The web is now broken.

Eros used to be terrible, splendid, and drive men to nobility and women to fidelity. Now it is broken, gone, and this poem does not resonate. The Web of Eros WITHIN your magic web of hair, lies furled The fire and splendour of the ancient world; The dire gold of the comet's wind-blown hair; The … Continue reading The web is now broken.

Social activists ruin everything.

Today's example of how entryists and social activists ruin everything is the NZ Green Party. I generally disagree with the greens, but their early leaders had integrity and took at times principled and unpopular stands. The current implosion started last week... and two of the older generation have had enough. They have resigned in protest. … Continue reading Social activists ruin everything.

Not healed, perfect, or correct. [Mark 8]

We are not cured completely when we come to Christ. There are still parts of our lives that are wrong, that are broken. The consequences of our actions remain. The thief dying on the cross still had his legs broken by a legionary, so he would die for his crimes. He was in paradise with … Continue reading Not healed, perfect, or correct. [Mark 8]