DeusVult, and the coming unity.

I am seeing something new happen. It is that the Christian young men of the West are deciding to fight. They have no time for the weakened, female led state churches. They are going Orthodox, because the Catholics are effete, or ending up in the reformed, for the same reason. And they are forming alliances. … Continue reading DeusVult, and the coming unity.

The Freedom and the Damage Done.

Nick B. Steves and his staff at Social Matter had this to say about last week. He's right. Anyone who thinks that hormones do not affect moods have not lived around others: from the weightlifter faking supplements to the changes that come with injectable hormones, these manipulations come at a cost. But we can ignore … Continue reading The Freedom and the Damage Done.

Psychosis hunts with diversity?

This is a novel study and it contradicts most clinical knoweledge. There are some problems, which the authors correctly note, but the quickest summary comes from the editorial on the paper which is in prepublication form at JAMA Psychiatry. From my point of view, the main issue is that this paper shows marked variations, which … Continue reading Psychosis hunts with diversity?

Strong fathers, please.

The Catholics have magisterium, which the Protestants rejected late and the Orthodox rejected early. for the Orthodox stated that they need no gloss, and the church fathers sorted their theology, while the protestants say scripture alone suffices to bring a saving faith. But I'm starting this morning (since we are in the letters of Peter) … Continue reading Strong fathers, please.

Its OK to be Pakeha [Quotage]

It is OK to be Pakeha: to be descended from the British who colonized New Zealand after the treaty. To be part of this nation. To bring the heritage of the West to the Antipodes. It is far better to take pride in such than be Australian, and mourn the existence of the British colonies, … Continue reading Its OK to be Pakeha [Quotage]

The heresy of the current hour.

The first verse has an alternative paraphrase in the NIV: "to stimulate you to right thinking".[1] Then he talks about a heresy: that Christ will not come, because Christ said that his generation would see the glory of God, but the generation was now dying. Peter was facing his own, scheduled, death. The Romans managed … Continue reading The heresy of the current hour.

Social Activists ruin everything, church edition.

This is from Vox Popoli. Yes, many people don't like it, but it brings up something I don't raise in polite conversation here. Social Activism ruins everything. Vox got a letter. The first time I corresponded with you was last year, in which I asked advice about a church which brought in a San Francisco … Continue reading Social Activists ruin everything, church edition.

Not memes or myths.

The Greens are up to it again, in that house of fools, the Australian Senate. they have decided that a degenerate Jew shall be damned and any who promote him -- such as conservative senators, are to be shamed, because of tolerance. Makes me want Milo to come here. He is a sinner, but we … Continue reading Not memes or myths.

No cat can stand the brightness of.

Pound is wrong. The fire still burns: but Pound deliberately was interned in a psychiatric institution and called mad for his fascism. Middle-Aged: A Study in an Emotion A STUDY IN AN EMOTION "'Tis but a vague, invarious delight. As gold that rains about some buried king. As the fine flakes, When tourists frolicking Stamp … Continue reading No cat can stand the brightness of.

Love is a marathon.

Scott wrote this, and he is correct. Love is a marathon, not a sprint. It means you will do things you don't want to do. This year, Robyn and I got married. Since then we have had a son leave home, had to tell another son to not live with us, buried her father, dealt … Continue reading Love is a marathon.