Nunc Dimittus: Pound, Part.

Ezra Pound feared what education would do for America. With good reason. It did not stick: what was rigorous was called badthink. Cantico del Sole The thought of what America would be like If the Classics had a wide circulation Troubles my sleep, The thought of what America, The thought of what America,The thought of … Continue reading Nunc Dimittus: Pound, Part.

All shall be Emmanuel Goldstein.

Robert Stacey McCain notes that Mainstream Media pundits such as Jake Tapper are now "alt right". This makes me giggle like Mr Beale. There is not much alternative about Mr Tapper. Mr Beale, is right: the Alt Right is inevitable because it is true. Falsehoods do not last. It will not be alternative for long. … Continue reading All shall be Emmanuel Goldstein.

Converged society, converged professions, Broken people.

Hospitals used to be run by nurses. Doctors were scared of Matron, the single (often quietly living with their "friend") woman who did not marry and made nursing their career. Junior nurses were terrified of her. My mother was a teacher then married: my birth mother was a nursing student when she had me, returned … Continue reading Converged society, converged professions, Broken people.

Virtue as Tradition [Mark 7]

I once lived in a culture that considered chicken feet, fish heads and durian delicacies. I find all of these repulsive. I now live in a society where many people have to restrict what they eat to remain healthy: if they are not sensitive to the natural allergens in wheat, oats, and nuts, they are … Continue reading Virtue as Tradition [Mark 7]