Bones and Luthien

this quote is from Didact's reach via Gab. The reviewer is consider's A Throne of Bonesto be as good as JRRT. Vrty high praise. But he notes that neither JRRT or Vox Day were professional authors, and better for it.
And that is an astonishing…
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We are here, now, for a reason [John 4]

We went to Grace Bible Church today and heard the last sermon for their minister of 20 years, for he is going to plant an new church in the Hawke's' Bay. As part of this, we learned some church history; Grace was planted in Dunedin by the Reformed… Read More

The Muslim must choose Christ [Eph 4]

I have a theory, newly formed. Israel is not full. God is going to drive the Jews there. I may be wrong, very wrong, but Isaiah says that the Jews who are called by the name of the LORD will be gathered, even at the cost of nations. One can see that… Read More

Scotus in ecstacy.

Duns Scotus. Educated in Oxford and Professor of theology in Paris. Apparently his intellect was a miracle, as he was slow as a child and prayed for wisdom. He was a mystic and a philosopher. The poet is referring to this experience in the poem.
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Glucose is increased in first episode psychosis: correlation causation is not.

From this week's JAMA, a meta analysis: psychosis is as much a somatic disorder as a psychiatric one. Kraepelin was describing these changes 100 years ago. These aurhos have summarized the epidemiological data for us: the quote is from the abstract.… Read More

We can see the glory of the LORD. [Eph 3]

The boundless riches of Christ have been made known to you. Wonderful. But they have come with a cost. For we have to reform ourselves, true: this is ongoing. Paul, who wrote this, said that at times he did what he knew he ought not do, and John said… Read More

Christ Calls us [Eph 2]

How should we approach this scripture. How do we deal with the exegesis that extends and extends it beyond any reasonable exegesis? By sticking to the text. This is about salvation and the Law. Under the law, salvation belonged in the temple, and… Read More