And now for something completely RocketLab.

I don't have any dollars in RocketLab. It is privately held to date, but it is very typical Kiwi Hi Tech. We like, small, light, carbon fibre... and we hate lawyers, human resources, and trolls telling us what to do. The launch site is at the Mahia Peninsula, which is in a deprived part of … Continue reading And now for something completely RocketLab.

Patriotic poem of the day 59

If America was the light on which a lamp could not be hid, a city of righteousness, a new world, a place where a protestant (and later, catholic) could live without master and follow God, set up by Puritans as a better colony, then New Zealand was later, post enlightenment, and very secular. Our founders … Continue reading Patriotic poem of the day 59

The zombiod left.

Some mornings things happen that make one somewhat happy in a mocking kind of way. Some mornings the evil and stupidity in the world is obvious, and some times things are obviously going to be punished. Some times things come into the light, and those in power spend their time hiding them. Now, at times … Continue reading The zombiod left.

Institutionalized male mass effeminisation

I thought I should be silent on local issues, but one has come up. The leader of the NZ Labour party (union controlled) is an ex diplomat called David Cunliffe. There is currently a moral panic around family violence, which has been inaccurately redefined as "men hitting women" as if (a) hitting is the only … Continue reading Institutionalized male mass effeminisation

The religion of war.

I finished my workout in the gym and was chatting with a mate. We were talking about minorities and how there are two ways that they can get into difficulty: the first is by being different enough, long enough, and a little bit more successful (although this is not needed, consider Russia and the pogroms) … Continue reading The religion of war.

How to confront and alienate.

Last night I found a bit of sarcastic prose that can do quite well as an example of how to write offensively. But today the most difficult part of the lectionary is below. Jesus is being completely blunt and (to Jewish eyes) heretical. He is saying that he is greater than Moses, and is greater … Continue reading How to confront and alienate.