Salvation is a mystery: Emotions are a phase.

Last night the programme I had travelled to Aussie to participate in was screened. As part of this, I was on Twitter, using my professional hat, and discussing issues around management, particularly access. But one of the things that the patients with the disorder talked about was how exhausting this was: how they despaired, how […]

Evanjellyfish, or against growth ministries.

One of more noxious movements among the evangelicals has been the development of growth ministries. These people use the tools of public relations and marketing to encourage people into church. To do this, they tone down the message, make everything seeker friendly and eschew controversy. Mike Scruggs described them better than I can. The first […]

Projective theology.

Yesteday we walked a fair distance: longer than is our habit on a Sunday. Our Sundays generally start with church, and we then go into the country. This photo was taken yesterday, and yes, we live in a wonderful part of the world, and yes, those spiky things are native plants. Some Sundays are wonderful. […]

Beware jealousy.

There are very few passages that talk of the family of Mary and Joseph. This is one of them: Jesus had brothers and sisters — three brothers were named. His trade was named: he was “the carpenter”. The locals could not see him as a rabbi: they knew him as a tradesman. But then the […]

Blinded by their arrogance.

I first met leftists — real ones — when I finished the fifth form (grade 10, year 11) and got a job for the summer shoving sheep carcasses. A fair number of the students at the factory were members of the fourth (or fifth? internationale). They were almost arrogantly confident in their confidence of the […]

Scriptural suicidality.

Before I am going to going to talk about Job I need to do a little bit of defining. Suicidality is now a technical term: it means in effect, that you have contemplated suicide. Questions about suicide are routine at work, and part of outcome scales for depression, and this is taken as a proxy […]

Virtue is not its own reward.

Roosh has shamed me. Because he has managed to get at least part way through the Nicomachean ethics, which I have never attempted. But The logic of the book is fairly simple. To be happy is to be virtuous. You are content and happy when you do what is good and right and true. Virtue […]

Mid month administrivia, and quotage.

One of the difficulties I have as someone who blogs and has a professional life is keeping the two apart. I have different email addresses for work, different web pages (run by the university) — but until recently no different socail media things. This has to change. I am being asked to comment on social […]

Trust God, for your Nation will fall.

Last night I was taking photos by Dunedin Harbour, using a series of film cameras, as the sun set. When I reflect on that (and the fact I froze: it’s not quite yet spring here, and the sun had gone below the hills) if I had seen our Master walking across that flooded caldera I […]