Life is not a peak experience.

A couple of days ago I was incredibly angry. Some of my close friends got an email of me in full rant mode, and that was after I had gone to St Clair beach, and taken photos, fed my kids, and calmed down a bit. I find the beauty in life helps calm me, as […]

The Rabbit’s hatery of Matt Forney.

@realmattforney you are a retarded jackass. Go play in traffic. Hopefully you get smoked by semi. Your weak narrow minded half a fag — Douglas Robinson (@Dougie0104) October 15, 2014 This is what you get for writing some good advice to men. Which is what Matt did. TL:DR version would be. 1. Piercings and Tattoos […]


I do not like micromanagement.

It is only Wednesday and already the week is odd. I will be at a conference over the next two days and I need all my diplomatic skills. I was dealing yesterday with people trying to micromanange the powhiri that will start the meeting, discussing memorandae of understanding, differences in customs (Tikanga) and such. Well, […]

A time to shoot fascist slavers.

Last night I had difficulty sleeping. I had spent most of the night unbricking a laptop (which took some time, Korora was not the first thing I used) clinically a lot is happening (and I will not be on the ward after today this week) and I was worrying about how the TV comments on […]

Korora linux on a Samsung Activ 9 light.

There are some computers that do not work well with anything but the most brain-dead version of Windows 8. This lightweight netbook from Samsung is one of them. I bricked it — by inadvertantly switching UEFI ON by somehow moving it back to default boot, when you want everything that is fast and new switched […]


The resettlement of Cane Caldo.

This post is completely selfish. It’s taken, unabashedly, from a better stylist than I am, and in part due to a wish to blog on the way my church is being torn apart by SJWs, and was reported to our congregation today. Apologies, Cane, but I need the correction. We moved today and my Internet […]

Posters for the local Art festival.

Do your freaking duty.

I am divorced. And I do not like this. I am not a particularly adept and the dark triad of seduction, but that I am not unfamiliar with. And when I text my ex wife about issues relating to the kids it is not a joy. I normally find myself ferally angry: for her wish […]

Ignorant of history, ignorant of science.

I love the pick up artists and misanthropes who make up the Red Pill and Human Biological Diversity Movement. I do. Because they are prepared to test hypotheses, and look for truth, and that makes them fairly unusual in this time and age. There is a reason why half my quotes come from atheists and […]