From the converged Marvel something good?


From what I can gather, this is a redemption movie for a Wolverine. It could be awesome. Hat tip to Daddy Warpig, who reminds us that it could just be converged. Heck, we all need a break. And Johnny Cash is never a waste of time.

The blind elite.


There are none with courage in Babylon, called by some the Cathedral. It is the land of the gray men, the bureaucrat, who believes in process and progress, and makes decisions to praise his masters (who make decisions to praise their masters). Blame is outsourced in Babylon. It lies with the learned professions: with the […]

A prayer for hope in a fragile church [Lk 11]


The pro photographer worships where I do, among the Presbyterians, but comes from a family of staunch Anglican laypeople. One of her friends has just returned to be the vicar of Gore, and yesterday we drove the two hours to attend his investiture. Which was complicated and interesting. The Deanery of Hokanui was dissolved, local […]

Scrapbook zero [quotage]

Notes from the decline. Vox Day reminds us we cannot serve to masters, nor can our institions have two purposes. You cannot serve truth and social justice. You can tell who you serve by what you cannot say, even more that who pays you: and who pays you will mould your purpose to their needs. […]

Worship in a fallen time

The times are indeed fallen, and many want us to fear. I don’t have a dead-man’s switch. I don’t have anybody’s secrets to reveal. I do know that Hillary Clinton is one of the single most evil people in the US today. If they find me with a bullet to the back of the head, […]

We are too flawed to worship [Mt 10, I Cor 10]


I read the texts before church, and am writing this up afterwards. In church there were two analogies, and the first is the more important for this. In the kids talk, Barry talked about holding one hand out and knowing God loved us. And in the other hand is the fact that we sin, we […]

Late election cycle quotage

I should give a shout out to Nick Steves at social matter, who have a week in reaction series that is worth going through. Some quotes for this time, as the US election gets close. At the end of the progressive cycle, the aristocrats are conflated with the social welfare state, and run the foundations […]