Ain’t no grave in New England.

Time to start posting videos without linking to Youtube.

A Southern Gospel Revival – Jamie Wilson – Ain’t No Grave from Modern Trade on Vimeo.

Vimeo has some good roots and old punk stuff. Godfrey Elfwick’s mad socialist uncle repeats his first hit, which works stripped back.

Billy Bragg from Modern Trade on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Ain’t no grave in New England.

  1. The final vid appears to be the same one as the one before it.

    So you’re going to move away entirely from hosting YT clips?

    • Will edit away.
      Google is now very fragile, and I’m going to move to alternative ways of sourcing data. I already use to keep snapshots of unreliable websites and screen capture tweets (because they are deleted frequently).

      When Google deleted all of Jordon Peterson’s data — emails, google drive, the lot — I started to think we needed to move elsewhere. The last week has confirmed my opinion.

      I (ahem) run my own mailserver, but the webhost is being DDOSed, Tutanota or Protonmail give me back up accounts, and now the issue is how to store media.

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