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Quoteof the week — Gay sharia marriage comes for Ockers.

NZ does not have a constitution and there was a conscience opt out for gay marriage. Wise. Because I wait with bated breath for the fatwas from the Lebanese mullahs and their tame mob. Particularly if the legislation makes it compulsory to celebrate.

I think Trudeau has but one use: he is reliably wrong. Vote and support all things he opposes: Islam, Marriage outside the traditional bounds, White genocide multiculturalism, and the United Nations.

Unfortunately the NZ Prime Minister is even more stupid. This will not end well, as Rocklea, notes at the home of the Dread Ilk.

Speaking of virtue signaling, the results of the Australian same sex marriage plebiscite are in:

61.6% yes

Note the near perfect Fibonacci ratio. Legislation expected in time for Christmas. Our leftist political party was against the plebiscite, not in fear of the results, but because now our governing non-right political party can take the credit.

We have a weekly show on the national broadcaster called Q&A. It consists of a panel of prominent peoples, usually a conservative whipping boy and various SJWs who then get to parade around the corpse of western civilization. Weekly parlance includes such edgy topics as marriage equality, climate change and islamophobia.

A while ago Peter Hitchens was the guest whipping boy at one of these banquets. A particularly vulgar homosexual man was accusing Peter of being repressed and literally Hitler. Peter said words to the effect of, “oh no, you’ve one, I accept that. It’s all over bar the mass graves.”

Reality has already passed judgement and is in the process of formulating a suitable punishment. You don’t get to vote something that predates civilization out of existence without consequences.

It’s all over bar the mass graves.
There will be war.
The West is dead.
Long live the West.
Onward to Victory.

Deus Vult.

I don’t care about the legislation. I’m not an Australian. But this I know: it will not end well. Outside of the gay quarter, there is the Muslim quarter. Unless the state mandates that all celebrate or be re educated, there will be resistance. The Reformed and Orthodox Christians and Catholics will have nothing do with this.

But I think the Ockers will try to mandate this. If they do so, I want them to consider the consequences of ramming this down the throat of the fatwas coming from the local jihaidst Lebanese Mosque.

The bubble people think they live in is an illusion: the liberals are not breeding already and this will accelerate the trend. The believers will be the next generation. The question is what they will believe in: will it be Christ or the Demons of this world, Allah included? Pray that we reform and it is Christ.


2 thoughts on "Quoteof the week — Gay sharia marriage comes for Ockers."

  • Brown says:

    I like Peter Hitchens very much. He says on one of his youtube videos that he doesn’t care about gay marriage because marriage was terminally debased when “no fault divorce” became the order of the day and walking away with half was made very easy. He may be right.

    The issue in Oz will be the ability to refuse to supply services on religious or conscience grounds and that battle remains to be fought. I fear he worst while hoping for the best.

  • Valtandor says:

    It’s funny: I had a pretty much zero reaction to this.

    Not because I think it’s a good policy – I don’t (quite apart from same-sex “marriage” being a contradiction in terms). But because the result was a foregone conclusion. In electoral democracies, manipulation of so-called public opinion becomes an art form.

    But because it feels to me like yesterday’s cause, speaking to a world that is fast disappearing. Under stress, it will be exposed for the nonsense that it always has been.

    I pray that sanity will return to the West, that we will have the wisdom to once again honour those who live righteously, and that our lands will be healed. For otherwise, we will surely face the same fate as ancient Israel: Conquest and destruction at the hands of merciless foreigners.

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