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Not intersectionality, Christ. [John 1]

There is a problem with the PCUSA lectionary. It tends to remove the specific, the crunchy. It allows people to abstract, and approve and stroke each other over social media, thinking that they are being caring. And forgetting or rejecting basic theology. Dinesh D’Souza on Social Justice debunking the theory of restitution and exposing the […]

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The preacher is now sane [Lk 8]

I pity the pigs. Not the demons: I have seen too many with psychosis and I have seen those who come to me who need not my skills, but an exorcist. As my mate said last week (when giving me Boar bacon) A dog looks up to you, a cat looks down at you, only […]

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Hold not Christ in contempt [Jn 6]

Communion is a mystery, but an essential one. There are various ideas about what “this is my body means” and this is a passage that would argue for transubstantiation — that the bread and wine are Christ and we are eating him. And others that the table should be universal, for if we drink at […]

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The prime directive is Christ, not ephemera.

Today we need to do a bit of contrastiness, but the main issue for the day is the proclamation of the gospel of Christ. It is easter Sunday. Over the weekend the History Channel is doing the usual “Real Jesus” stuff… which I avoid. One of the lads said it does not matter providing that […]

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Who are your referees? What have you done?

Yesterday Ballista74, of the excellent Society of Phineas Network, commented about the resurrection to judgement. This is something I’ve definitely been convicted on when I first started (seriously) following Christ. It also represents something that has caused me endless frustration in any body of “believers” I’ve stepped into. There are so many that are following […]

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