Sunday Sonnet.

Sorry, guys, I missed last week Sunday Sonnet. But this one is about as good as it can get.

The Lady, for any Catholic, is but a reflection of the theotokos.


Mortality is but the Stuff you wear
To show the better on the imperfect sight.
Your home is surely with the changeless light
Of which you are the daughter and the heir.
For as you pass, the natural life of things
Proclaims the Resurrection : as you pass
Remembered summer shines across the grass
And somewhat in me of the immortal sings.

You were not made for memory, you are not
Youth’s accident I think but heavenly more ;
Moulding to meaning slips my pen’s poor blot
And opening wide that long forbidden door

Where stands the Mother of God, your exemplar.

How beautiful, how beautiful you are

Hilaire Belloc

Ave Maria by Johann Sebastian Bach from Brian Bradley on Vimeo.