Sunday Sonnet

xv Your life is like a little winter's day Whose sad sun rises late to set too soon ; You have just come — why will you go away, Making an evening of what should be noon. Your life is like a little flute complaining A long way off, beyond the willow trees : A … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet

#Hatespeech is the new persecution.

The timing of these posts is going to be erratic over the next few days. In my head I'm blogging the lectionary daily as I have for some years: however, when you get into the hotel at around 1 PM Saturday it is 1 AM Sunday in NZ. We've just phoned home, and Robyn's Mum … Continue reading #Hatespeech is the new persecution.

The needfulness of prayer.

Two scenes from today. I was sitting in the modern Kaiser Wilhelm Kirke trying to pray. While I was doing this, there was a group in front of us with a young man speaking quietly to them in German. I did not pay attention. I was trying to shut them out so I could pray. … Continue reading The needfulness of prayer.

Virtue signals or the duty of witness.

Yesterday was the day after the moon festival in Hong Kong, and many people shut their shops and allowed their staff the day off. When we went to the Peaks we found ourselves in a crowd of families (Plus a high school mission trip: Memo to teenage girls, do not clump at the top of … Continue reading Virtue signals or the duty of witness.

Boastful sterile apostates.

How can we tell if someone is going to be toxic before they have had enough time to wreak lives? How can we prevent bad things happening, particularly in the church? We know that there are those who preach a strange God, or that we should accept this world as it is, and become part … Continue reading Boastful sterile apostates.

Chluthu is a Jacobin.

One of the proverbs in scripture goes something like this: The heart is desperately wicked, who can understand it? Another is that A man's path seems right in his own eyes. And here the Social Pathologist identifies firstly what is key about the Dark Enlightenment or reactionary thought, and secondly where we went wrong. We … Continue reading Chluthu is a Jacobin.

Night Haiku

snails write their silver haiku on the path Julian O'Dea

The true Red Pill.

Further on the horrible events from yesterday: the chances of dying from violence for most of us are very low. Mychael posted on behalf of Scott the following, which is true, but there is a corollary. (again, I don't link to Facebook). PSA from my husband. The probability (p value) of any random American being … Continue reading The true Red Pill.

Mental Health Cannot predict Mass Murder.

I had a paper on predicting a more frequent event (death by suicide) rejected a week or so ago. A quite expert reviewer noted that there had been .... five reviews recently. Which all make the same point. If some investigative reporter shoved a microphone and camera in my face and asked “how is it … Continue reading Mental Health Cannot predict Mass Murder.

Do not converge.

If you want to see the end game of convergence, do not look at Europe. Look at the UK or Canada. Closer to home, look at Victoria. Where any honest speech must be regulated, where internet comments are greater crimes than terror, for the spirit of this age does not want us awake. For if … Continue reading Do not converge.