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Month: January 2013

Grace alone

A couple of days ago I had a bit of a rant about total depravity. This links into the idea that some sins are quietly destructive, and some lead to open confrontation and punishment. Because our sense of justice should be offended when people are evil. or get away with evil: This world is fallen: […]

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The academic pimp

I used to think Schwyzer was a feminist male, that is a sex traitor, a coward, and a moron. He certainly argues like a second rate second wave feminist.. Sunshine Mary has called him out on his advice to young woman, Schwyzer’s suggestions make me laugh because they are essentially saying the opposite of what […]

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Women for righteousness?

This world is evil, and it is not getting better. This annoys those who are sensitive to these things, and Hearthie, a woman who writes at Traditional Christianity has a proposal (comments are closed there) We use ugly speech, we wear ugly clothes. We think ugly thoughts, we watch ugly television. We are rude, we […]

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It’s church bashing time round 51.

I find the ACLU useful. They are reliably wrong. It is a useful compass: if they advocate for something, the correct response is generally the one they are not taking. And in the current round of church bashing they are claiming that “pregnancy rights” give a woman a pass on any other moral duty. Black […]

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God pulls us out of Babylon.

Well, son two came back to Dunedin last night. School is starting: his older brother had his first assembly yesterday and next week the teaching year starts at work. The last thing that the son did in his holiday was volunteer with his mother at Parachute, and he was full of news: he enjoyed Hillsong […]

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