Sodom and Gomorrah in the church.

Bike Bubba said this yesterday, and it makes an introduction for today’s lectionary.

We have reached a point where all that matters is feelings, and the idea that one will correct in private before one brings in witnesses then the church is seen as wrong. Because correction may hurt.

As if we don’t do this at work on a regular basis. A regular basis.

I grieve when a church dies
, but even more I grieve when a church is killed by the behavior of the leadership. You point to divorce and deceit as a measure of growth in Christ–at times the churches I’ve seen it’s far more basic issues. For example, someone I’d tried to confront per Matthew 18 responded to me by telling me we really ought to leave Matthew 18 out of it.

Um…..what? You might as well try to swim in a dry wash or rappel without rope. Shouldn’t an appreciation of Biblical reconciliation processes be pretty much instinctive for anyone who presumes to fill a pulpit?

Well, within the church, the answer is yes. But within the institution, people consider not that they are there to serve and sacrifice, but to be honoured for their title. To them, church is about ego, not Christ.

And therefore the people turn to their favourite sins, and the land suffers.

Concerning the prophets: My heart is broken within me; all my bones shake; I am like a drunken man, like a man overcome by wine, because of the LORD and because of his holy words. For the land is full of adulterers; because of the curse the land mourns, and the pastures of the wilderness are dried up. Their course is evil, and their might is not right.

“Both prophet and priest are ungodly; even in my house I have found their evil, declares the LORD. Therefore their way shall be to them like slippery paths in the darkness, into which they shall be driven and fall, for I will bring disaster upon them in the year of their punishment, declares the LORD. In the prophets of Samaria I saw an unsavory thing: they prophesied by Baal and led my people Israel astray. But in the prophets of Jerusalem I have seen a horrible thing: they commit adultery and walk in lies; they strengthen the hands of evildoers, so that no one turns from his evil; all of them have become like Sodom to me, and its inhabitants like Gomorrah.”

Therefore thus says the LORD of hosts concerning the prophets: “Behold, I will feed them with bitter food and give them poisoned water to drink, for from the prophets of Jerusalem ungodliness has gone out into all the land.”

(Jeremiah 23:9-15 ESV)

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At times we get all caught up around buggery and homosexuality, in part because a church that tolerates these things has clearly gone apostate. But they are not the only sins that grieve God. God is angered by our fornication and wrath but more so by us tolerating these and injustice and oppression. Which we now have. There is an end-game to this: and it involves murder, frequently combined with rape: the fate of Lot’s daughters was reflected in the Benjaminites who gang raped a concubine to death.

The Liberal Presbyterians have been taken over by the trolls, and they think it is good.

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What we forget is that immorality matters, for it corrupts. We hold
(heterosexual men) to very high standards. And we let others have a pass. If we do this, we are fools. We forget that it is not the church that calls people to salvation, but Christ. We forget the church has an owner, and it is not us, but Christ.

And we cannot legislate a change in the covenants Christ has made. For God does not change.

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What is happening? Well, the faithful are leaving. Right now. We are letting this false church fall. The same tactics did not work in NZ because the alternate reformed churches (such as Grace Presbyterian) are very small and most reformed believers remain within the Presbyterian denomination: we could stop it cold.

Besides, we have more important things to do. Our brothers and sisters in Vanuatu have just been flattened by a cyclone (hurricane for the Americans). Our catholic and orthodox sisters and brothers are being crucified in Syria, while the morons who call themselves Muslims destroy their churches (and any structure older than they can recall) in their pathetic attempt to imitate the Jacobins and form a new year zero.

And our rulers Godly are not.

We need to continually reform. But reformation is not apostasy. Apostasy has two outcomes; a degeneration into perversion, and a depopulation to the point that one is no longer relevant. Do not do either.

It is time for the US reformed to leave the PCUSA. Do not be them, and do not be like them.

Sex is not kettleball exercises.

I’m annoyed. It is a struggle for any of us who have been in a marriage to remain chaste, and remain within the bounds of acceptable and righteous behaviour when courting. Most of the world after a while just moves in together and leaves getting married for when they procreate — or when the family court deem that it has occurred for the purposes of family violence or child support.

But within the church we have to use the standards of God, not this world. And the fact that some of us are not married to the people we love — because it is unwise, because we love the same gender, or (more commonly) because we need to be careful around children, families, and family trusts — we want to have the support of the church in keeping to the standards of the gospel.

To say that us that these are immaterial is being needlessly cruel. Our consciences are seared enough: saying that the conflicts we have not are without meaning removes any significance to the sexual act, making it akin to doing kettleball exercises.

