See danger and hide.

On a day when the issues seem to be around which celebrity has got anorexic, or has been selected to be part of Barry Obama's new re election team, it is quite useful to look  at today's reading, which is from Proverbs. Proverbs 21:30—22:6 30 No wisdom, no understanding, no counsel, can avail against the … Continue reading See danger and hide.

Orthosphere in two paragraphs.

This is the best explanation as to why the secular, modern project has failed, and as MacIntyre argues, we need to return to something akin to Christendom. The biggest problem with Separation of Church and State is not that it is wrong, but that it does not and cannot exist. So long as every living … Continue reading Orthosphere in two paragraphs.

Spine and reconciliation

One of the issues that we are facing is that many of the people who are involved in the alt right / orthosphere / Christian traditionalists (which are not the same thing) is that we will fight. We will always fight. There are some issues that we need to correct each other on. None of … Continue reading Spine and reconciliation

Readings & vive le differance

I play reconciler at work. I play reconciler at home (two teenage boys. Fights. Will. Happen). But, referring back to two days ago, Trying to reconcile during a fight means that you will end up physcially or emotionally bruised.  You see, at work we have to get in and physically stop these things. (The Police … Continue reading Readings & vive le differance

Not “Ooh Shiny”

This blog evolved. In the first iteration, I was a fairly angry person campaigning about the then leftist government. Then I became more interested in the politics of divorce and relationships. Over the last year I have tried to blog the lectionary, and the political, social and scientific posts are becoming less and less. Most … Continue reading Not “Ooh Shiny”

Comment at Patri

I could have made this at a bunch of places today. It seems that everyone has been having catfights, standing on their own righteousness, and hurting people who should be allies. In the end, I commented at Patri . General comment. I like the people here, and get on OK the people Svar mentioned. Most … Continue reading Comment at Patri

Why the church will survive.

Over the last 24 hours or so some of the conversations around the traps have been about Micheal Coren's excellent book on Catholicism. (I note that he has a new book about Heresy, which I have yet to read),  Now, at times we in the church fall into error. Will S has called out a … Continue reading Why the church will survive.

Brett Kimberlin Day.

Who is Brett Kimberlin and why should we care? Today is Brett Kimberlin Day. This "activist" of the left has made it his business to threaten and intimidate. This has led to Stacey McCain taking his family to an undisclosed location outside of his home state (Maryland), and threatened Andrew Breitbart, as reported by Patterico. … Continue reading Brett Kimberlin Day.

We are judged by our actions.

Will commented yesterday Mmm. I wonder what your response to this bible passage is that seems to contradict that faith alone saves: Faith and Deeds James 2:14-24 14 What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? 15 Suppose a brother or a … Continue reading We are judged by our actions.

Do not use your enemies tools.

This morning I have been feeding coffee to son number one. He found that an assignment he thought was due next Thursday is due today: He was reading history texts (at year 12 you are expected to find the original sources not merely regurgitate the textbook) until well after midnight fueled by adrenalin and caffeine. … Continue reading Do not use your enemies tools.