Eve’s curse and Gamers

Let us start with a thesis. Most men don’t want to be women, or be feminine. We like the feminine, appreciate it, but don’t want to join it. We appreciate the effort women take into preparing things — from clothes to food to decorations — that we really do not care that much about. We […]

Oh, Canada.

My Daughter is married to a member of the Canadian Defence Force. As many will know, there have been two separate attacks on Canadian Defense Forces people in Ontario and Quebec: one at parliament. She posted this today: with her husband posted away from the Priaries where they live. Our family is safe. But our […]

Notes on the perditon of this time… first in a series.

The liberals in the USA have moved beyond their colleagues in the Commonwealth. The PCANZ — Kiwi Presbyterians — has just ruled that any minister of the church cannot marry a gay couple in any capacity, as many ministers are also registered as celebrants. But this has been made illegal… In Idaho? City officials told […]

Removing liberal ideas from the meme pool.

I have both active blogs open at the moment, as I am downloading photos for the other. It appears that there are now 1480 posts here and 360 posts there. Everyone is getting ready in the USA for winter and All Saint’s day (Hallow’even) but over here the spring is coming in and the wild […]

The Rabbit’s hatery of Matt Forney.

@realmattforney you are a retarded jackass. Go play in traffic. Hopefully you get smoked by semi. Your weak narrow minded half a fag — Douglas Robinson (@Dougie0104) October 15, 2014 This is what you get for writing some good advice to men. Which is what Matt did. TL:DR version would be. 1. Piercings and Tattoos […]

The Whaleoil and The Hager. (Spinnage)

I need a new word for the kind of quoting I wil be using here. There is a certain amount of Spin, and the twitterspace is going a little mental. Nicky Hager, who wrote a book called “Dirty Politics” based on emails and facebook pages acquired by someone, has had his computers and house raided. […]

Jumped the shark, the SJW has.

The reign of the social justice warriors and the cowardly clerics and clerks who pander to them is becoming more ridiculous and baroque by the day. SJW calls a Japanese man racist for not agreeing that an Avril Lavinge music video is racist against JP #GamerGate pic.twitter.com/FvxWlxZnSY — Trevor's SJW Facts (@TrustedTrevor) October 5, 2014 There […]

The affirmative marital bubble [quotage]

One of the reasons why I argue that you should not have sex out of marriage is selfish pragmatism. If you have sex outside marriage then (a) you are likely to lose perspective and either end up in a defacto marriage or married to your inamorata. or (b) find yourself open to charges of abuse, […]