Apple delenda est.

A conversation this morning. "Hi I have two phones that the boys have that need fixing" "OK" "This one was dropped. It is a Motorola G. It needs a new screen. Can you fix it?" "Sure. (checks model number). It is the first model. We can… Read More

Do not be nice. Be Godly. [I Thess 2]

Evolutionist X ain't a Christian, but she's honest about it. She sees two problems, the first is that we are nice. When we don't need to be. We do not fully understand God. We cannot. And when an athiest is a better theologian than many bishops,… Read More

WordPress 4.7 update.

Well, Wordpress has produced a new core theme, which includes (at last) a static front page -- which I don't use. It does allow rotating photos on the front and it does scale really well. It does have a clean output. But I need it to do excerpts.… Read More

The white man’s burden is to resist.

If you expect those who accept your aid who are not of your faith or tribe you will be disappointed. We have been told that whites matter not. That we should not take up the burden of leading. That we should leave our homelands and let the newly… Read More

John Key resigns.

I was in a reseach meeting when the news came up. The people who I were live were quite happy. Key is trusted by many in New Zealand and hated by many in the People's republic of Dunedin. His speech is published, and this is from it. For the… Read More


Hypergamy is the tendency to want to mate a person with more power. It is a besetting driver of desire in many women, the same way as neotony (the wish to mate young) is in men. Neotony is not politically correct. Hypergamy is neither, but it is… Read More

J’Accuse les termagentes du progress.

This is from social matter. It is courageous. But note this: it is twenty years after the fact. It took time for this woman to repent and heal. For she says a truth: abortion makes child soldiers of the left out of women who wanted to be mothers.
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