Dark Brightness

Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: August 14, 2017

Petrarchan sonnet Pound

Ezra Pound is an imagist, a modernist. In general, these were bad things. But in early life he could write Sonnets in the most difficult form, and in his older life he was a fascist. Perhaps there was some good in him. A Virginal No, no! Go from me. I have left her lately. I […]

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Epidemiology shot: economic chaser.

The drinking age in NZ is 18. One of the minor parties is wanting to increase the drinking age to 20 and tax alcohol by content. Is this a problem? anecdotally, not as much: I’m middle class with a driving licence. I don’t drink unless I’m going to use a taxi. But I know there […]

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Stumbling out of intersectionality. [Mark 9]

We should not put stumbling blocks in front of our children gaining a saving faith in Christ. Agree. But what are these stumbling blocks? The first is those who corrupt children, and call it good. We have taboos against such for good reason. The second is those who call the perverse and degenerate progress, and […]

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