Sunday Sonnet

Twelve Beauty that Parent is to deathless Rhyme ' Was Manhood's maker : you shall bear a Son, Till Daughters linked adown admiring time Fulfil the mother, handing Beauty on. You shall by breeding make Life answer yet, In Time's despite, Time's jeer that men go void ; Your stamp of heaven shall be more … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet

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Do not be Theresa May

Angela Merkel, Helen Clarke, Julia Gillard and Theresa May have all failed. They chose to have a career, they married or partnered, but have no children. They considered children an impediment instead of the future. I hope that Jacinda Adern, the leader of the Labour Party, will wife up her current partner and get knocked … Continue reading Do not be Theresa May

In praise of the Dorcases

Dorcas is an example. We forget that for most of recorded history, running a house has been a full time job. You did not go to the store for cloth, nor for flour: you wove your cloth and ground your corn. A housewife was up before dawn and collapsed at dusk, having worked for a … Continue reading In praise of the Dorcases