Our inheritance is opposition.

This photo was taken yesterday with the cellphone: there are others taken in that hour, on fine winter days, when the world is bathed in golden light. This world is broken and it is under the dominion of the evil one, but there is still beauty, and both are in the image: the obelisk at … Continue reading Our inheritance is opposition.

At times, Run, or what we can learn from the hated middle nations.

I was having a chat with the Engineering Diva yesterday. One son is doing medical intermediate next year, a daughter is getting grants for premed at her local college, and the Diva's daughter is thinking of doing medicine. I was wondering what went wrong: why could I not have a tradesman? But the Diva reminded … Continue reading At times, Run, or what we can learn from the hated middle nations.

At times, run.

This text follows directly on from the one in the lectionary yesterday. I'm not sure when Jesus was talking about Jerusalem being surrounded -- he had prophesied the destruction of the the temple, which happened in 72 AD, when Titus circumvalleted the entire city, leaving it surrounded from armies. But from this there is a … Continue reading At times, run.

The cost of discipleship is becoming more obvious.

On Sundays (which was yesterd here) I look at both the daily lectionary and the Sunday readings. I did not put up John 1:1 which was on the list for the day, as it was not the text that was discussed at church, and to keep the post under 2000 words. Perhaps I should have. … Continue reading The cost of discipleship is becoming more obvious.

The role of righteous.

It is the beginning of a new week, and I think around the world we will all be praying for peace, or more peace than last week. Apart from a bunch of Chechnyan bombing a marathon, which is causing anger to rise, and the anger will be terrible to see) there have been floods, earthquakes, … Continue reading The role of righteous.

God not man and My Home Town.

There are two things that are running through my head this morning. One is a comment by an American Cardinal that has gone viral. The other is something that is happening in my home town. Let's start with the Cardinal, because that flows into the text. The present political campaign has brought to the surface … Continue reading God not man and My Home Town.