Musical interlude

New Video, old song. Joan Baez, from 1960. House of the Rising Sun (Joan Baez, 1960) [Full Video] from Dan Pick on Vimeo.

The probable end of a tradition.

This could be the death of a tradition. Jaffas (orange coated chocolate) are a kiwi tradition... sine 1931. The soon to be closed Cadbury (Mondelez) factory sponsors a chocolate carnival and the highlight is letting 30 000 of them down a really steep street. It had to be postponed this year because the winter has … Continue reading The probable end of a tradition.

Antifa is antichrist.

Yes, this is a lectionary post. About mob violence. Yes, it is in the Bible. Paul was no platformed: if the mob had its way he would have been killed then and there. He was rescued by the Romans, who thought he broke their law, which was harsh. As my Canadian Brother notes, the current … Continue reading Antifa is antichrist.