Sunday Sonnet

xv Your life is like a little winter's day Whose sad sun rises late to set too soon ; You have just come — why will you go away, Making an evening of what should be noon. Your life is like a little flute complaining A long way off, beyond the willow trees : A … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet

#Hatespeech is the new persecution.

The timing of these posts is going to be erratic over the next few days. In my head I'm blogging the lectionary daily as I have for some years: however, when you get into the hotel at around 1 PM Saturday it is 1 AM Sunday in NZ. We've just phoned home, and Robyn's Mum … Continue reading #Hatespeech is the new persecution.

The needfulness of prayer.

Two scenes from today. I was sitting in the modern Kaiser Wilhelm Kirke trying to pray. While I was doing this, there was a group in front of us with a young man speaking quietly to them in German. I did not pay attention. I was trying to shut them out so I could pray. … Continue reading The needfulness of prayer.