As a result, it acted on … Continue reading More Charitable Scandals.

Marriage and Puppies.

For those who have not worked it out, I'm now married just over a year. I don't care that the state has ruined the original contract of marriage. That is an error, and it will end. In the meantime, we are looking forward to a new puppy, new home-stay (boarders) and supporting our grown children … Continue reading Marriage and Puppies.

Trolls deserve Hate.

Robyn is telling me that I need to start stretching. One of my shoulders has been injured (ripped the rotator cuff swimming about a decade ago) and I have aggravated it again. At my age, the question is not am I in pain, but where the pain is. And the need to keep moving must … Continue reading Trolls deserve Hate.

#MeToo or the Kangaroo.

In NZ, the Human Rights Commission is something to fear. You can ignore some commissioners, but the HRC can and will run you or your organisation through the wringer. But they have been accused of sexual harassment. In short, they have had a #MeToo moment. One has to question what they were doing hiring an … Continue reading #MeToo or the Kangaroo.

Mail: what is mental disorder?

Elspeth got a comment on her blog and she passed it on. In this post on my book blog: a reader asks these questions:I gave her my ignorant layman's answer, but if you guys can offer a more learned answer for me to pass on to her, all the better, particularly because you are Christians … Continue reading Mail: what is mental disorder?

Go Retro in 2018.

The first issue of 2018 is that Korora is not keeping up. They are moving to an annual update system. I run this on my main machine but given that there is no continuity with Fedora, and that Fedora only supports two versions of the distro, I'm wondering if it is stable enough. So I'm … Continue reading Go Retro in 2018.


Do you have a calling to help the young and vulnerable? Do you want to do good in the third world? Do you want to mitigate disasters? Then avoid the main aid agencies. Their current management is corrupt, and sees the natives as fuel for their perverted desires. Oxfam, one of the world's most prominent … Continue reading Quotage

Winter Olympics II

Weird experience at Church today: we are in Wanaka and the Olympic Opening Ceremony was being played. Because the Wells family -- one injured Skier in the congregation and his parents -- are flying out to Korea to support his younger brothers, who are all in the NZ Team. Apparently our black uniform did not … Continue reading Winter Olympics II

Sunday Sonnet.

Yes, there are more Belloc sonnets. About another four: the cycle is ending. Belloc was a journalist, he wrote quickly. For he had to eat. It was the aristocrats and those with tenure who could xxxiv Would that I had £300,000 Invested in some strong security ; A Midland Country House with formal grounds, A … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet.