In the secular world, Lechery and Acedia are endemic.

Beware of the leaven. Beware of those who add to the gospel, who seek extra things, who move to bring secular philosophy into the church and call it Christian. Far better these things remain secular. Including our poets. This is Oliver describing Baxter at the end of his life.

The secular poet can take Esau and move him to the ferryman: the believer can not this do: but the critic and poet can.

Man (you’re coming across!) I see you
Shamble at a tangent, an ill-dressed shade
Heading down to the river, a hairy Esau,
Where Charon is waiting to have you weighed
To dump your pack, chuck costume aside –
The loosely tied dogma, the pet philosophies
And all the gear made for the mind to tease….

There is much beauty and truth and honour in the secular world. There is also much evil and pride and greed and pandering to our base desires. That which is good and true and of good repute we should think on: but the life of those who go too far into that world we need not follow.

Within the past 200 years, the Word of God has come under assault by those who would “improve” upon it with secular wisdom (ha!) or other sources of “authority”: Rastafarianism, Americanism, Anglo-Israelism, Community of the Lady of All Nations, Feeneysim , Modernism, The Downgrade Controversy, Positive Christianity, Reincarnationism, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Word Faith Movement, Dominionism, The Prosperity Gospel, Jesus is a Communist, Jesus is a Republican, Personal McBadboy-Biker Jesus, Jesus-is-my-pal-and-he-loves-me-like-a-biscuit and so on and so forth.

Isn’t this just a little too perfect to have this hidden knowledge (Gnosticism) to come about at the time when Christian men are crying out to God for relief from the biblical flood of sluts their sinful fathers and grandfathers gave them? I’ve been convinced GBFM is right about Game and Christianity. It’s yet another temptation of Christian men to churchianize and incorporate secular wisdom (read: half-truths) into our lives that we men on these forums loathe to see in our Churches when those very lies crush us.

The secular has its place. Most of us work in the world: we are part of the marketplace. The Salt is no good in the salt-cellar: the light is no good shut up. We are supposed to influence the world around us. The theologians talk about general grace, that which is good and true that all can see, and should lead one to worship that which makes it all, and not that which we can see, and touch, and is beautiful, if only for a fleeting time.

We are mortal, as Roger Devlin reminds us. We cannot undo the choices we make: and every choice we make limits the degrees of freedom we have. To not choose is in its way a form of acedia, and that was considered a deadly sin. He expands from the obvious statement that one cannot both be an elite athlete and have a professional career, for one precludes the other.

Acedia, by Celtic Kawaii, from Deviant Art.
Acedia, by Celtic Kawaii, from Deviant Art.

The reason for this, of course, is that important enterprises demand large amounts of time and dedication, but the men who undertake them are mortal. For every possibility we realize, there will be a hundred we must leave forever unrealized; for every path we choose to take, there will be a hundred we must forever renounce. The need for choice in this sense is what gives human life much of its seriousness. Those who drift from one thing to another, unable to make up their minds or finish anything they have begun, reveal thereby that they do not grasp an essential truth about the human condition. They are like children who do not wish to grow up.

Now, sexual choices, especially for women, are analogous to a man’s in regard to his calling. Inherently, they cannot be made as easy and reversible as choosing flavors of ice cream. But this is what sexual liberation attempts to do. The underlying motive seems to be precisely a fear of difficult choices and a desire to eliminate the need for them. For example, a woman does not have to think about a man’s qualifications to be a father to her children if a pill or a routine medical procedure can remove that possibility. There is no reason to consider carefully the alternative between career and marriage if motherhood can be safely postponed until the age of forty (as large numbers of women now apparently believe). What we have here is not a clear gain in the amount of choice, but a shift from one sense of the word to another—from serious, reflective commitment to merely doing as one desires at any given time. Like the dilettante who dabbles in five professions without finally pursuing any, the liberated woman and the playboy want to keep all their options open forever: they want eternal youth.

The attempt to realize a utopia of limitless choice in the real world has certain predictable consequences: notably, it makes the experience of love one of repeated failure. Those who reject both committed marriage and committed celibacy drift into and out of a series of what are called “relationships,” either abandoning or being abandoned. The lesson inevitably taught by such experiences is that love does not last, that people are not reliable, that in the end one has only oneself to fall back on, that prudence dictates always looking out for number one. And this in turn destroys the generosity, loyalty, and trust which are indispensable for family life and the perpetuation of our kind.

Devlin argues that marriage should never dissolve: it should be a one way door. To do this, you have to accept the fact that some marriages will indeed be a struggle: some people are difficult and, since we assortively mate, the difficult tend to marry the difficult. At times there will be a separation.

The reformed do not go as far as Devlin. The Pagan, the secular, is allowed to divorce and to what they will. But they are not to be seen as an example: that would be letting the secular in.

This leads on to what we need to do. Let us accept that Devlin’s description of the current situation is accurate: there is a lack of restraint and thus women seek to upgrade to the best person they can find. If Angelina Jolie can trade up to Brad Pitt, so can they (and the pain of Jolie’s previous husband or the previous Mrs Pitt is conveniently forgotten).

Lechery. Bruegel.
Lechery. Bruegel.

To teach men to imitate the cads and narcissists: those who damage, whom we would not want our sisters and daughters to marry, should not be internalized within the church. It is a perversion of male leadership.

In sum, my concern is that the manosphere teaches young men to emulate anti-social and pathological traits. Women then reinforce these traits with one of the most powerful inducements of all: sex. And, over time, otherwise good men become the kind of men they would never allow around their own sisters and daughters. This is moral corruption. Namely, moral corruption by teaching men to conform to emancipated female desire rather than to correct it.

The manosphere provides the New Right with all the theoretical premises necessary for a patriarchal sexual counter-revolution that reinstitutes traditional and — it turns out — biologically sound norms and institutions to govern sexuality, thereby promoting the individual happiness of men and women and the common good of society and the race in general.

But in practical terms, the manosphere does not promote such a restoration, but instead urges an ethic of “riding the tiger” (or perhaps the cougar), i.e., to personally wallow in — and thus to amplify and advance — the decadence that we are supposed to combat.

I have been broken by divorce: for the last few years I have concentrated on raising sons. And I have learned not to look for sex. This has led to three things: the first is a sense of peace in my relationships with the woman I love, because I have less guilt about the cad part of my nature I can hold frame and be a rock when she needs that. The second is that, by living apart and raising our children, I am avoiding the legal ramifications that come with cohabitation — particularly relating to providing stability to our children. The final thing is that cohabitation and fornication means one cannot approach the word of God or pray: your sins are unconfessed.

I have enough to repent of.

On a more general note, this secular age will end. The idea that the sexual revolution will not lead to repression is false: we are seeing the parallel to the Jacobite Terror among the SJW where all relations and conversations — from the most innocent to the most sexual — must follow a code more rigid than the most obsessive Pharisaical laws.

Let the secular try to adapt to the world. They will fail. We have a better goal and a longer view: we need to seek God. Looking there, instead for infinite choice (sexual or otherwise) will lead to us doing our duty.

And duty has always been a better guide than emotion.

The Deti shows the feminist endgame

The feminist endgame is this.
There are no men interested in them.
They walk away.
And society falls apart around them.

Which is happening now.

Like I have said, I know a lot, A LOT, of men like this. Men who should be absolutely doing great with women. They have, they are, everything these girls say they want. These aren’t dudebros fresh out of school living in 100-year old houses with six other roommates and working at BigBoxRetailStore as the night stock crew. These aren’t dickbag deadbeats with no steady income.

They look good, in good shape, dress well. They have educations and jobs; some have advanced degrees and work in the traditional professions. They have money. They have places of their own (some even own their own houses), tastefully and appropriately furnished. They have their own cars and They aren’t video-game playing basement dwellers. They aren’t idiots, creeps, freaks, or weirdos. They suffer from no mental disorders of which I’m aware and have no glaring physical deformities. One has a receding hairline.

And yet, these guys can’t generate ANY Interest. At all. None. They don’t lament about it; they just sort of accept it. It’s “just how it is, man.” Most of them have resigned themselves to living life without marriage, ever; and even if they do marry, they have sworn off kids.

I just cannot be the only guy in the whole world who’s seeing this among younger men, 22-35.

And post divorce, you really want to be close to God. You don’t want to be in a situation where you are dealing with anyone who is not close to God. You don’t want to be yoked unequally.

And you find all the drama … boring. It is a bit like all the SJW activism. It’s so repetitive and unoriginal. You almost want to give them pointers, but do not, lest you lead them further into sin.

Not my comment, but I had swallowed the same lie: when I was married I did not confront enough. I did not call sin evil enough, including my own.

When I was married, I didn’t confront it because I was supposed to forgive and not call her out and not judge and be the bigger man and not escalate fights and blah, blah, blah. She never got the tingles I think she sought by fighting.

Years come and go. Now? I’m mostly indifferent to her words, because I am closer to God and more content. Those words and actions were all a part of a larger manipulation to keep me engaged in her prime-time drama.

She remains in rebellion. She has no sense of contentment. She is ruled by emotions and only feels connection when she gets others to share those emotions. This, I think, is true of all sinners deep in rebellion with no real relationship with our Savior. They are in so much turmoil that only strong emotions can cut through the static and make some sort of bond. When I turned from God in my 20s, I was likewise ruled by emotions, leading to desires sparking powerful mental/emotional connections with others. Nothing good to show for all those tempests.

I honestly think she tries to start fights because a string of known pump and dumps (telling the gals about the latest guy who departs in less than a month) has left her pushed out of social circles, leaving me as the only man she can compel to talk, if only over child issues.

The modern feminist has painted herself into a corner and blames everyone else for her state. Until she is prepared to change, we can do naught but pray that she develops some shame, in the hope it will lead to repentance.

The microaggressions that are the virtues

The virtues are not about indulging one’s desires, even when licit. It is rank cowardice to leave the front line for the comfort of the marital bed; even though your wife is desirous of you, and you of her.

It is a virtue to do you duty.

You do not have to like it. It probably will not give you pleasure. But do it you must.

I wonder if there’s any correlation between the churches bowing to the ‘spirituality’ of the female tingle in some part has to do with so many of the churches I visit on occasion bowing to tingles in a more general sense, spending most of their effort on entertainment rather than sermons. Churches in general seem to have gone from external forgiveness and internal examination to projection and forgiveness of self.

I have no disagreement with the use of emotion in a church. It is important to love God. But we forget the reaction of the prophets and apostles when they see the glory of God. It is not joy, it is fear. It is woe. For they see that, then themselves, and they are found to be wanting.

It is not our desires or feelings that matter. Most good things are done when exhausted, or in fear, or while literally bleeding. We are bought into this world through the pain of Labour, and our passing is never that easy.

Besides our emotions and our feelings are largely based on context: on what is acceptable: how they are expressed depends on what we can get away with.

Screenshot from 2015-06-15 08-12-33

Anger only happens when anger is advantageous. See how everybody today soon gets filled with righteous anger at people who dare oppose gaymarriage, while 10 years ago nobody did. Opponents of gaymarriage are weaker now than 10 years ago, so being angry at them is advantageous. You get more of what you reward.

Same with offense taking. Offense used to be what rich aristocrats took when their reputation was questioned. Daring to suggest that a rich merchant was a crook made him really really offended, the more offended the more accurate the accusations. Also mere contact with low status commoners could make a high status person livid with offense. Today, offense is what women and protected ethnic groups feel when a white man dares say anything about them. Microagressions are felt because they are profitable for the microagressed.

Different emotional reactions depend on their perceived potential results, and that depends on the power relations. If you’re weak, you’re better off crying. If you’re strong, you’re better off getting angry. It doesn’t mean you’re faking it. Simply that everything happens for a reason. That includes your anger, your sadness, your happiness, and everything else you feel, especially when you express it to others.

Screenshot from 2015-06-15 08-17-59

This world encourages a caste system. One has to stay within one’s plantation, and take the responsibilities inherent in there: if you are provider and seen as privileged, this requires keeping to minutiae of laws and regulations that change according to whatever the elite lets their tame minorities (now well populated and led by the scions of the elite).

And they will not allow you to develop virtue. Ignore them.

Do no be them, or like them.

TL:DR. The Federals are well past peak moron.

Libertarians are the lice of the internet. But the bureaux of the US Federal state are more akin to rabid cockroaches.

So when a federal judge subpoenas the comments at Reason Magazine my response is — has she never read Tom Kratman? Has she never seen Fargo? Does she not understand that she is over punishing, and the libertarian protest is mild and reasoned?

They are not outing her. The liberals do that, and try to ensure that you resign your job. They are not putting fatwas on her head or rewards for her death: the Islamists do both. And they are not programming missles or drones to take her out: that is reserved for the US military.

Whatever you think of Ulbricht or Silk Road, you can see why libertarians might be upset. A federal judge has just made the belief that it’s good for people to have “the freedom to make their own choices, to pursue their own happiness, however they individually saw fit” part of her justification for the most punitive sentence short of the death penalty. Her rationale offends libertarians on two grounds: It punishes political views and it punishes their particular political views.

The Reason commenters expressed heartbreak and rage. “Damn, it’s painful to read that letter. A life sentence for providing a platform for people to do what they do regardless — just making it easier,” Lady Bertrum wrote in the first response. “The rightness of his worldview bumping up against his naivety and arrogance is awful.”

Unfortunately, such ladylike responses aren’t typical of Reason commenters, who often sound like drunk teenage boys trying to one-up each other. They tend to forget that their online pals aren’t the only ones reading what they say. In his post, White described Reason as a “leading libertarian website whose clever writing is eclipsed only by the blowhard stupidity of its commenting peanut gallery.” Puerile they undoubtedly are, but Reason commenters are also harmless (unless you care about reasoned political discourse or the image of libertarians).

In this case, they were furious and, in their fury, some of them got nasty. “Its judges like these that should be taken out back and shot,” wrote Agammamon. “Why waste ammunition? Wood chippers get the message across clearly. Especially if you feed them in feet first,” responded croaker. “I hope there is a special place in hell reserved for that horrible woman,” commented Rhywun. “I’d prefer a hellish place on Earth be reserved for her as well,” chimed in ProductPlacement. (Reason has since removed the offending comments.)

No one in their right mind would take this hyperbolic venting seriously as threatening Judge Forrest, who back in the fall had personal information published on an underground site, along with talk of stealing her identity or calling in tips to send SWAT teams to her house. The Reason commenters, by contrast, included nothing so specific.

As White notes in his post, which offers a detailed legal analysis of the situation, the comments “do not specify who is going to use violence, or when. They do not offer a plan, other than juvenile mouth-breathing about ‘wood chippers’ and revolutionary firing squads. They do not contain any indication that any of the mouthy commenters has the ability to carry out a threat. Nobody in the thread reacts to them as if they are serious.” Nobody even assumes the judge will see their comments. Why would she?

Venting anger about injustice is not a crime. Neither is being obnoxious on the Internet. The chances of one of these commenters being convicted of threatening the judge are essentially nil. Conviction isn’t the point. Crying “threats” just makes a handy pretext for harassing Reason and its commenters.

The real threats aren’t coming from the likes of Agammamon and croaker. They’re coming from civil servants in suits. Subpoenaing Reason’s website records, wasting its staff’s time and forcing it to pay legal fees in hopes of imposing even larger legal costs and possibly even a plea bargain (or two on the average Joes who dared to voice their dissident views in angry tones ) sends an intimidating message: It’s dangerous not just to create something like Silk Road. It’s dangerous to defend it, and even more dangerous to attack those who would punish its creator. You may think you have free speech, but we’ll find a way to make you pay.

Well there is a part of this world that thinks censoring speech is wonderful. That is the world of isane SJW logic. Where feelings trump all. This exists in NZ, and one of the greater activists of this is Tiso.

If anything, the Team Tiso are here to stay. Tiso is just one guy with a fairly obscure blog. His power comes from the fact his friends in the media will help him publicise and give power to whatever crusade he’s on at that time.

And to be fair, he’s not just doing it to Whaleoil. The harassment of victims includes anyone or any company that he’s picked to have a negative thought about. Using Twitter, and his mates in the media, they “mob up” and start roaming about like mafia enforcers. See it our way, or suffer real-life, actual, reputational and/or financial damage.

In my mind, this can’t be allowed to continue without some kind of response. Ignoring them isn’t working, because they have such a large media component at their disposal. Sinking to their level seems counter productive and inherently wrong.

The trouble with all this is that it removes the marketplace of ideas. Any tactic the left uses against the right can also be used against them: from trolling to doxxing. Without debate, we get slothful and sloppy. Besides, the over reach of the federals has led to nothing but scorn.

Let debate flourish, hyperbole, insults and all. Let it be as inappropriate as much as it is a set of triggers. If you need trigger warnings or safe spaces, you are to be considered a child. Otherwise, in our smugness, we become stupid. We can see that the American academy has stopped being useful and is now but troll fodder. It appears, however, that their government has just reached peak moron.

A time for disobedience.

Microregulation, like micromanagement, does not work. The service that completes the paperwork perfectly are not making anything or seeing anyone. The manager who regulates every aspect of their worker’s performance demotivates.

In addition, the assumption that centralized regulators would have unique expertise has proven unfounded. Government bureaucracy is increasingly a kludgeocracy (a word coined by the liberal political scientist Steven Teles), mindlessly enforcing absurdly precise rules by threatening ruin upon anyone who resists.

But regulators are actually thin on the ground, unequipped to deal with mass — and subsidized — civil disobedience. When a spotlight is shined on their tyrannical behavior, even courts will rebel.

Case in point: In 2012, the Supreme Court in Sackett v. EPA ruled that regulators couldn’t impose a $75,000 per day fine until the agency, in its own good time, acted on a landowner’s challenge to its ruling that his landlocked two-thirds of an acre parcel was a wetland.

The Progressive push to give politically insulated bureaucrats power to impose detailed and often incomprehensible rules was a product of the industrial era, a time when it was supposed that experts with stopwatches could design maximally productive assembly lines.

That idea is out of date in an information era, when expertise is widely dispersed and readily accessible to citizens acting on their own initiative and inspiration. Bureaucracy’s time has passed, Murray argues, and its tyranny is ripe to be overthrown by creative Madisonian civil disobedience.

The trouble is that corrupt institutions cannot reform themselves. This is a list of things that Vox suggests the Church of England do to revive itself. I would add you can sum these up in one word: Repent. And that Vox should choose 1900 not 1950 as the final date of innovation.

I have a simple seven-point plan that will absolutely reverse the trend and revive the Church of England:

  1. Publicly repent accommodation with the world.
  2. Announce the Counter-Accommodation, a house-cleaning movement that throws out every reform and innovation since 1950 and openly rejects the false idea that tolerance and inclusion are Christian virtues or that unrepentant sinners are welcome as members of the Church body.
  3. Excommunicate every bishop and former bishop who voted for the ordination of women.
  4. Excommunicate every bishop and former bishop who voted for the ordination of homosexuals or officiated over a same-sex ceremony.
  5. Defrock every female and homosexual bishop or priest.
  6. Suspend every bishop or priest who publicly endorses social justice, tolerance, inclusivity, or ecumenicism.
  7. Preach the Word of God precisely as it is communicated through the King James Bible.

If the Church of England will not do this, it has no reason to exist and fully merits its extinction. Observe that the long term results have been exactly what the conservatives who opposed these reforms have been predicting all along. When a Christian church rejects the Word of God and hares after worldly approval, it is not long for this world.

The trouble that the Anglicans have is twofold. The first is the bishops and priests who voted for the ordination of women now include women, and are the majority, and the number of gay priests is increasing. The second is that the bible believing members of the faith have either crossed the Tiber to the English Ordinate or have moved in with the Calvinists — in the USA they have affiliated with African Anglicans, and disavowed the Episcopalian Church. They have already disobeyed. They have voted with their feet.

And the Anglican church is dying, for the Tories no longer believe — since they are exactly the same power crazed technocrats who infest the Left, with the same degrees — and the evangelicals have these odd scruples about fornication, divorce, theft and pederasty, and this is now called intolerance, and they have been asked to go.

There will be an accounting. If not in this life, the next. But we are to remain faithful. We don’t need to be rude: we should indeed pray for our rulers.

But not bow down at their idols or sing the praises of a strange and false God.

It’s June: last month in review.

I think this is the first month I have made it to number 20 of the blogs that open parachute monitors. Ironically, it is not the highest trafficing days or the highest traffic in a month I have had.

I have re-added a SEO — I’m using Bubble SEO because it is light — and I am leaving it alone. It takes enough time to write a lectionary post every day and the few other posts a week that get the bulk of the traffic.

Screenshot from 2015-06-03 17:11:15

Apparently the top five posts of the month are (excluding the home page)

  1. Do not ask permission do not beg forgiveness
  2. Why men are angry (and what to do about it)
  3. Marry him first (recycling Alte: who noted you can scream at your monitor)
  4. Peak social justice warriorness
  5. Heterosexual apostate.

Screenshot from 2015-06-03 17:14:27

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Unfortunately Delightful Oak gone down and had to be removed from the links, but Scott’s new site was added this month.

Christ owns the church. The heretics will not prevail.

Mundabor, God bless his Papist Soul, is thinking bleak thoughts. I have one comfort, said by the Fundamentalist Baptist I talked to yesterday, when I gently said I’m more Presbyterian and Reformed: “Well, in Heaven there will be no Baptists”.

The Church is Christ’s and he will preserve it. There will be a faithful church. Those who abandon the word of God and seek not the guidance of the Holy Spirit nor obey the teachings therein will fall and fail.

Church history is littered with such. But Mundabor sees them attacking that which is faithful and good in his church, and fears.

Christianity will be dismantled in instalments. But the name will remain, and a lip allegiance will continue to be given to something whose meaning has been long lost.

We Catholics are not, at first sight, exempt from danger. We hear now talk of a “theology of love”, which would be – once again – a complete denial of Christianity and is to all intents and purposes a new religion, but under the cloak of the Church.

We are different from the Anglicans, though, because we have the Holy Ghost watching over our (and only) Church, whilst the Anglicans are left alone and free to destroy their sect.

Still, this is the future I can now clearly see. Christianity will die as a mass religion not only in the Attendance to its liturgy or the observance of its precepts, but in the very definition of its values and constituting elements, whilst still keeping the name. People will emphatically assure you that they are Christians, whilst not bearing any resemblance to a Christian in the eyes of every generation before ours. They will, in fact, question your Christian credentials, and they will do so exactly because you adhere to what every generation of Christians before ours adhered to. But the names will still be there, parts of the ceremonies, and a grotesquely distorted echo of the original message.

This is what the Anglicans are doing now with their own sect, and the Kasperites are trying to do with Holy Mother Church.

The first will succeed, the second will fail.

Bar repentance, the most terrible punishment awaits both.

What Mundabor sees is horrible. Niceness and tolerance are the new idols, and all worship them not he whom created them. People build their own mysteries, not realizing they are making their own hell. But there are faithful remnants. In the Baptists, in the Pentecostals, in the Catholic, the Orthodox… and in the Anglicans and Methodists.
Unlike Mundabor, I am hopeful. This secular world is getting worse by the minute, and the disgust of people is increasing just as the conservatives start to despair. The liberals breed not: the believers do.

Christ prunes the dead and heretical from his church, and those who have not another generation are doing that anyway. It is the patriarchal conservatives who procreate. And within such communities the knowledge and teaching of the West will remain, even while the Pagans descend into ignorance.

Our nations, I have less hope for. But the gates of Hell cannot prevail against the church.

The elite are godless, And Perverted. And weighed, and found wanting.

There is an enemy and that enemy wants to destroy the church and the gospel because they don’t want the competition. Regardless.

This means that your “basic, deep-rooted ideas” are wrong, comrade, and your ideas “need to change.” Under the radical feminist regime, everyone must be forced to think exactly what the Godless Perverts tell us to think. No one may be permitted to speak of “what it means to be a man, and what it means to be a woman” except to confirm the radical feminist regime’s Official Truth, namely that “what it means to be a man” is that you are wrong about everything. Perhaps you have forgotten that The First Rule for Men in Feminist Movements is SHUT UP!

Feminists who say their movement is about “equality” are lying. Feminism is a movement about power — absolute and unlimited power . . .

The Dictatorship of Godless Perverts cannot permit anyone to question the regime’s absolute authority. The commissars of the regime will tell you “what it means to be a man, and what it means to be a woman,” and you are not permitted to talk back to them. There can be no discussion or debate. If you do not endorse the Official Truth, you must be silenced. You must be punished if you refuse to repudiate your opposition, because everything you “consider natural and normal” — your “basic, deep-rooted ideas” — “will need to change.”

In the post-Windsor era, Godless Perverts view “the lack of affirmation of [their] beliefs . . . as an act of aggression,” Kirsten Power observes. This is what I’ve called the Compulsory Approval Doctrine, in which the only moral truth is a fanatical certainty in the wrongness of “hate,” so mere disapproval is “hate,” and thus subject to legal sanction.

As if people can change, or do change. The elite call themselves godless perverts, and forget that perversion is essentially sterile. And that men, most men, most fathers, are driven to care for their children: it takes the strong and (lethally) armed forces of the judiciary and police to enforce non contact orders.

Men have lost that (well most have) which allows them meaning and love and security. This is happened by agents of the same state they are told to defend, and may be forced to by conscription. And the Godless Perverts account not for their anger, for they lack all empathy.

Why does God create in fathers this overwhelming urge to protect our kids, to preserve their innocence and then place us in a world that is so chaotic and uncontrollable as to render our “protection” of them silly? I am at work all day. I have no control of some mad man entering my home and doing God knows what to my family. If my wife takes them to the mall and a crazy gunman blows everyone away, what can I do about it?

And why are people still confused about how little men care to get married today? The structures that were once in place (patriarchal, traditional marriage and society) which were designed to in some ways help alleviate fathers fears and make some level of protecting/provisioning a reasonable goal have been dismantled. Men who look at the current situation say to themselves “not only do I have to worry about all of the above, but I cannot even count on being allowed to be in my childrens lives if my wife decides to cut me loose. No thanks!”

As Christians, we believe God is ultimately in control of all this. I get that.

But the “moby” or troll or whatever who spun out of control in her bizarre lashing out against mens anger and their use of four letter words clearly has no clue or desire to understand maleness, fatherhood or any other masculine thing.

We have removed that which protects from our society. We are vulnerable. Without confidence, men will not marry, and women will not procreate.

This elite has been weighed and found wanting. John Galt, at Dalrock’s is saying what I’m thinking.

At the end of the day, Moby’s don’t matter. There is no organized MRA movement. You’re never going to see men marching, like Suffragettes did in the 1920’s, or the Women’s Libbers did in the 1970s. Women, IMHO for Darwin reasons, tend to be more collective and men tend to be more individualistic. Instead, I think you’re going to see two things:

1). Government gets more repressive, trying to keep the current welfare State afloat. Fewer men are going to marry. Fewer men are going to spend the effort needed to be good beta providers, and by implication, better tax cows. With fewer men available and willing to marry (and provide for individual women and their children), American women vote themselves more largesse from the US Government. This happens at the worst possible time as the Baby Boomers work their way through the medical/old age pension system with fewer GenXers and poorer Millenials to support them and more medical expenses due to better/more expensive technology and worse health due to higher rates of substance abuse/obesity than previous generations. This is going to take 50 years or more, during which the government is going to tighten grip and more men are going to slip through the fingers. The government bureaucracy including EPA, IRS; the NGO’s and private actors especially including the intolerant Gaystapo are going to take their toll but are probably not going to lead to a serious rebellion. The bad end of the Laffer curve and regulations will weaken the economic foundation of the US (no one should forget that George S. Patton didn’t win WWII, Henry Kaiser did).

2). As America follows Europe into demographic suicide, the patriarchy really is going to take over – probably most notably as Sharia; but perhaps also as hardcore evangelical Christians, Mormons, Hasidic Jews, Latin-rite Catholics, etc. Liberals abort more and breed less (and later) and the future belongs to those who show up. The wildcard is whether or not there is some kind of a civil war between atheist/statists and the religious folk; between some combination of white, Hispanic, and Black; or and also a war between Islam and not-Islam….and none of these are anything anyone should hope for – this will result in suffering similar to what the Middle East is enduring. Europeans have not seen anything of this kind since the 30 Years War of the 1600’s, when some provinces in Germany suffered a 2/3 population decline. This might be 200 years out. I think people underestimate the carrying capacity for rot that any country has, see also: North Korea and Venezuela, both of which should have imploded years ago.

