Never trust a rich prelate [Mark 11]

We have a duty to pray for and provide for those who lead us in faith. The worker is worthy of his hire. Many years ago, I was friends with the pastor and his wife in a Brethren Chapel. He had been an executive in one of the larger companies in New Zealand and his … Continue reading Never trust a rich prelate [Mark 11]

Sunday Sonnet

For those who have not been infused with the symbology of the Papists, the rose is for the virgin, the virgin is for Mary, and the sonnet is for the Assumption of Mary. The contrast is because Belloc is orthodox. He does not see himself as perfect, but diseased, cankered, barely able to look up … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet

It is time to offend the churchians. [Mt 15]

We have an excellent pastor at our little Kirk. He tends the flock well, and is gentle with the weak, paying attention to those who are offended. But he was away this week. When the pastor is away, the chicks did play. The women took over. It was awful. The Spirit was not there. I … Continue reading It is time to offend the churchians. [Mt 15]

Musical interlude

New Video, old song. Joan Baez, from 1960. House of the Rising Sun (Joan Baez, 1960) [Full Video] from Dan Pick on Vimeo.

The probable end of a tradition.

This could be the death of a tradition. Jaffas (orange coated chocolate) are a kiwi tradition... sine 1931. The soon to be closed Cadbury (Mondelez) factory sponsors a chocolate carnival and the highlight is letting 30 000 of them down a really steep street. It had to be postponed this year because the winter has … Continue reading The probable end of a tradition.

Antifa is antichrist.

Yes, this is a lectionary post. About mob violence. Yes, it is in the Bible. Paul was no platformed: if the mob had its way he would have been killed then and there. He was rescued by the Romans, who thought he broke their law, which was harsh. As my Canadian Brother notes, the current … Continue reading Antifa is antichrist.

Watch this neuroimaging space?

Some of the tools we have coming out of the Magnetic Resonance Suite look attractive, such as high resolution diffusion imaging. On a population basis, you can see the difference between normal, psychotic, depressed and manic networks. The pictures are pretty, and some of them may be useful. Recent work from the international Study to … Continue reading Watch this neuroimaging space?

Too much dignity. [Mark 10]

There are too many people who want to make us too dignified. Bartimaeus is a correction. For the crowd wanted him to shut up. He wanted to see. Mark 10:46-52 46They came to Jericho. As he and his disciples and a large crowd were leaving Jericho, Bartimaeus son of Timaeus, a blind beggar, was sitting … Continue reading Too much dignity. [Mark 10]

Old poet from a time gone.

Auden would hate this time. He preferred the ideas of conventional morality and manners: if one was to break those laws (and he did) one was to be discreet. I admire is wish for steam power and a quieter landscape. But I am glad for my automobile, internet, and the fact I hear the train … Continue reading Old poet from a time gone.

The worm is turning.

This is from an email from David Seymour, the leader of the liberal ACT party in NZ parliament. It has a very small support: they tend libertarian but they don't have sufficient wisdom (with the current leadership) to know when to align with the conservatives. Using autonomy as the only guidepost for decisions lets the … Continue reading The worm is turning.