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See through the lies of this age. Honour your body.

I no longer work in the gay capital of New Zealand, but I used to. Including during the first years of the AIDS epidemic. One of the things that we saw was AIDS dementia, one of the symptoms of which was (and is, although it is rarer now) a belief that one could cure the […]

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Sabaoth and Return.

Yesterday was an odd day. One half of the day was hot to the point that it was physically painful to go outside and I hunkered in the bedroom, curtains drawn, doors open (I have a door to an outside porch in my room) and doing wordpress administration. Or arguing. Then the rain came, and […]

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The nation of Israel will be saved.

I’m not very good with end times prophecies. THere is a subset of Christians on the protestant side of the Tiber who spend their days and weeks in Jeremiah, Daniel and Revelations trying to draw timelines for what is happening. I’m also aware that the Catholics turned to the prophecies of St Malachy (which are […]

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Our God is a God of Love, and therefore a God of Laws.

Over the last week or so I have been reading Spengler, who argues that one of the reasons that people have children is that they have hope. But one of his lines, in his most recent book, which resonated is his assertion that God is a God of love and therefore he is a God […]

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On opposition.

I note that those who do not believe that we are fallen have listed a bunch of sites as hatemongering. Because they say things that the SLPC do not like. And our fear tells us that we should be careful, for they will destroy those that they do not like. or those who link to […]

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