All people that on earth do dwell [Rom 14]

There are no enemies in Christ. We have traditions and customs, some of which are useful. Some of us have times and seasons for fasting and others avoid certain foods. This may be good for our bodies, and the discipline may centre us on Christ, but… Read More

These are the days [Rom 14]

It quote brother Mundabor a fair amount. One of the people I read and quote is Scott, who is Serbian Orthodox. I consider both members of troubled churches: there are many faithful in the Roman Church, but few of them are in the leadership, which seems to want to converge with the Uniting Church of Canada and the PCUSA, if not the Unitarians. For the leadership must defend sound doctrine, and that we have from the beginning. Read More

Saxon service Kipple

Before St Francis preached to the animals there was Eddi, the secretary and biographer for St Wilfrid, whom legend says preached to an ox and a donkey.
Eddi's Service (A.D. 687) Eddi, priest of St. Wilfrid In his chapel at Manhood End, Ordered a…
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Fitness to practice: a publick case

Between various tasks I glanced at one of the NZ news websites and found this. It raises questions. The first is why is this woman claiming that she wants to be a heart surgeon -- getting from medical school into any surgical training programme is… Read More

A light under a bed burns the bed down. [Luke 8]

Lamps and candles have raw flame. If you put them under a basket or under a bed you will have a fire. For flames rise. If you quench the spirit and do not bear witness to Christ, there will not be light, but flames. If there is no truth and beauty and justice, there will be ash, and fields sown with Salt.
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The genetics of your alcohol consumption.

You sort of control your drinking. There are clear vulnerabilities, and the mechanisms are clear. There are also, at least in the USA, clear differences between caucasians, blacks, hispanics and asians. The first factor, a lack of alcohol… Read More

We may be sacrificed: this is war [Rom 12]

This morning I struggled a little with which text to choose. The lectionary is fairly long and I was drawn to a very commonly quoted verse. One many have taught on. There is little to add: the principle is that we count ourselves as dead to the… Read More