Chluthu is a Jacobin.

One of the proverbs in scripture goes something like this: The heart is desperately wicked, who can understand it? Another is that A man's path seems right in his own eyes. And here the Social Pathologist identifies firstly what is key about the Dark Enlightenment or reactionary thought, and secondly where we went wrong. We … Continue reading Chluthu is a Jacobin.

Night Haiku

snails write their silver haiku on the path Julian O'Dea

The true Red Pill.

Further on the horrible events from yesterday: the chances of dying from violence for most of us are very low. Mychael posted on behalf of Scott the following, which is true, but there is a corollary. (again, I don't link to Facebook). PSA from my husband. The probability (p value) of any random American being … Continue reading The true Red Pill.