On one hand, nothing. This aligns with our existing core vision: the doors of this church are as wide as the arms of the Savior it proclaims. We remain passionate about having as many people hear the gospel as possible. City Church will continue to receive into membership all those with a credible profession of faith and expect the same commitments represented in their membership vows.

On the other hand, we want to be clear what this now means. We will no longer discriminate based on sexual orientation and demand lifelong celibacy as a precondition for joining. For all members, regardless of sexual orientation, we will continue to expect chastity in singleness until marriage. Please pray for our Board as we continue to discuss pastoral practices with our LGBT brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray for our denomination, the Reformed Church in America, as it does the same.

The trouble that these people have, in being “charitable”, is that they are making it more difficult. Difficult for parents: the old rules were very simple, and the corrective actions (ie. if you got a girl pregnant, you married her) were simple. But it required an acceptance of early marriage, that lust is a normal reaction among healthy young people, and thus a certain degree of chaperonage and short courtships.

It may be that we think we are prosperous and we can have other rules. It may be that we can afford other options, such as single men or gay couples having children by surrogacy (for women, it is an easier matter) and we want to have a difficult to enforce system in place to control the at risk behaviour we are accepting among heterosexuals, so they as promiscuous as those who used to be in the demimonde.

But in times of poverty we cannot afford this.

In other words, the bodily health of people like my father is organic in a sense that the health of people like me isn’t. It emerges from the circumstances of their life, whereas for ours it is either tacked on or it is not there at all. There are analogues in almost every facet of the modern’s—and even more so the Millennial’s—experience, I think. Many of the people whose lifestyles no longer include exercise of necessity simply let themselves go. They drink beer and binge watch Netflix in the evenings. They get skinnyfat and wake up at forty on the road to cardiac arrest. In the same way people whose lifestyles no longer demand that they put forth cognitive effort, and precious few do in any compelling sense, often forgo it, let their faculties atrophy, sink into the popcorn-brain confusion of social media stimulation and push-button entertainments. The pageantry of the world passes them by and they comprehendeth it not. There are other analogues as well. Those who don’t need community ties for survival don’t forge them. They subsist on a “significant other” and the occasional office party. Those whom the grocery feeds never learn to produce food. Those who don’t need children to care for them in their dotage don’t have them. And thus all those relationships and pursuits that have been our satisfactions since deepest antiquity, the ancient health of man, go unnoticed by the wayside.

This observation, when you boil it down, is essentially just a paleo critique applied more broadly than our dietary needs. But I think it might do us well to ponder occasionally how “rich” our lives are compared to the norm of almost any historical people. And thus, paradoxically, how difficult it is for us to be righteous, to be complete. Perhaps we are those who laugh now and only later shall we mourn and weep. Perhaps we are those that are full and we shall yet hunger. Perhaps, despite an embarrassment of luxuries and provisions and security, we still struggle to enter the kingdom of God, to be at peace with ourselves, because it takes efforts over and above the quotidian demands of our lives to prevent essential aspects of ourselves from dissolving gradually into obsolescence. It would certainly be a cosmic irony if that were true.

We cannot afford this. We cannot afford to tell as many lies, to spend as much time on propaganda when we are poor. We need an older way of working that organically self organizes us: that old thing called marriage 1.0, for life, with a community supporting it, and the acceptance of those who have unhappy periods: for them the pub was invented.

But the idea of moving from that to some kind of institutional instability has but one result: more people will be single.

Gay marriage is a leftoid equalist project to undermine and eventually to destroy the traditional and biologically heterocentric configuration of marriage. Gay marriage is nothing less than a front in the everlasting equalist war against white male European culture.

Gay marriage is one cultural schism put to use by the Lords of Lies toward the redefinition and de-stigmatization of marriage from an organic mate pair system which safeguards the primacy of paternity assurance to a free-for-all “liberation” that corrodes trust between heterosexual couples and renders hetero beta males wholly prostrate to an antagonistic marriage market stripped of any protections for their particular interests.

Mark my words, a massive elite push to legitimize and maybe even codify polyamory is next on the agenda.

To remove the ability of most to marry and have stability so that some can have a harem (of whatever gender, or whatever combination) is pointlessly cruel to adults. The communities that claimed to have healthy polyamory — such as Centrepoint in Auckland when I was growing up — eventually ended up paying children for the predatory behaviour of adults with children well below the age of consent.

The lies we have at present, in our society are unsustainable. Many of us struggle with the temptations before us. For the church to accede to these things is cruel to all who struggle.

And it makes the church part of the world, whose spirit has never been righteous and holy, but instead opposes that which is good.

Those swimming left do not breed. Chluthu is pleased.

