The temple will not save you [Jer 7]

The decline of the West did not begin this century. Or the last. The seeds were set during the Victorian era, when the enlightenment led to science deciding that anything that smacked of the divine was cheating. And if God did not create, we better… Read More

Sunday Holy Sonnet.

I am a little world made cunningly Of Elements, and an Angelike spright, But black sinne hath betraid to endlesse night My worlds both parts, and (oh) both parts must die. You which beyond that heaven which was most high Have found new sphears,… Read More

Not this fake religion.

This morning we had a pilot give the sermon. He talked about instrumental flying, and how the scan system is horizon -- altimeter -- horizon -- turn and skew -- horizon -- air speed... that you continually look at the artificial horizon. His… Read More

To love the law is to hate lawyers [Rom 3]

Not all lawyers, you protest... not all of them. Perhaps. We need such, to keep the tyranny of judges off our backs. The law is too complicated for a lay person, and judges, when the law as written is inconvenient, just make it up. Judicial… Read More

The Jewish question. [John 5]

Christ is here preaching to the Jews. And his accusation is this: they have rejected him, they will not believe in him, and the very testimony that speaks of him, what Paul calls in Romans the Oracles of God, speaks of him. But they cannot read… Read More

The shrill instrument of satan: Faceberg quote of the month.

I play viola. Ringo played piccolo. He confirms this
This is an actual, currently active Craigslist ad for a piccolo. Comedy worth reading, musician or not. "They call the trumpet "God's Instrument." The instrument that takes a month to…
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The perverse outcomes of deinstitutionalization.

The number of beds available for psychiatric patients is shrinking. The people admitted are now sicker and the rate of death following discharge is now higher and higher. This large cohort study from Denmark is done well. An IRR (incident Risk Rate) is the difference in risk per point on scale, in this case year.
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