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Against the judges, for the incarnation [Jn 10]

One of the commentators I looked at said that Jesus made his defense to calling himself God on but one word in the Law, saying that scripture could not be changed. He was referring to Psalm 82, which is about corrupt judges, who considered themselves above others. It is not exactly a psalm that praises […]

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Truth trumps “correct” speech [II Cor 4]

I was running last night and thinking about the weekend to come, and what would happen if I said precisely what was in my head. Particularly about marriage, or training young people, or elder-ship in the church. I would eat alone. Which never worries me that much: a long weekend is coming and the boys […]

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Faith is not appeasement.

A couple of days ago I slipped a line into a comment, that this blog deliberately finds the third rail in the lectionary and skips down the third (electrified) rail. If the passage makes my head hurt, it goes in. For our faith is simple, but as many have said, the simple is not easy. […]

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At times, Run, or what we can learn from the hated middle nations.

I was having a chat with the Engineering Diva yesterday. One son is doing medical intermediate next year, a daughter is getting grants for premed at her local college, and the Diva’s daughter is thinking of doing medicine. I was wondering what went wrong: why could I not have a tradesman? But the Diva reminded […]

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