Social welfare is a Ponzi scheme. In a Ponzi scheme, those who pay in at the beginning get their return from those who are paying in 20 years later. It works brilliantly if you are a state and can (a) tax the living hell out of the productive, (b) have a pronatalist policies (AKA family friendly) such as low mortgages for couples with kids, paternal custody by default, and (preferably) (c) limited access to sexual congress outside of the marital bed.

Hey, go to the link if you want the wallpaper.

I have, of course, just described the patriarchy. Chulthu (who is going to appear a lot from now, for the feel of our society is much more akin to the Borg or the nameless horrors than Hobbes’ Leviathan) says this us ungoodthink. But that will backfire.

Governments becoming more and more desperate to get younger people to breed so they can have future slaves to fund their social security eerrrr….”continue the culture and population.”

Sorry socialists.

You let every other culture into our countries.
You pay parasites and punish producers
And good lord, don’t even get me started about what your feminist division has done to men’s desire to pro-create.

No, you created this problem and our future would be children will not be the solution to it. This is where the game ends and any (unfortunate enough children) born to socialist parents are the ones who are going to pay for your idiocy.

I do not understand the left. I really do not. They scream at us that all is not biological but their gender choices and other acceptable sins, then they subvert this. Does not matter, because Chulthu is happy. The gay do not breed easily: and for the straight there is what Ann Coulter called the only sacrament of feminism, abortion.

(Oh, and on the issue of biological tendency and behaviour, for most things, the answer is both.)

Serotonin transport short (s) and long (l) polymorphism and depression symptoms. From Caspi, Science, 2003.
Serotonin transport short (s) and long (l) polymorphism and depression symptoms. From Caspi, Science, 2003.

Underlying the emotion on both sides is the looming and frustratingly unsettled question: Is homosexuality inherent or a choice? Those who consider homosexuality a moral sin naturally prefer to cast it as a choice. The politically correct answer, though, is that gays and lesbians are born that way, case closed, so don’t even think about judging or trying to change them. Yet science has failed to give a definitive answer either way. Nevertheless, it is culturally settled that heterosexuals who consider themselves “enlightened” – nowadays including a great swath of conservatives – embrace the right of gays and lesbians to complete social parity with heterosexuals. Homosexuality is experiencing its first Golden Age – at least for those who live in urban western centres.

However, the gold in the Golden Age may turn quickly to tarnishable gilt if it turns out that homosexuality can be inherent or a choice, as some gays, like Daniel Villarreal seem to believe it is. Progressives can roll their eyes at evangelical Christians who say homosexuality is “catchy,” but here is mainstream writer Sally Kohn pretty well announcing that she believes it is, and that’s a good thing.

Now, the average young Christian has to decide if they are going to (a) live in godly celibacy or (b) seek to live in holy matrimony. In the Catholic and Orthodox, holy celibacy and the monastic life is held as higher and better than secular life: the reformed have but secular life but honour those who choose not to marry.

Those who marry have kids. Supported by their father and mother. With the help of grandparents and the broader church when the kids are younger and need more work and resources.

And this is… works. It works if you are Amish. It works if you are Catholic. It works in places that are very poor. It predates Christ: indeed Christ went to a marriage feast (and famously made wine our of water).

But it is incompatible with double doctorates or the revolution. It is not politically correct.

However, the PC will die for the same reason that the Soviets did: they ran out of other people’s money, and no one believed their lies any further.

Let Chulthu swim left. We will not follow that nameless horror.

Local, Retro?

Doug Ross comments.

We are the generation that gets to witness the end of the American Dream. The numbers that you are about to see tell a story. They tell a story of a once mighty economy that is dying. For decades, the rest of the planet has regarded the United States as “the land of opportunity” where almost anyone can be successful if they are willing to work hard. And when I was growing up, it seemed like almost everyone was living the American Dream. I lived on a “middle class” street and I went to a school where it seemed like almost everyone was middle class. When I was in high school, it was very rare to ever hear of a parent that was unemployed, and virtually every family that I knew had a comfortable home and more than one nice vehicle. But now that has all changed. The “American Dream” has been transformed into a very twisted game of musical chairs. With each passing year, more people are falling out of the middle class, and most of the rest of us are scrambling really hard to keep our own places. Something has gone horribly wrong, and yet Americans are very deeply divided when it comes to finding answers to our problems. We love to point fingers and argue with one another, and meanwhile things just continue to get even worse

Roosh on some basic economics on movies and production values. I’d add that I’m using a two-year old desktop for this, and I think I can get another three years out of it. And I process 36 MP files from digital cameras, and similar scans from my film processor routinely.

When the CD burner, flatbed scanner
, and 1-gig hard drive first came out, I had some spare cash and bought myself an Apple rig. With this system that cost about $20,000 at the time I had an instant graphic design business, purely because no one else could afford the gear.

