God is more than a mother bear.

The liberal priestesses of the Episcopalian church (no cis gendered males can apply) have an overweening hatred of truth and tradition. They like overmuch the female heresiarchs, particularly Mary Ann, whom they see as a protofeminist. But they forget that the Shakers died as a faith. As will they. In the meantime, they are trying … Continue reading God is more than a mother bear.

Notes for All Saints’ Day.

When I was a young man, before the current bunch of meme generating autists on /pol/ was born, I lived in a centrally planned nation, where the state-backed, uncompetitive industrial development was sold as a way for us to have a future. I am not sure that I agreed with it. But by the time … Continue reading Notes for All Saints’ Day.

Statistics October.

An average month as far as traffic goes. I am now disconnected from Google analytics, but have been using social media, particularly Gab, to publicise when posts are up. The number of posts is down due to travel. Monthly Stats Report: 1 Oct - 31 Oct 2017 Project: Dark Brightness URL: http://pukeko.net.nz/blog Summary   Page … Continue reading Statistics October.