Classification and motivation

The classification with a couple of caveats: the normies win elections, but the alt light and alt right build on ideas from the dark enlightenment. The main movers are not named in this article, but are obvious. The normie-right is the biggest group. Think your average non-leftist heterosexual male; he just wants some money, friends, … Continue reading Classification and motivation

What is the problem?

Is the problem that we don;t have enough genetic pressure on us so that the unfit breed? That we need eugenics? It is worth nothing that the West is taking the first option, and the Chinese the third. Nevertheless, the transition from 30% (or greater) infant mortality to almost 0% is amazing, both on a … Continue reading What is the problem?

A defense of borders. [Mark 7]

There is a point where one should discriminate. You have a mission: if it is not part of the mission you should not do it. If you are building aerobic base, you do not lift heavy or sprint. Your diet cannot be vegan and paleo. In the ancient times, people could move freely between nations, … Continue reading A defense of borders. [Mark 7]