Within a few years, everyone had Photoshop on a laptop and I sold my rig for a few hundred bucks, although it had earned twenty times what I paid for it in the meantime. Music production, DJ producers, remixes, and even recording a rock band has all become a cost-negative business and the exact same thing is about to happen to the movie business.

Tarts like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson, who like to think of themselves as something special, are really only a notch above disposable porn stars. Real actors belong on a live stage, where very few of today’s breed of stars would last a second. In fact actors like Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith), Patrick Stewart (Star Trek and X-men) and Ian McKellen (Gandalf) were all Shakespearean actors who worked for the love of it, not for the limelight and big bucks. Stewart admits he struggled with the changeover to tedious movie-sets and nearly quit.

We are rapidly getting to the point, much as we did with the music business, where productions costs are so low and technology so high that the stranglehold and inflated prices will no longer be tolerated by the public at large who are being swamped with ever increasing quality and variety. I am sure there are a dozen other business models set to follow Hollywood into the dusty pages of history. Pay attention and be wise

I have not bought an album but to support the band for a while. I’m streaming: if I want really good hifi I get the vinyl out and switch on a stereo that is far better than the first one I bought, and cost half as much.

Tech is now dirt cheap, but it will not feed you, or make your soul sing. The pub did — it is not about the booze: it is about the meeting up. The local orchestra, the local live gigs — support them. Besides, the band does not need a few K to put their music on youtube.

What our economists cannot measure is community: that depends of social capital. Which requires structure and rules. Free Northerner, a century ago women had the vote only in weird places like NZ.

A century ago, most men would have thought the idea of discussing politics, theology, or philosophy with your wife was absurd; those discussions were what you did with your friends at the pub. Your wife was the one who dragged you home when you were too sloshed to distinguish between monarchy and anarchy.

As we get poorer, we will get more local. We will not fly to Fiji or Spain for our holidays, but get the train to Brighton or Lake Hawea (once us Kiwis put the rails back where they were).

Want to hear good music? There are amateur orchestras in most towns: go to their concerts: go to the local high school big sing and be shocked at how good they can be. Want worship that will make you weep? Go to evensong at your local cathedral.

Let the commercial stuff die on the vine. Ignore the new, manufactured bands. Let the good rise to the top through playing organically. You may even find some new music.

Monthly Data and obligatory cat photos.

Ken Perrot at Open Parachute has the NZ blog stats up for the month, and I think the sitemeter has gone flakey because he can’t see my site. But Sitemeter has 6.3 K visits this month, so thanks.

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WordPress makes things a lot more pretty.

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Thanks, folks, for the traffic. And a quote from Karl du Fresne, one of the old journos who now blogs. For non Kiwis, Laila Harre is very left wing — she met her husband picking coffee for the Sandinistas, and Matthew Hooten is a market researcher with impeccable Tory connections.

Does that necessarily make her a hypocrite? While I dislike Harre’s politics intensely and always get a quiet thrill when sanctimonious leftists are exposed as closet capitalists, there’s no law that says they must drive 1980 Cortinas and wear track pants. In fact there’s a long tradition of left-leaning political reformers coming from privileged backgrounds.
And while I initially shared my informant’s shock at the suggestion that Harre and Hooton were chums, on reflection I came around to a different point of view.

I thought about my own situation. I have a number of long-standing friends who don’t like my political views, but we don’t let that get in the way. We focus on the likeable qualities we see in each other and generally succeed in setting politics to one side.
Life would be very dull if we fraternised only with people who think like us. It would be like being trapped for life in a Rotary Club meeting.

Let’s assume for a moment that Harre and Hooton really did go skiing together. Who are we to say they shouldn’t enjoy each other’s company?
Skiing with Hooton doesn’t mean having to agree with his politics. In fact the two might learn something from each other. Isn’t that preferable to shouting at each other over an ideological chasm?

The notion that we shouldn’t associate with people who think differently alarms me. Democracy is about the free exchange of ideas, but we retreat into tribal enclaves, erect barricades and refuse to have anything to do with the enemy.
We block our ears and hum loudly when anyone dares express a contrary thought. It’s as if we’re scared of being exposed to ideas that might turn out to be less heinous than we imagined. Groupthink takes over.

This happens on both the Right and the Left and has become noticeably worse since the advent of the Internet. Political blogs and websites provide fortresses where like-minded people can band together, drawing comfort and reassurance from their conformity and angrily repelling all invaders.
Anyone who challenges the consensus becomes the enemy.

Now the obligatory cat photo. This is Stripes, AKA Tripod — who is not one month post amputation.


The hedonistic slagheap.

Hedonism burns out. Leaving people feeling discarded, burnt out, on a human slag heap.

