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Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Author: Chris Gale

To Streep.

Julian is correct in this neologism: it is useful. To “streep”. Definition: To complain from a position of immense privilege. Hollywood stars will soon be doing a lot more streeping. via “Streeping”: a new word — Julian O’Dea

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How to distort statistics, again.

This study is reported as a non inferiority study demonstrating that Cognitive Therapy and Dynamic Therapy over 12 sessions have roughly the same effect. The face validity for this in the USA is high, as many clinicians do dynamic, not cognitive therapy, as consequence of the methods of training they underwent. They care about theorectical […]

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An ecologic study: pollution and prescribing?

This is an example of an ecologic design. Four counties with variable rates of air pollution had the number of children with prescriptions of various antipsychotic or sedative medications compared. There is (for the TL:DR group a statistically significant but weak correlation). The medication group used as outcome in this study includes any medication with […]

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Don’t taze the mad: A needed, uneeded regulation.

New Zealand has the Ombudsmen inspect, under legal frameworks and accountable, by treaties, to international groups, all locked units of whatever sort in New Zealand. The reports are around privacy, occupancy numbers (too high) and use of locked bedrooms. The issues we have a minor, compared with this: we use restraint and seclusion (locked rooms) […]

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Neoreaction points out that the violence and protests come from the left. As Hearthie said a few days ago, anyone with eyes could have seen this coming. But he then follows with this, which is apropos: there is a generational shift, and Alinsky’s rules are now inoperative. They cannot handle being livestreamed. Everyone, I think, […]

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