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Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: June 18, 2017

Final Sunday Holy Sonnet

There are only 19 such written by Donne. If anyone knows of another series, please leave a comment. Nineteen Oh, to vex me, contraries meet in one: Inconstancy unnaturally hath begot A constant habit; that when I would not I change in vows, and in devotion. As humorous is my contrition As my profane love, […]

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A pox on the additions to the Gospel.

This blogging thing is odd. I spent most of yesterday thinking there was nothing to say, then I saw the news, and immigrants smashing up the council offices in Kensington after the Grenfell disaster, and the left demanding we all emote over this tragedy and resign. That we converge. Then I note that the Holman […]

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Grenfell Tower is a standard leftist tragedy.

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If there was a Tory in charge of London there would be demonstrations demanding his resignation. Let us count the errors so far: I won’t link to them all. There was no sprinkler system There was a fire-retardant version of the cladding put on the building. It was not used, because it cost more There […]

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