Dark Brightness

Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: November 5, 2017

The safe space is hell.

This age has trained men to have no spine and balls. To want to be in a place of comfort, where they are never challenged and anything satirical is hurtful. An example. The stupidity can be seen in the public’s inability to grasp blatant irony or satire. Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal called for the […]

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Sunday Sonnet

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Ironically, this is being published on Guy Fawkes’ Day. Twenty one Almighty God, whose justice like a sun Shall coruscate along the floors of Heaven, Raising what’s low, perfecting what’s undone, Breaking the proud and making odd things even. The poor of Jesus Christ along the street In your rain sodden, in your snows unshod, […]

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The uselessness of utilitarianism.

Sometimes things stick in your head and you cannot let them go. One of these is the idea that we should have comfort, and all will be well. As if we can ensure this by our own actions. We cannot. There is an enemy, and that enemy is relentless. The Communists were described as (From […]

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