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Fit to be led. [Acts 16]

When I read the quotes out to Robyn this morning she said that this reminded her of her old church. There is a certain sense that the leader is the Man of God and all others are to fall into line, and if they do not their dirty laundry will be shown in public. This […]

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Assurance [Rom 8]

This morning we have to make a judgement call. It has been clear and sunny, which means that we will have icy roads: they may not be gritted as the council is still recovering from floods and frost last weekend. So we will make call in about 30 minutes about if we can get to […]

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God over all [II Peter 3]

This world and the nations we live in will fall away. They will fail: when Peter wrote this the Romans were pagan and appeared unconquerable. Less than 500 years later, Rome was sacked. By converted Goths. You cannot tell what will happen in your nation. I could not have imagined two years ago that European […]

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Subcreation and faithfulness is worthy [Heb 3]

Subcreation was an idea that Tolkien had. That if we create a fantasy kingdom, or build a property, develop a farm, create a product we are reflecting that part of God that is creative. As Hebrews says, the builder of everything is God. It is good to have a creative outlet: be it quilting, sewing […]

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