I think this ends very badly. I also think it is inevitable. I wish I didn’t think this, but, again, 15 years on trading floors have taught me to think about what I see and not what I want to see.

What you are going to see, instead, is the camp of the saints as indigents from the third world invade for cash and prizes (including avoiding work) and the elite enabling this — which is happening in the EU and USA right now, and the hollowing out of an increasingly bankrupt state, as the remaining patriarchs find areas they can live where they can avoid federal interference. We may no longer have the West, but there is Bush in Alaska, the Yukon, and farms in recovering states such as Uganda and Mozambique.

This elite want to see the West destroyed, and righteousness with it, lest their feelings be hurt. They are blind. They are fools. Do not be them, or ally yourself with them.

Have faith. God will swallow Chulthu.

I’m a bit worried for Brother Donald. He’s trying to be faithful in the UMC, when the church is going heretical really quickly. Dalrock did call him out for tolerating female led leadership within his church.

On this, Donald has but one choice: leave the UMC. For they are rigorous in their enforcement of church discipline when it suits them. I can understand his problems: he’s in a denomination that historically is faithful, evangelical (though not reformed enough for my tastes) and he loves his people and his congregation. As he ought, as is his duty.

Even though his denomination is following the path of the liberals. The reformed abandoned the mainline Presbyterians in the 1930s when they began to tolerate liberal theology and excommunicated those who protested too much, and without attending to the rigor that close adherence to scripture brings, the church is dissolving into the Kiwanis with candles, and thus falling over.

The PCUSA is shrinking over 5% per year and will cease to exist, if present trends continue, in my lifetime. Meanwhile, its leadership quoth:

“The PC(USA) is a church made up of vibrant congregations doing their best to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ in their communities and in the world,” an apparently unfazed Gradye Parsons, Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the PCUSA, soothed. “Membership declines continue, but on a whole the denomination is settling into the new thing God is creating.”

We should cheer this decline, but at the same time exhort young men to get out of apostate church institutions and seek fellowship with men who want to follow the scriptures. (Don’t worry – the women always follow.)

This is a difficult thing for some. Not as much for money. But for love. I’m quite aware the PCANZ — the Kiwi Presbyterians — went right to the brink of liberal suicide, and then stepped back. There is still a liberal wing there. Yet… I worship with them. Because I love my congregation, and to leave them would require a marked deviation from the faithfulness to what we have been taught, which the Presbyterians here still have. There are more reformed congregations locally — one that meets at a time which allows this person who is morning challenged to wake up first — and if my church goes apostate, out of it I will go. But not yet.

Besides, schism is bad.

At this point the conversation at Dalrocks deteriorated into a standard argument: that feminism was a consequence of the Prots. And the answer to that is no, and yes. The No is that the doctrine of the church clung to the teaching of Paul.

The yes is that the abolitionists and feminists were the same people, and many late Victorians fell into the holiness error, including avoiding what is legal (alcohol) while denying the plain teaching in scripture about the place of women.

First-wave feminism was basically invented by mainline Protestantism.

No, it was invented by Communist infiltrators sponsored by the Soviet Union. Read the Venona decrypts. See how the Commies consolidated power in Russia; it’s the same pattern as American feminism. Mainline Protestantism fell first because Commies prefer corrupting large institutions to convincing people (especially Cold War Americans) that their beliefs are valid and beneficial.

The Protestants’ problems today are not the result of Protestantism. Observe how Protestant principles like sola scriptura and priesthood of the believer are rejected wholesale by these blasphemers. They refuse to teach what the Bible says, refuse to hear the voices of the men in their congregations and refuse to serve as the conscience of America.

“If men in leadership had been brave enough 100 years ago to stand against it, we wouldn’t be dealing with it now.”

Protestants fell first because we were attacked first. The Communists have spared your sect because your isolationism and pacifism make you a low-priority target. You are no threat to Evil. Do not be proud of that.

Cthulhu will eat you last.

John, who is a Mennonite, and knows that church history, gives a correction: the Bolsheviks killed the Russian Mennonites, as with the Old (Orthodox) Beleivers, in job lots, for their way of live is not compatible with the Soviet.

And the Soviet is now one with Sodom and Tyre.

That’s why I said “mainline Protestant”, not Protestantism itself. I’m Protestant. I am at the point where I consider mainline Protestant a heretical sect – given that most of them don’t believe in the divinity of Christ or that Jesus it the only way to salvation, I think all of us can be in agreement there.

Protestants fell first because we were attacked first. The Communists have spared your sect because your isolationism and pacifism make you a low-priority target.