Janet Bloomfield discourses on the ideal: one that most us do not attain.

Most humans, like it or not, are pretty predictable. Most women want to be at home with their young children, and most men take great pride in providing for their families and there is nothing wrong with that. Enforcing that as an immutable social requirement is not acceptable to anyone, one hopes. There are plenty of women who are perfectly happy to spend an hour with their children on an average day, and plenty of men who would love nothing more than to be at home with their little ones, making mud pies and doing laundry. Those men and women should find each other.

What happens in our current reality is that women are taught that earning an income is the only measure of their worth, and it’s only when they have children they realize how very wrong that is. Men are also taught that earning an income is the only measure of their worth, and when they have children, that is generally confirmed for them. The most important thing a man with children can do is protect them. We don’t live on the savannah in grass huts anymore, so hunting down predatory lions isn’t on the daily calendar for most men. Modern life requires a man to hunt down money. Radical MGTOWs scream blue murder about this because they hate that a great many men take an enormous pride in providing and protecting their families. They are hysterically opposed to any definition of masculinity that centers on men providing for and protecting their loved ones, because they take that to mean men are “disposable” to their loved ones.

Screenshot from 2015-03-02 20:42:35

And that great blogger Free Northerner demonstrates the costs of not sticking to the rules given to Moses: virgin until marriage: faithful thereafter, for life.

Except for a few men, playerdom will never be fulfilling in the end. Shallow pleasure does not bring contentment, only momentary happiness. Meaningless sex is simply the same effect as drugs, except one step removed (or more accurately, drugs are simply artificial inducements of effects similar to that which meaningless sex will bring). As with drugs, it will not satisfy, but it will become increasingly consuming as it becomes increasingly less pleasurable.

You will have sex, feel pleasure, then have but feel slightly less pleasure, and each time you will require more sex, more kinkiness, hotter women, and yet still feel slightly less pleasure each time. Meanwhile, you never feel the contentment you seek. The hedonic treadmill continues to roll until you either die or get off.

So, why not just ride for a while and get off at the right time?

The treadmill takes its toll even after you get off. Just as a carousel rider suffers as an alpha widow, so to does the ex-player suffer from the player’s curse.

A man who limits himself to one sexual partner has, by definition, the best sexual partner of his life with whom he is having the best sex of his life. The player, not so much. Any long-term relationship he may try will always be haunted by the ghosts of better sex and more beautiful partners of time past.

What he does not add is that those “few men” are damaged. They are ruled by their lizard brain: they lack discernment, and are gamed themselves. The amount of bitterness you find in the older players who have attended themselves to finding and seducing the flakey, the broken, the damaged and those who want the excitement of having sex with the junkyard dog is palpable.

I’d rather live alone and have peace. But I have a hope in Christ: I am connected to my family: I pushed back when my wife tried to micromanage my family. Many do not.

And they feel cast off. There are consequences to this.

The trouble with the current situation is that men won’t hang around if they feel they cannot contribute: They will leave.

That has a cost, including despair, and its lethal cousin suicide.

A friend of mine, Henry, 50, who divorced seven years ago, considers himself as part of a group he refers to as “remaindered men”. “It is the sense that we colluded in the process of making ourselves surplus to requirement,” he explains. “We married capable women who took over every aspect of life. They ran the household, the children, the social life. For a while it seems a good meal ticket to be on, but in the end the horrible logic of the process results in us being without any kind of a role at all and not much self-confidence to find another one within the existing framework.

“We are caught between the old model of being the breadwinner and the new model of being the co-washer-upper and feeder, and the truth is we never really mastered either of these roles – old or new – and this has led to a profound sense of crisis in men. Unless you really are able to look back at what happened, you can’t move on.

“The immediate reaction to divorce is to sink into a slump of despair, but then you turn into a teenager again – it’s the false paradise of endless encounters with new women. Men lost their way when they stopped going out and killing the food or bringing in the bacon. I feel my generation of men inhabit a place that I call neutered uselessness.

There is a slagheap where people who follow go, when their body cannot keep up with their dreams, and when they find that being cute, unique, or ripped and quirky no longer matter.

For what matters is character. And the Hedonic treadmill destroys it almost as much as progressive protest as performance art.

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The light is burning low. Blog on.

Why do I blog? I have lost count of the number of worthy blogs that have fallen silent, and when you link to them you are told they do not exist. As if the wayback machine does not exist, and internet archeology is becoming a discipline.

Because I am not Mundabor, railing about the very real failures of the magisterium: on my side of the Tiber the errors are unchecked and very apparent.

