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Another van attack. Against people leaving Ramadan prayers, from the biggest mosque in London. This was predictable. London was conquered, and the English want it back.

The mockery of the elite is savage.

Savage, I said.

And I am waiting for these lines to be used by the elite.

Interestingly the identity of the man is not know, just that he yelled out that we should call all Muslims. This is not censored, unlike Muslims yelling at the English that they are killing for Allah, which is.

Will update as things progress.

Interestingly, Khan sees Muslims as Innocent Londoners but not Britons.

Perhaps because it is in Jeremy Corbyn’s electorate.

“…this was clearly a deliberate attack on innocent Londoners,” Mayor of London Sadiq Khan did NOT say in either of the prior occurances when Moslems ran over non-Moslem, British citizens.


The BBC understands that the driver is a Welsh father of four from Somerset. He is now arrested on attempted murder charges and terror charges. He is believed to be working alone. He is alleged to be saying he wants to kill all Muslims, but this is being called fake news on /pol/

pol/ has just figured out this ‘attack’ did not happen anywhere near the mosque. From the pics of the body’s location /pol/ has shown it happened across the rail line near Whadcoat st. There is a bus stop nearby but the body is not there.

It is looking likely that this was an accident and the muslims are spinning it to make themselves victims. A group of muslims either standing or walking in the middle of the road at midnight where hit by a van.

See the photo for proof.

In the meantime, the police have been attacked by Muslims in London and Paris.

It is a good time to let the Muslims form ghettos. They are clearly unsafe in the open. Then cut of their benefits. Then the power. They have to go back, for otherwise there will be more blood on the streets.

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  • fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I have to agree. It was only a matter of time. While government was seen to do nothing, some crazy picked up the ball they dropped.

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