Final Sunday Holy Sonnet

There are only 19 such written by Donne. If anyone knows of another series, please leave a comment. Nineteen Oh, to vex me, contraries meet in one: Inconstancy unnaturally hath begot A constant habit; that when I would not I change in vows, and in devotion. As humorous is my contrition As my profane love, … Continue reading Final Sunday Holy Sonnet

A pox on the additions to the Gospel.

This blogging thing is odd. I spent most of yesterday thinking there was nothing to say, then I saw the news, and immigrants smashing up the council offices in Kensington after the Grenfell disaster, and the left demanding we all emote over this tragedy and resign. That we converge. Then I note that the Holman … Continue reading A pox on the additions to the Gospel.

Grenfell Tower is a standard leftist tragedy.

If there was a Tory in charge of London there would be demonstrations demanding his resignation. Let us count the errors so far: I won't link to them all. There was no sprinkler system There was a fire-retardant version of the cladding put on the building. It was not used, because it cost more There … Continue reading Grenfell Tower is a standard leftist tragedy.

Against virtue signals [II Cor 13]

I don't care. You can be as offended about truth as you want to be. You can consider the gospel racist, kinist, bad think. You can damn the nations and call me alt right. I don't care. Because there are more important things to worry about. Being offended? That is akin to the woman who … Continue reading Against virtue signals [II Cor 13]

Weasel freethinker logic.

For many years the members of the high church of atheism denied and mocked all faiths. They saw Christians as stopping progress. They told us to get with the narrative. They mocked discipline, faith, honour and decency. But that was in times when being a fool was not a fatal disorder. We are not in … Continue reading Weasel freethinker logic.

Oh, bring on the Patriarchy. [Luke 19]

Today's passage is a correction for those of us who think that Jesus did not care. That he was detached. That he did not grieve, That he did not rage. There is a time for anger. When a tower block is clad in something flammable and goes up in minutes, you rage. At how this … Continue reading Oh, bring on the Patriarchy. [Luke 19]

Suicide prevention: is it resources?

A hypotheses in JAMA psychiatry recently was that the number of beds (a proxy, albeit a poor one, for Mental Health Funding) has cecrased at the same time the suicide rate has increased. This is a correlation. But is it causative? The closure of most US public mental hospital beds and the reduction in acute … Continue reading Suicide prevention: is it resources?

The message we need we do not want — II Cor 12

Paul was dealing with a virtue cycle in Corinth. He had confronted the sexual corruption within that church, but now they were having preachers travel in who set themselves up as very holy. Who talked about visions, and power, and miracles. Who implied all would be well. Who boasted. Paul waxed sarcastic. He had the … Continue reading The message we need we do not want — II Cor 12

Sea Poem

A sea Poem. The America's Cup is on, but the poem is good at any time. Sea Fever I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by; And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s … Continue reading Sea Poem

The stealing of youth by the narrative –

Two points: one that is apropos to this morning, because I am sitting in the capital of my nation. It is in the centre of NZ, and I am on certain committees... one of which has an all day face to face meeting today. God did establish nations and place Peoples in them. It appears, … Continue reading The stealing of youth by the narrative –