Suffering, Shame and the error of Prosperity.

Matt Walsh has a wonderful rant up about those very popular heretics, the Olsteens, and their prosperity Gospel. His conclusion is the conclusion that we are reaching with the public religion we have, what is left after three generations of liberal activists (Social Justice Warriors) have gutted the church. But nonsense is all that’s left […]

Scenes from an election [Quote of the week]

There is a election on. David Farrar, a local political blogger, was at a meeting in Aro Valley, where the fringe of Dunedin go because a city that has voted Red for 100 years is not socialist enough: these are the radicals of our capital. For the non Kiwis, Te Reo is Maori (in Maori, […]

The Imperium, the SJW, and Christ.

Many people say that Christ was indeed a good teacher but was not God. Jesus denied this: Jesus said he was God. And his audience heard this: his audience understood this. And were moved them not to worship, but to rage. The Jews were monotheists: to claim any person or thing was divine was blasphemy, […]

Why the socail justice warriors will lose.

Before we go into why they will lose, this comment, in an excellant article about gamergate (well worth reading) is apropos, becuase it ties together the argument in SF with that in gaming. #notyourshield I'm not a gamer, but what I saw at #gamergate I have seen MANY times before e.g. in education, law, govt, […]

Beware the devout.

Beware the devout. Beware those who think that their duty to the Almighty can be managed by the keeping of rules. I am not quoting from the other NT reading this morning, but in it the Jews stirred up the devout women to get Paul kicked out of a town. Because he would preach to […]

Against the Social Justice Warriors, Greens included.

We have an election on right now, so I went out after Church and took some photos of wildlife. Unlike the Greens, I enjoy the outdoors, but do not worship it. There is much beauty in this world, but we should not worship the created, but the creator. And the Greens, as Jamie Whyte of […]


Notes on Father’s Day.

It is Father’s Day in NZ, and I wonder if this will be the text preached upon this day. I doubt it: I can here the feminists grinding their teeth for this is not sex positive: it is ‘misogynist’, and heresy of heresies, it does not see women as the glory of this world. My […]

Musical interlude [Tired of snark]

OK, enough snark. It’s time for some religious music by people who are not usually seen as secular. Firstly, a quick note to any Americans. You are not the only people who can get it down. This resonates on many levels: Holy Trinity is in Auckland, my home town. And a warning from Richard Thompson […]

Have faith in Christ, not yourself.

Why this psalm? With this passage? The scholars who put together the Book of Common Prayer were fairly evangelical, and wanted people to make connections. And the connection here is fairly obvious. The God who we wait for, in our despair, in our illness, in our grief, is none but Christ. None but Christ. There […]