More on suicide.

Nic Steves asks a question. I have had this comment in the previous post as well
Chris Gale has some words (and video) about Medical Suicide—i.e., doctors ending their own lives. I’m curious what the odds ratios are compared to their own…
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The opiate receptor will not save you.

From this week's JAMA.
The prevalences of heroin use and use disorder have increased significantly in the US adult general population since the beginning of this millennium. Of note, increases have been greatest among men, white individuals,…
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Good news. [Rom 8]

Let's start with the obvious. Britain has sent a letter to President Trask of the European Union telling him that they have voted. To leave. Parliament has passed a law saying they are leaving. So they will secede from the union. A blow for freedom, and for the ability for us to live soberly, quietly and in peace. Read More

Celebrating the workshop, resurrecting the desktop

I use Antergos on my laptops and desktop. Yes, it is Arch made easy. Sue me. The challenge I had is that when I got the desktop up -- which was after we managed to get the Pro Photographer's new studio up, the signatures for the developer of LxqtRead More

The ancient use of amenable authority.

The gospel is hated. No news there: it has always been hated. And the techniques that are used against the gospel are the same used by social justice warriors at any time. To Precis Social Justice Always Lie.
  1. Point and shriek The gospel…
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Are cities monopolies?

When I moved to casa weka I moved out of town. I now live in a small coastal village, down a road that winds so much that you are not a local unless your car has been driven into the harbour. Casa Pukeko was in a small city. The city I grew… Read More

There is no magic dirt.

The people of the Land in NZ are the Maori. The English, who colonized the land after the treaty of Waitangi and developed it and turned it into a fairly successful nation, are. not. Maori. The multiple generation English -- who have taken the… Read More