Sin and Scandal drive away.

I could talk about the Calvinist formulation of salvation, because the issues around our state in nature are clearly delineated here. But the duty for the church is also delineated. And our judgment. At present, that is more important. Jeremiah 4:9-10 9On that day, says the LORD, courage shall fail the king and the officials; … Continue reading Sin and Scandal drive away.

Trolls on tomato sauce

Some time ago I produced the policy for this place. It's on the heading, go look. But the reasoning behind it came out of moderating. You see, I have a weakness. I find trolls amusing. Worthy of fisking, of baiting. And I defend my own patch. So when a numbskull produced this... hey, did all … Continue reading Trolls on tomato sauce

Linkage linkage and quotage.

Morticia considers if teenage women are stupid precisely so they will procreate. And has some linkage: go there, I'll wait. Free Northerner's latest lightning round is up. Proph has some suggestions on church discipline that involve bishops having something called a notochord. My only comment to that is it might be unfair on those who … Continue reading Linkage linkage and quotage.

No partiality.

This follows on from yesterday. For the believer, Romans is quite important. This is one of three letters of high theology in the NT -- the other is Hebrews and I John. Most of the other letters we have are pastoral -- they were written for a purpose. Some are quite short. But here we … Continue reading No partiality.

Thank you.

I've hit 100K views according to the WordPress tracker.

Looking back… looking back.

I lost my old blog in March of last year. Fortunately, there is the wayback machine -- which to my horror, has preserved my thoughts back to 2005, so from Bright and Shiny Thinking, and from Feb. 2008 I was able to pull this back. I was born in South Auckland, but now I live … Continue reading Looking back… looking back.

Canaries in the apostate mineshaft.

I think my Father is being spared by the LORD almighty. His mother was dead at my age from cardiac difficulties, and he had his first heart attack around the same age. Thirty years later and a multiple health issues later, he is a rock of the faith. And he coordinates for Exodus ministries, working … Continue reading Canaries in the apostate mineshaft.

On the destruction of the elite.

Natalie Solent, from the always good Samizdata. The typical member of the British ruling class of yesteryear was complacent, arrogant, and a hypocrite. However his public school had at least imbued him with one particular virtue, or, failing that, had imbued him with the desire to appear to have that one virtue, which does well … Continue reading On the destruction of the elite.

Churchian Trolls

I'm not going to do much linking today. Because I am quite aware that there are people trolling through the Christian manosphere, making censorious comments about us. Holding what we said and what we have repented from against us. And pulling people down. We do not have time for this. We are up against opposition. … Continue reading Churchian Trolls

Rescuing Jargon from the scrapheap… first in a series.

From the Jargon File LART: Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool. 1. n. In the collective mythos of scary devil monastery, this is an essential item in the toolkit of every BOFH. The LART classic is a 2x4 or other large billet of wood usable as a club, to be applied upside the head of spammers and … Continue reading Rescuing Jargon from the scrapheap… first in a series.