Russian Mennonites flourished in the 19th century after Catherine the Great’s invitation to them. The Bolshevists then slaughtered them en masse in the 20th century. The lucky ones managed to escape to the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and various places in Central and South America.

Most of them died.

A few of them abandoned their long-held position of nonresistance and tried to fight back. They lost. They all died. The Bolshevists were too strong.

“When they persecute you in one city, flee to the next.”

You are no threat to Evil. Do not be proud of that.

I think a community of faithful followers of Jesus is a huge threat to evil. Isn’t that what Jesus basically told us to do?

Cthulhu will eat you last.

My Bible reads “The gates of hell will not prevail against the church”. I am confident that those of us who continue to obey the scriptures faithfully, even unto death, will survive as a remnant in the world until our Lord’s return.

John is correct. God is active. God intervenes. Chuluthu may always swim left, but he is not the last enemy: death is. And God will swallow up both in his final victory.

So have faith. The nations may rage, but they do so for they know they have but a short season of influence. Look at the eternal.

Trolls feed the Honey Badgers.

I think the first rule of law is only fight when you can afford to. Have your people supplied. The second rule is not to attack where people are strongest. The left ignore both, and fail.


Nerds have bulldozed Hollywood’s monopoly on culture, and rendered it all but completely dependent on them for what little revenue stream their fetish for innovation and efficiency will allow Hollywood’s outmoded business models.

And it’s not just Hollywood. Academia has come under assault, too, with some of the most powerful voices for reform of higher education coming from the tech sector. California venture capitalist Peter Thiel has been probably the most outspoken assailant of academia, and has even taken to literally paying promising STEM students not to attend college and instead giving them money to get into business. Unless you’re an elite school with a well-established and deep pocketed alumni network, or a tech school, or both (as in the case of MIT), this is going to cut into your capacity to attract alumni who might actually make money.

Furthermore, the crisis of student debt has cast serious doubt as to whether the modern university, with its endless studies departments, safe spaces, and speech codes, can provide any actual value to students in exchange for its exorbitant tuition rates. Add in the fact that STEM-oriented gadflies are some of the most vocal and successful critics of squishy postmodernism in the humanities, and you can see where traditional academe would be threatened by the rise of that group’s status. Most tech workers and STEM people still have college degrees, of course, but that probably produces even more resentment among their classmates hawking Pumpkin Spice lattes at Starbucks.

In short, the rise of Silicon Valley, geek chic and focus on STEM has seen an attendant decline in status and economic viability for America’s most inefficient, politically correct, conventionally Left-wing sectors. The hipsters are dead; long live the nerds.

The sense of outrage and the use of a murderous bastard is typical of the hipster.
The sense of outrage and the use of a muderous bastard is typical of the hipster.

How did this happen? The answer is long and complicated, but to put it simply, no person with a knowledge of political history should ever bet against the nerds. For all the sneers of the New York Times and their fashionable partners in the media elite about the “hyper-whiteness” of the nerd identity, the fact is that those forged in the crucible of anti-intellectual injustice simply will not break. Alex Jones is wrong about almost everything, but he is right to label nerds “the most dangerous people in this country, because they end up running things.” And indeed, today more than ever, to be an intelligent, creative, free-thinker is to be the type of person who ends up on top of the heap.

The latter-day Carrie Nations opposing them should have seen this coming. When comic books were first labeled dangerous, nerds spearheaded their rush to acceptance and broke the censors. When role-playing games were vilified by histrionic, uneducated mothers looking for scapegoats to cover their own lack of parenting, it was nerds who blew the whistle on their ignorance and fraud. The United States was founded by its most highly educated, and the same class built the progressive era in the early 20th century before undoing it in the 80’s through finance, and then ushering in the information age through computers. They put a man on the moon, Silicon Valley on the map, and the world on the internet. You have to get up very early to put one over on an intellectual elite, and it’s dubious whether those who have tried to do so this time ever stop hiding from imaginary triggers in their beds. Small wonder they are losing so badly.

It is not just America where this is happening. Globally, the left is in retreat. David Cameron has crushed the lisping avatar of contentless teenage angst known as Ed Miliband, while Benjamin Netanyahu has frozen out his enemies with the cold reality of geopolitics. Soon, the only place that is left (in both senses) will be your average college campus, and it won’t be long before men like Peter Thiel snatch all their prospectively wealthy students away to innovate, leaving only the army of baristas and mental hypochondriacs that populate the various “Studies” departments. And the more the media caters to them, the more irrelevant it will be.

And the tears flow, because the hipsters, the SJW, know not how things work, and want to control that which they do not understand.


So far the activists have gelded and made irrelevant the world council of churches, most political parties, most publishers, almost all TV, and most of hollywood. They have almost destroyed comics. They are losing with science fiction and gaming. And… when they try to regulate the internet one corporation at a time the conversation just shifts to another platform. They add not to the signal. They are just seen as noise, and they will pass.

But truth will get through.