Instead I seem to be repeating myself, warning of the errors. As if one should get tired of warning. The lectionary posts — those unpopular ones, now with a code to the chapter I am discussion — are the foundation of what happens here. For if this blog does not show the word of God, then it should be shut, and I will go on posting pretty photos where they belong.

And I need to add: half the time I find the links via either Wintry Knight (a staunch Reformed apologist) or Mundabor (a staunchly traditional Papist). I don’t always hat tip them: for the sake of clarity.

When you read the BBC article, a chap there has worked all day. A text editor has reviewed it, perhaps several times. A separate professional has made the title. Other people might have been involved in research. The end product is a story, from beginning to end. Often with several links to other stories that help to better understand, or amplify the issue.

A blog is a series of short, personal reflections written who knows where, when there is time, perhaps with such a bad internet connection that it takes forever even to post a link. It does not give to the reader the pre-digested food, so that he does not have to make the effort to chew it. It does, however, presuppose that the readers knows what the blog author is talking about, because the reader is supposed to follow the ongoing conversation.

In this time, the darkness is falling. It is not time to be quiet. We may be silenced soon enough, by the SJWs, the concern trolls, those who would not promote us or move is to the antipodes: to obscurity.

Forgetting that it’s quite pleasant in obscurity, and the antipodes have their beauty. One of the roles we can have is speaking with a little more freedom: the country is too small to let the SJW rampage unchecked.

And as if light and vision is not needed within the church and the nation. Mundabor again, emphasis mine. He refers to another blog: go to his place to get the links.

The new ones are so bad, they let the old ones appear amateurs. You remember Benedict’s butler? When did he steal almost 200 books from his own bishops? Mind, the man has house detention. Will Cardinal Baldisseri have to suffer the same destiny? Don’t bet your pint.

Unfortunately, there are always those who – either because they are naive, or because they are disingenuous – manage to bat for the wrong team.

The very first comment of the post is from a certain “Denis”, who commits to cyber eternity the following words:

This article is trading in the kind of tittle tattle it appears to be condemning. Perhaps during Lent we should all be seeking to build up rather than knock down.

This is the kind of comment which, if I did not write a rather candid blog, would motivate me to start one post-haste.

Good Lord! A mess without precedent in at least seven, and probably twenty centuries is devastating the Church, and those who rightly criticise the utter moral decay of the Vatican personnel should be accused of “knocking down”? We have come to the point of common theft on a grand scale, and we should shut up because it’s Lent? We point out to the shameless bullying of a poor family father in his Fifties, and we should be held for people trading in “tittle tattle”? Who is this man, Grima Wormtongue?

This passive-aggressive, or rather aggressive-passive attitude of some people is truly disturbing. It advocates silence in front of evil in the name of… what again? What in Hades does “build up” means, if it is detached from that solid Catholic thinking that must condemn this kind of corruption and scandals? When was Lent the time you don’t talk, of all people, of the moneylenders in the Temple?

Well, yeah. Mundabor fights the good fight. But on the other side of the Tiber, it appears that we are ruled by the prudes. Those who would damn Marlowe for lewdity, and Milton for defending freedom of speech. The current threatpoints are violence — which has expanded to contradicting her, and adultery, which has expanded through pornography (visual only: her reading of quite sadomaschistic “urban romances” does not count) to seeing nudity or skimpy clothing.

And this needs correction: for within marriage the husband is accountable to the kirk and God for his wife, not the other way around. I leave it as an exercise to the reader to work out which of these were not written by women.

I’ve gone round and round with Christians on this
. If the wife is the arbiter of any sin her husband commits, she is then the arbiter of all of his sins and is the head of the marriage and in rebellion to God.

It’s one thing for hubs to be openly committing adultery
. It’s one thing for hubs to be addicted to pornography and depriving his wife of sex. Those sins might require some drastic action like divorce or imploring hubs to get some help beyond prayer and his own willpower.

But watching a TV show like GoT? Really? This is what’s got Gregoire’s reader all twisted up? This justifies wife threatening to break the TV, refuse sex, tell him to sleep somewhere else, or leave with the kids?

This is a power play, plain and simple. This is wife asserting headship over the husband.

This also tells the husband “My feelings reign supreme in this marriage. Therefore, I am head of this marriage. Give me what I want, or else.”

Even more importantly, it tells the husband that if he wants to occupy the space of biblical head of household, he must EARN that space. But, biblical headship doesn’t specify that – it simply installs the husband as head of the Christian household, with no prerequisites or qualifications other than “husband”. He doesn’t have to earn it – he’s simply placed there by divine fiat.

