In defence of arguing from nature.

This morning the headlines on the local news are quite simple. There have been 68 deaths to date in the US and Canada from the Frankenstorm. We need to add to that about the same number in the Caribbean. The full death toll and damage is not known. Breitbart pointed out that the internet stayed … Continue reading In defence of arguing from nature.

Conservative Feminism is still feminism.

Elspeth is on fire this morning. There is a subtle but unspoken line of thinking that permeates modern culture, and it persists even though there is ample evidence to the contrary. I call it the myth of feminine innocence. A quick reading of Proverbs 5 supports my assertion that this is a modern, feminist concept. … Continue reading Conservative Feminism is still feminism.

Prophets besetting sin… wrath.

Most of the world at present is looking at New York as a train wreck is coming.  Hurricane Sandy is arriving, the public transport is shut down (as are the highways) and New Yorkers are having to stay in place. Which has only a very loose link to the lectionary. Jonah was not a saint. … Continue reading Prophets besetting sin… wrath.

The heresarchial hydra.

Yesterday was Reformation Sunday. During the service, which was a fully written liturgy (Yes, we reformed can do this and can choose not to) Bazza noted that the text from Hebrews did not need much elaboration. We are all priests.  But by sitting looking at an overhead we forgot that because people were at the … Continue reading The heresarchial hydra.

The stupidity of hate laws.

Victoria Cohen does not like the American reimagining the Holmes Canon in it's elementary. She wrote a review, in which she used this joke. "Lucy Liu [told] the Times, 'It was a very big deal for me to play an Asian-American in Charlie's Angels; Watson's ethnicity is also a big deal', as if someone had … Continue reading The stupidity of hate laws.

Rudeness in the name of Righteousness.

We have a private Member's bill up about legalizing ghey marriage. For most New Zealanders, Marriage is not about a life long covenant. Many people do not bother with the ceremony -- their commitment is expressed in the mortgage that binds them and the children they bear. Among these, a marriage is akin to a … Continue reading Rudeness in the name of Righteousness.

Girllz can do anything is bullying.

When I was at high school and univerisity there were two mantras which were repeated, and sacrosant. The first was " Girls can do anything ". The second was that all men are rapists. Both judged me as evil simply for having a penis. Both made me quietly angry. But I was old enough by … Continue reading Girllz can do anything is bullying.

I am glad to go to the house of the LORD if I can find it.

This is simply evil. I have no truck with Mohammedanism, and I pray that Muslims hear the gospel and convert. But many people will go to the Mosque for religious festivals. And terrorists are saying that no mosque is safe. A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a mosque in northern Afghanistan today, killing 35 … Continue reading I am glad to go to the house of the LORD if I can find it.

Obonomy is catching.

I have always been  a somewhat aggressive investor. But over the last couple of years I have been much simpler. My retirement  portfolio is managed (because it is subsidized) but I am cashed out. The money is in the bank... in a fairly safe currency. Because I cannot tell what risks our rulers will place … Continue reading Obonomy is catching.

In defence of girliness.

Alte has been, in various times, an engineer. In Germany, the home of serious engineering.  So she says this from experience. If anything and I have this from a reliable source — namely myself, it will be a sincere relief to the male engineers around her to finally interact with an intelligent and competent woman … Continue reading In defence of girliness.