No day of rest…

Sometimes it is really busy. That business may not be you: today I am acting as a ferry for son two because it is final rehearsals. The play starts tomorrow night, ie Sunday. And the clinical week was busy. Some weeks you do not get much academic… Read More

Put away shameful games.

I am afraid there is nothing witty or apropos that I can link to about today's reading. I was trying to find a comment in TC's thread that has now split when someone said women were not smart, but they were cunning, because cunning is all they… Read More

A somewhat musical domestic post.

Music is the main theme of this week in Casa Pukeko.  Son two is cheerfully going to school in jeans rather than his uniform because the school is rehearsing Sweeney Todd. And he was "Army volunteered" into the choir -- which comes from him doing music all year, playing viola and piano, and having good relative pitch -- which got his picture in the paper today as a… Read More

Mistrust wealth: mistrust power.

One of the contradictory things in the Bible is that those with resources are more likely to go to perdition. The poor are more generous -- to charities, in New Zealand, at least. Now: the issue of great wealth has to be considered. By the… Read More

Lives not tweets.

Well. the UK courts think they can control Twitter. Well, at least defamatory speech. From the Auckland Pravda
Tweeters have been warned to be much more cautious about what they send into cyberspace after Chris Cairns' precedent-setting victory. And…
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Signs for the world… and food for believers.

One of the ongoing tensions among Protestants, particularly nonliturgical protestants, is to balance the need to witness to those outside of taith and to build up those who are of faith. Some churches turn into mini theological colleges where the… Read More

Food, software, politics and Kipling.

Incendiary Insight. A little cynical. He misses the fact that most of the people he is talking about are the sons of Mary
Every single group in this country outside of white, right-leaning Christian men wants to win. What do I mean by that. They take…
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