(NOTE to haters and advocates of “equalitarian” marriage who might be reading this – I know you don’t agree with any of this. I know you advocate “equalitarian” marriage, which is a nonentity. It cannot and does not exist. You can advocate for whatever you wish. I am simply pointing out here the biblically ordained hierarchy for Christian marriages, and how they are set up. The fact that you don’t like husband headship in Christian marriages is immaterial and irrelevant. That’s what the bible says is the hierarchy for Christian marriages, which is what Gregoire’s post purports to address and what this post addresses.)

I’m divorced, and I have this nightmare. That I will be held accountable for my ex-wife: for her sins, for I did not call her enough — in part because of fear of the Duluth model, which exists in my jurisdiction, and it part because I was taught that nonsense called the equalitarian model.

Because the husband — or before marriage, the man is held to be wrong. Consider Game of Thrones (which apparently got this going). In the first episode the shocking facts are two: that the queen is having an incestuous affair with her brother — and that the brother pushes a child out of a window when he sees it saying resignedly “the things I do for love”.

That is shocking. That horrified.

What we need to be looking at is the instability in our marriages, the ease with which we do give justification for ending it. This generation of parents will be held to account, for nine out of ten children in many Western countries have their security ripped apart as their parents separate, and while this injustice continues (and children suffer, while husbands are jailed because they cannot afford the unrealistic child support the industry demands) women become more and more sensitive.

And then wonder why men consider the risk of being in any relationship is far too great. For the law and society will say men are not accountable: but we know that the legal system and nature ensures we are.

Slaves of ideology, less than human.

Utu is a very useful word: it is borrowed from Maori. It has two meanings: revenge and reciprocity. It is the law of the talon writ large: being generous to your friends but justification of destruction for enemies.

And it is the main mode of the SJW, Islamic or secular. Roosh is wrong to call them merely a left-wing form of stupidity. The stigmata of the SJW is a sense that they will destroy all if they can push their agenda through, in the hope of a perfectly tolerant state, or perfectly Islamic state; both of course are various forms of Hell.

I would not apologize for being brown.
I would work my ass off to not be fat and poor.

[This is another thing that gets me. There are minorities that have been historically enslaved or oppressed and who have appalling social deprivation. They suffer. But people who are paler than this AngloCelt].

If you deny the existence of shame and do not work on your faults, however, your hatred leaks out, and shows it in your actions. Nothing new here; the Jacobins and Bolsheviks had the same evil psychodynamic processes in place, to make them less than human.

Social justice warriors believe in an extreme left-wing ideology that combines feminism, progressivism, and political correctness into a totalitarian system that attempts to censor speech and promote fringe lifestyles while actively discriminating against men, particularly white men. They are the internet activist arm of Western progressivism that acts as a vigilante group to ensure compliance and homogeny of far left thought.

Even though on the surface it seems like a widespread hatred of masculinity…deep down it’s a widespread hatred of femininity. Just ask any woman who thinks loving her husband, raising children, and taking care of a home how much grief she gets from WOMEN.

I mean if women hate men so much…why do they want to be just like them.

The trouble is that these people are nonproductive. They want to manage the process, but not solve the problem. They follow Pournelle’s Iron rule of the NGO: the first generation want to solve the problem but the second generation want the problem to continue because the NGO will then survive.

As if NGOs feed anyone. Or SJWs, for that matter: they need the state to give them power to regulate, or they will die.

Feminism can’t possibly exist in a vacuum
. Because with feminism, nothing gets done. I learned that first hand. Feminism is a parasite that sucks off its patriarchical host of productivity, order, purpose, and authority. We can not have feminism in the absence of the patriarchy. So long as there are men who are willing to work, be controlled, take orders, and get things done, feminism has an opportunity to seize some portion of that surplus productivity and wealth creation for its own self-centered ends. Take away that wealth creation, feminism ceases to exist

There are some times to go Galt, and this is one. Give not the SJW oxygen. If you get one trolling, start with scorn and escalate to the banhammer. Keep your website self-hosted, and consider where it is hosted.

And remember, punishing those who have truth while letting evil flourish is a feature, not a bug, of the imperial republics that try to rule the Western Hegemony, while Killing those who tell the truth is the standard procedure in the Islamic opposition.

We should no part in either. Let them be slaves of their ideology. We will not be less than human.

I found this later. Do not be like this, unless you want to live in a particularly mauve form of hell

Pray for him. Do not be like him.

Graphism and administrivia.

Firstly, the graph, and what is wrong with it. If you look at this, you would consider the Muslims to be young and educated, similar to Jewish orthodox, and the reformed to be at about my age, and less educated.

While tha mainstream church is older a much more educated than the assemblies of God, Baptists, and Historically black churches.

