Left == sophist.

The third type of propaganda that Weaver defined (I am quoting form Arthur Gordian's article at Social Matter) is ancient. It is the tactics of the sophist. If you are losing an argument, redefine the terms, move the goal posts, clutch your pearls, and scream that you are oppressed. Before the writing of Plato, the … Continue reading Left == sophist.

Mail to Casa Weka

River sent me this. Hello, my name is River Devereux and I am a Christian filmmaker living in Auckland. I am a big fan of this site and have always found it to be very helpful and insightful. In a week’s time, starting on the 15th of November, I will be starting a campaign on … Continue reading Mail to Casa Weka

Flee Babylon.

Let us start with a post that Nick Steves linked to in this week's list. (You can also thank him for today's illustrations). Malcolm Pollack correctly notes that the current narrative rejects any sense of objective truth, of morality, or God. Instead the false are raised up as examples. Eobyn showed me this health promotion … Continue reading Flee Babylon.