The meme war is not life [I Thess 5]

None of us are perfect. None of us. We all have flaws, worries and concerns. We all fail to keep to the standards that we believe right and proper. For the law is within us: even if we have never opened the Bible (and if you are here, you have,… Read More

John Key resigns.

I was in a reseach meeting when the news came up. The people who I were live were quite happy. Key is trusted by many in New Zealand and hated by many in the People's republic of Dunedin. His speech is published, and this is from it. For the… Read More


Hypergamy is the tendency to want to mate a person with more power. It is a besetting driver of desire in many women, the same way as neotony (the wish to mate young) is in men. Neotony is not politically correct. Hypergamy is neither, but it is… Read More

Do not be of this elite [Isaiah 5]

This morning I found my sites were down. All of them. Then up. Apparently the DNS servers were missing the home webpage. I hope it is now sorted out. After that technical notice... Two passages: two themes. The first is that of woe. Woe to… Read More

God over all [II Peter 3]

This world and the nations we live in will fall away. They will fail: when Peter wrote this the Romans were pagan and appeared unconquerable. Less than 500 years later, Rome was sacked. By converted Goths. You cannot tell what will happen in your… Read More

The death of Arthur.

Not the original Morte d'Arthur, but Lord Tennyson. This is less well known, but it is knightly, and in this time we need knightly deeds, even if, like Sir Belvedere, we have to be shamed into doing them.
Morte D'Arthur - So all day long…
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In Christ we will rise [I Thess 4]

Another part of scripture that is really, truly hard to deal with. For there will be an end, and at that time we will be made pure, and we will be with Christ. But at present we look to that day. For we know we are not pure, and that Christ is… Read More