There is one problem. Percent of college graduates is no longer a useful proxy measure of above-average intelligence: the need for credentialing has meant that far too many people go to university, and (after five or six years of struggle, and significant debt) graduate to unemployment, Their parents — my age — went into trades. This is going to change, but as it does the use of education as a measure of intelligence will give perverse results: the most astute young men are avoiding university (particularly American College) unless they need it for a professional school.

Now for the administrivia. I have adjusted some of the linkage here (as sites go silent they are removed, and when the reappear they get added). I’m trying to add at least the chapter of the lectionary readings to those posts. And, finally, the university year has started here… which means, for me, not drinking (as the students do) or blogging but deadlines. The lectionary posts will continue, but the linkage and quotage posts may become less frequent.

The darkness remains within us [SJW tweetstorming gnats, and ignoring elephants].

One of the things you learn in therapy, in working as a therapist, is that no one can stand too much honesty. The defences we build up around us are made of myth and lies, and are broken easily. We think we have our nightmares held in chains of iron, when they are as fragile as gossamer.

Yes, I have done too many clinical hours this week.

To have everything I was laid bare before me, to be mocked and jeered at for every mistake, secret and wrong took away so many fears I’d kept as mine. I no longer needed them.

But I paid a heavy price for the wisdom I gained. Such is reality when it finds us ignoring the Truth we knew by heart once. We think we understand ourselves, that we know a little something about the world around us.

We simply do not.


I can’t imagine it’s easy for him to tell the world his story. But his heart for the broken gives him courage to not care. To love and reach out, and not care about himself or what people think of him. This is what it means to daily die to yourself.

When I began this blog, I had a heart for the broken, but it’s gotten lost. I know the people who read it, and I know it’s not “appropriate” to talk about the difficult stuff. I don’t want my calling, it’s not pretty. It won’t make my family proud of me. But Christ, calls us not to care. to love so passionately, that only He matters. We must point the broken to Christ, we have to be so full of compassion that we tell our stories.

Instead we lie to each other. We set up regulations about what can and cannot be said. And if someone say the wrong thing: the offensive tweet, the pile on his horrendous. I need to thank Grant for finding this: it is from the NY Times and getting into that can be hard, but here is the consequence of one joke tweet from a woman probably mocking the bubble mentality of White Upper Class people that was taken as Raycist. It is worth noting, however, that the ANC see the lives of Afrikaners as of little value, and are just as genocidal, or more so, that the Boers ever were.

Her extended family in South Africa were African National Congress supporters — the party of Nelson Mandela. They were longtime activists for racial equality. When Justine arrived at the family home from the airport, one of the first things her aunt said to her was: “This is not what our family stands for. And now, by association, you’ve almost tarnished the family.”

As she told me this, Sacco started to cry. I sat looking at her for a moment. Then I tried to improve the mood. I told her that “sometimes, things need to reach a brutal nadir before people see sense.”

“Wow,” she said. She dried her eyes. “Of all the things I could have been in society’s collective consciousness, it never struck me that I’d end up a brutal nadir.”

She glanced at her watch. It was nearly 6 p.m. The reason she wanted to meet me at this restaurant, and that she was wearing her work clothes, was that it was only a few blocks away from her office. At 6, she was due in there to clean out her desk.

“All of a sudden you don’t know what you’re supposed to do,” she said. “If I don’t start making steps to reclaim my identity and remind myself of who I am on a daily basis, then I might lose myself.”

The restaurant’s manager approached our table. She sat down next to Sacco, fixed her with a look and said something in such a low volume I couldn’t hear it, only Sacco’s reply: “Oh, you think I’m going to be grateful for this?”

Screenshot - 150215 - 12:53:02

Political correctness is poisoning our society. We have become too sensitive to offence. We have forgotten who we are, and we no longer recall our faults, pretending the false pride we have is increase self esteem and righteousness. We finely chop the words in social media, parsing for any triggers that can cause another outrage campaign, but ignore the great injustices in this world.
Screenshot - 150215 - 13:04:37

There are a lot of positive things going on, and many things we can share. There is a place for social media, and finely graded media at that. Many of us have photos to share which have no meaning outside our circle of friends. Many of us want to campaign, want to discuss things.

But if we get offended about sarcasm — particularly on Twitter, where brevity encourages both wit and misunderstanding — people will go elsewhere. They will start using systems that remove pictures within minutes, like snapchat, or make texts and emails ephemeral.

For not all conversations are measured, official and indeed about work. The current tendency to make everything a witch hunt is held back outside the USA by employment law — for only in the US can you fire at will. I would rather deal with trolls and haters than have some Pharisaical SJW monitoring our conversations for whatever metric of hate they chose to use today.

Let speech be free: for it is only in telling people they are wrong, and this is a better way, can correction occur. And if we do not argue with words, there is a risk we will argue with bullets, for the dark remains within us.