It is earthquake, not advent [James 3]

It appears that the commercial version of advent has started. The Christmas decorations are up in the malls. The daughter is annoying her best friend by singing Christmas songs. One of the cats, who have been banned from inside while the house is being flossied so it can be sold, snuck in and wants attention. … Continue reading It is earthquake, not advent [James 3]

No prophet from Galilee? [john 6]

THere is an error in my job. It is to prematurely make a diagnosis, before all the information is available. This is quite frustrating for coders and managers, who want everything neatly placed into their boxes, and "pathways of care" for all situations. But the mad do not neatly fit. The problem is not the … Continue reading No prophet from Galilee? [john 6]

Wisdom righteous not is. [II Samuel 17, Gal 3].

The sermon to day was about wisdom. TI asked what is wisdom... and the best answer was this. Wisdom is putting your life in alignment with God. But that is not what the world means by wisdom. They mean shrewd judgment.It may hunt with intelligent, but I know many intelligent fools, and it may relate … Continue reading Wisdom righteous not is. [II Samuel 17, Gal 3].

Against Utu: against justice.

Today's second lectionary text was not really preached this morning at church. It was commented on, for our pastor trusted that we would see the words which applied. He reflected on his life and thought at the moment that he did not have many who hurt him... and then as he did this he was … Continue reading Against Utu: against justice.

Embrace crimethink.

It appears that we have lied so much to others and ourselves, as a society, that we cannot see what is right or wrong. In looking for root causes, we forget the simple fact: Motivation for terror (and murder) is not an excuse. One of the consequences of abandoning a standard by which right and … Continue reading Embrace crimethink.

Wisdom hunts with the fear of God

Last night I talked about the foolishness of the rentier. This morning the lectionary talks about wisdom. Job points out that the finding of wisdom is hard. It never comes easily. This experience was echoed by the Buddhist monks, who fasted, prayed and meditated in the hope they may gain enlightenment. But Job says wisdom … Continue reading Wisdom hunts with the fear of God