The mob is generally against us.

When I discuss the mob, I am talking about those who are in the margins: who do not have that much work such people exist. There are always those between jobs, and in this time, when the progressives have allowed the unions to become guilds and limit their members, the rate of youth unemployment has […]

Predestination and apostasy.

We have models of theology, or maps. But as the map is not the territory, neither is our model of God complete. As the map is carefully checked and revised to ensure that it is true and accurate (you do not want to go into the NZ forests without a topographic map and a compass […]

Contempt & power or love and fruitfulness?

I do not know why I took one of the most difficult parts of the bible, and one of the lectionary readings for this Sunday, as today’s text. There are seven passages for today if you look at the daily readings and the lectionary. What is running through my head is how does this fit […]