The NGOs now rage. [Acts 4]

I read Francis Schaeffer far too early and did not spend enough time understanding the math behind the statistical tests we use. However with age comes repentance, and with repentance a certain bloody mindedness. When the consulting statistician came… Read More

The season is evil. Make a life. [Dan 12]

Today's passage has angels, and war, and salvation and contempt. It talks about those who bring many to faith being lite the stars in the heaven. It talks about secrets. Daniel was a civil servant for the Babylonians and the Persians who followed. He… Read More

The direct costs of virtue signalling.

This is part of a paper in the AMerican Journal of Psychiatry. It is not research per se: it a useful list of needs that a group of Muslim and refugee friendly doctors have found they need within a very liberal part of the USA to accommodate… Read More

Love, Hate, or the Russians did it [John 15]

There is a very long introduction to the text today, and it comes from a pagan. Because ESR has a good memory, and he summarizes the tactics of hate. ESR is American. He makes the observation that the last three enemies of the USA: the NSDAP, the… Read More

Projection of the week.

You have got to love the leftists who visit Vox Popoli. They say the darndest things. Mr Nostradamus -- quite inactive but on blogger since 2011 -- thinks some right wingers hate, and some religious hate, but all right wing and religious people… Read More

Fit beggars, virtue signals, and a miracle. [Acts 3]

Yesterday we took my mother in law shopping. Easter Tuesday is a university holiday. Along a footpath we saw a young man begging. He was not busking, he was sitting there. He did not get money: I had both hands full with cans of dog food and other… Read More

About time.

The first genocide was not done by the NSDAP. It was done by the Turks. And this is the first movie I know that discusses it. . Read More