Remarriage and widows.

There are a few things that Paul assumes that moderns do not.
  • The single will be celibate
  • Men will support their families, and children their elderly parents
  • That there is a role for elder women: they are to be prayerhouses
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The revolutionary shitty poets.

The revolutionaries hate the poets . Art does not follow an ideology easily, and beauty, truth and honor have no place. The Bolsheviks were as blunt as the Antifa. They had no time for tradition or the old authors. Let the new Soviet man have his conscience shriven and his imagination lobotomized.
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Confession cures the virtue spiral. [I Tim 4]

We are an odd generation. We don't ban marriage, but we do in this manner: we both say it is unneccessary because if you love you can live together, ignoring the need for boundaries around the marriage bed. If any couple can marry, there is no need for it to be between two: soon the polygamous will want the civil approval for… Read More

The Moldbug castes.

Moldbug wrote this in 2007. I have seen similar systems in New Zealand: the Brahmins have been described as akin to Devonport: the Dalits Mangere, the Helots Papatoetoe, the Optimates Remuera and the Vaisya Waitakere. Sort of. This is a long… Read More

Nationalism trumps false phobias.

Michael Laws commenting on Facebook after a woman pled guilty to assaulting and insulting a muslim member of the elite. I don't link to Facebook: I rescue comments from it.
I actually feel sympathy: her media gang banging and public…
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Render not to the imperium glory [Mk 11]

We must never forget that the Pharisees were religious. Very religious. They had zeal for the law: they tried to keep all the commandments and the traditions around the commandments. They wanted a reformation of the liberal priesthood who guarded the… Read More

Valentine’s Day Lectionary [1 Tim 2]

Yesterday I was sitting at lunch with my brother-in-law in a pub at lunch. His wife and my wife had gone across the road to look at home decorations: we have just moved into a new house and they are moving into a new build in about four weeks. So… Read More